Power Drive #2 is HERE as a Class Access Digital Exclusive!

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Class Comics is extremely proud to announce that Sunny Victor’s Power Drive #2 is now available as a CLASS ACCESS DIGITAL EDITION! It’s the fifth issue in the Power Series!

Keep on trucking! Power Drive #2 crosses the border into Canada where we meet Steve’s cousin Marck, who’s also a trucker in the guild!

Marck is recently back from a long run and desperately needs some relaxation to wash away the stress of driving. While in the sauna, he runs into Alex, a familiar face who we know from Power Drive #1.

Alex is eager to introduce Marck to a horny set of new friends who are all thrilled to hear how Marck earned his “King of the Road” trophy, and lavish him with praise. Luckily for us, it also includes a recollection of his inauguration into the guild at the hands of a hot cop!

After the festivities are over, Marck discovers that as steamy as the sauna is, he might be in some hot water over a few “shortcuts” that he took en route!

Set your GPS for pleasure and take a ride with these husky daddies, sleek otters, loads of jizz, and a steamy sauna in Power Drive #2! It’s a 24 page “Power Tops and Bottoms” story with a 6-page Activity book, written and illustrated by Sunny Victor. For full enjoyment, you’ll probably want to read Power Drive #1 first!

While it’s not necessary, you might want to have read Power Bottoms #1, Power Tops #1 and The Last Merman #1 and Power Drive #1 before reading Power Drive #2!

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