The Initiation – The Collection – Volume One is here!

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For the first time ever, you can follow the complete antics of Alex & Dylan as well as the entire Zeta Mega Phallus fraternity in one volume! We’ve compiled their entire story arc into one fantastic Trade Paperback which is available both in both a Print Edition and Digital Edition.

This 104-page collection includes The Initiation Issues #1 to #3, written by Robert Fraser and illustrated by Joseph Hawk as well as Sons of the Night #1, illustrated by David Cantero, and also “The Match”, a short story illustrated by Patrick Fillion, drawing as Bryce Peters!

It all starts out on a particularly sunny morning when Alex meets his roommate Dylan during his first day at college. From that moment onwards, the two are practically inseparable as they navigate the challenges, and raunchy initiations that being part of a fraternity throws at them.

Of course the two lads are accepted into the fraternity and they become very, very close with all their fellow members. Over the years they climb higher in the ranks and end up being the ones who must come up with new challenges to torment the pledges with!

However, it’s not all fun and games and certain events transpire which threaten the future of Zeta Mega Phallus. Will Alex, Dylan and the rest of the fraternity leaders be able to save their beloved institution?

As a special treat, Sons of the Night features three horny ghouls with lascivious intentions who intrude on the fraternity’s annual Halloween party! With every single lad wrapped up, pinned down or being swallowed whole, all hope is lost… until a mischievous, mystic visitor arrives!

Finally discover how Zack, the fraternity pledge master won his title. It all started when he royally pissed off his predecessor, Wade! It turns out that Wade was a pretty big D-BAG, and everyone was happy to see him taken down a few pegs!

The 104-page Print Edition of The Initiation – The Collection – Volume #1 is printed on high quality gloss paper with a sturdy Jizz-Proof laminated cover illustrated by Blitz. The 122-page Digital Edition also features a twenty-page art gallery. School is back in session!

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