The Cursed Prince #2 is HERE as a Class Access Digital Exclusive!

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The highly-anticipated second issue of Sunny Victor’s fantasy series The Cursed Prince is now available as a Class Access Digital Exclusive!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a young Prince named Trillio. He had fled an evil order of Black Monks with Thomas, his future husband. While waiting for winter to pass, they made a homestead in a forest cave until a surly Dwarf and an affectionate Elf came barrelling in.

With a full stomach, it turned out that Arnorr, the Dwarf, wasn’t so terrible after all. He regaled the fugitives with his tales of lust, wanton destruction, and the kind act that brought him and Safir, his Elfin companion, together.

Unfortunately just as everyone had settled down and were enjoying a good-natured competition to see who could engage in the most energetic courtship display, an acolyte of the Black Monks appeared.

After managing to overcome their assailant, Arnorr invites everyone to go north to a mystical place. Their long journey culminates with a mythical beast barricading their path into the temple. Will they be able to pass his challenges?

The Cursed Prince #2, by Sunny Victor, is an ageless tale full of heroes, villains, adventure, magic and lust! It’s a 40-page story with a 20-page character gallery.

For full enjoyment, you’ll want to have read The Cursed Prince #1 before reading The Cursed Prince #2!

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