Carlos on the Beach #1 to #4 is here!

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Class Comics is thrilled to make available the continually growing Carlos on the Beach series by Vincent! We’re launching it with Volume #1, Volume #2, Volume #3, Volume #4 and a discounted Series Bundle!

In Volume #1 we meet Carlos, a handsome hunky guy. His hot adventures started in the summer when he took a job as a lifeguard on a nudist gay beach. He loves spending his time observing the sexy men around him.

Carlos is quite irresistible to the guys on the beach, and he ends up having sex with them regularly. Carlos meets someone very special and a surprise is presented to test his commitment!

In Volume #2 Jake, our hunky life guard’s boyfriend, introduced Carlos to the chastity lifestyle. The cock cage is driving Carlos absolutely insane. He needs to show his lover that he is able to commit to their relationship, at least for a week.

Carlos tries to keep himself busy with other things, but the chastity cage makes him so horny. Don’t worry, Jake will reward his handsome boyfriend in a very hot way.

In Volume #3 Jake has convinced Carlos to join a hot leather competition where sexy guys gather and wear naughty outfits to show off their steamy bodies.

A shop owner shows interest in Carlos and introduced him to a new career as model. Things get wild and crazy and the shop owner grabs his camera. Find out what will happen next!

In Volume #4 everything explodes! After winning the competition and going on a wonderful trip as a reward, Carlos has become quite popular among all the hunky dudes he runs into.

His boyfriend, Jake was on a business trip and Carlos got hornier and hornier. A visit to the nudist beach helped him a lot, even if there were many complications for Carlos.

The two lovers decide to celebrate a birthday in a very special way. Find out what and how they are enjoying the festivities!

If you want to get the entire collection in one place, we have a convenient Carlos on the Beach Bundle that includes all four issues of the Carlos on the Beach series at a Twenty Percent discount!

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