Hot Blues #1: A Naked Knight Story is HERE!

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The final story of The Naked Knight saga is here! Hot Blues #1 is a dive into the past of the two hottest cops that we know of… Officer Tommy and Officer Gordon! We’ve seen them parade around wearing nothing but a skimpy bear costume in Club Story, we’ve seen them rescue innocent bystanders in Naked Knight #1, and even seen them resuscitated from an alien induced suspended animation in Naked Knight #4. Now, it’s time for their origin story!

Who doesn’t love a great origin story? It turns out that you don’t even need to be a superhero to have one! Hot Blues #1 is a peek into what threw Tommy and Gordon together as fellow police officers who are committed to serving and protecting the LGBTQ community, and the rest of the galaxy as well.

Their story goes back all the way to when Tommy was just eighteen and discovering himself. An officer appeared at his door who made quite an impression on Tommy, as well as on his father! When Tommy accidentally observed his father and Officer Stephens bonding over drinks, he knew right then that he wanted to be a cop.

Years later Tommy and Gordon meet at the Police Academy. It’s a tough time and place for both of them, but they help each other work through their inner, and real world, demons. A supportive bond grows between them that is both sexual and emotional.

Together, they help each other understand who they are and how their inner strength matters the most. It will give them the fortitude to face the incredible challenges that will come their way in the world of The Naked Knight!

Hot Blues #1 is a 30 page prequel to the Naked Knight storyline that can be enjoyed either before of after the rest of the Naked Knight series. We suggest you read it afterwards as it’s fun to explore the characters you already know!

If you have not read any of the series already, you can get the entire collection in a convenient Naked Knight Series Bundle that includes all the issues at a Twenty Percent discount!

The Naked Knight is an action adventure & science fiction crossover series filled with planetary intrigue, a superhuman origin story, and of course raunchy man on man action!

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