The Cursed Prince #1 is HERE as a Class Access Digital Exclusive!

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We’re thrilled to announce The Cursed Prince, a brand-new three part comic series by Sunny Victor, available as a Class Access Digital Exclusive! It’s an ageless tale full of heroes, villains, adventure, magic and lust!

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a young Prince who was very much looking forward to his upcoming Vicenary. It was to be a special birthday which would mark his true entrance into Manhood.

The reason that Prince Trillio could not wait for it to happen was that it would send him on a voyage with his personal guard, Thomas, the love of his life.

Unfortunately, as which happens in all ancient tales, the young prince was destined for trouble long before he was even born. His own father, the King, had both saved and cursed him in a vain effort to keep his family together. The ramifications of that action were now coming due.

Prince Trillio and Thomas have been physical together in many ways over the years. Sometimes in battle practice, sometimes in the bed sheets. They believe that a Prince and a commoner can have a love strong enough to conquer anything that comes their way.

But will their devotion be enough to keep them together when The Black Monks appear to claim what is owed? Will the two be able to flee in time and survive together in the wilderness? Will they still have time to explore each other’s bodies, galavant naked on horseback and make passionate love beside a roaring fire deep in a forest cave?

Definitely for the last few items, but the first few will be tough! The Cursed Prince, by Sunny Victor, is a 35 page story with a 14 page gallery.

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