THE BRIGAYDE #7 is here in Print and Digital Editions!

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The seventh issue of The BRIGAYDE is here at last! It’s available in Print, Digital and Deluxe Digital editions!

All is NOT well in Gateway City, as the evil Abner Filigree and his cohorts set their foul plans into motion. It’s a dangerous time to be a member of the LGBTQIA community, but there are those who still fight to protect the people.

As the forces of hatred and oppression descend upon the city, the Ani-Male known as WISTI employs his considerable fighting skills to help those in need.

Meanwhile in the Caribbean, the members of the BRIGAYDE struggle to free themselves from their oppressors and would-be executioners. After BULLET’s heroic rescue of his lover GOLDEN BOY, the duo leaps into action, attempting to liberate their fellow teammates from TORO’s legion of villainous colleagues. Blood is shed, and this is one battle that will leave our heroes reeling.

Things go from bad to much worse for our heroes as their battle escalates, leading to a horribly tragic death, a mental break and a decision that is sure to leave you gob-smacked.

Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor because the drama is just getting started as this issue also features an special guest appearance by one of the most beloved hunks in the Class Comics Universe. All of that, plus a cum-soaked sequence with OLLIE and DEIMOS that can only end in shock and surprise, AND the fate of DEVILHOUND!

The BRIGAYDE #7 Standard Digital Edition contains core story, The BRIGAYDE #7 Special Digital Edition contains an extra 70 pages of incredible special features, including an art gallery, concept sketches, a silent edition of the comic and much more. The BRIGAYDE #7 Print Edition is limited to 250 copies!

THE BRIGAYDE #7 is written by PATRICK FILLION (Gay for Slay #1, LOVE LOST #2) and beautifully illustrated by DAVID CANTERO (EXODUS, DiBEARcity).

It goes without saying that you should really read The Brigayde #1, The Brigayde #2, The Brigayde #3, The Brigayde #4, The Brigayde #5, and The Brigayde #6 before reading The Brigayde #7!

The BRIGAYDE series deals with extreme story elements and situations, including depictions of violence. As such, this title is not suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.

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Make sure you’ve read the Brigayde #4!
Make sure you’ve read the Brigayde #3!
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