Star Crossed #4 and Exodus #3 are now in print!

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It only happens once in a blue moon, but this is 2020, and life is unpredictable! Fortunately, this is one of the good things to happen this year… we’re releasing TWO PRINT BOOKS AT ONCE!

We know that all our beloved printed comic book readers were utterly disappointed when we released Exodus #3 and Star Crossed #4 as Digital Editions. We know that some wildly speculative rumors started flying around the internet. We know that some readers surmised that we were stopping print editions altogether.

Today, we’re putting that insanity to rest! The PRINT TRAIN is back in motion and CHUG CHUG CHUGGING along the tracks. We have some catching up to do and are working with our printers to fast track our print efforts!

In the meantime… something isn’t quite right in the great city of Phallox, and Captain Jung has gone missing! So catch up on your one-handed reading with Star Crossed #4 and Exodus #3 and find out what happens next!

P.S. You’ll have noticed from our annoying bottom bar that we’ve adjusted our mail our schedule to twice a month. We send out orders (around) the 1st and 15th of each month now to limit our COVID-19 exposure. Hopefully, you’ll forgive the delay as a tradeoff for us surviving to make fresh new comics in the future.

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