PORKY #5 is here in Print and Digital Editions!

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At long last, the Porky Series comes to a close! Making comics isn’t easy, and making great comics is really tough! That’s why we understand that the creators that we publish need to take the time it takes them to bring their stories to life. We’re both happy and sad to see this final installment of Logan’s saga be told!

We rejoin Porky very shortly after where we last saw him! It looks like The Crimson Guild is struggling to defeat The Controller, who has managed to grow to gargantuan proportions!

The battle is not going well and all seems lost until The Red Mist, a powerful ally, whisks Benjamin away into a strange dimension. Who is he and why would he do that, and where did he take Porky? What happens there has a profound effect on Benjamin and the outcome of the battle!

Meanwhile, Uncle Mark and the Sheriff share some quality time together until they are interrupted by what remains of the monstrous McCormick. It’s time for one of these three to finally meet their demise.

When at last Benjamin returns to the battle, he realizes that it’s up to him alone to face The Controller and end this conflict once and for all. The fate of The Crimson Guild, let alone everyone for miles around, lies in his hands. If he prevails, a new chapter in his life might finally begin. If he fails, everyone he loves will die.

In addition to the 24-page story, the Digital Edition contains a 16-Page gallery of behind the scenes sketches, line art and illustrations.

Porky was dreamed up, nurtured, written and illustrated completely by Logan. He’s quite relieved to bring this story to its conclusion. But this is a comic… so it’s never really over. Make sure you read it from the start!

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