Deimos: Tales of the Taro Demon #5 is here!

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We’re absolutely THRILLED to announce that DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #5 is here and it’s available in a limited Print Edition, as well as a Standard Digital Edition and a massively huge Deluxe Digital Edition. The highly-anticipated TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #5 contains three all-new DEIMOS stories and it really packs a wallop!

It opens with “CAPTIVITY”, a tale that serves as the immediate continuation of GAY FOR SLAY #2 and is written and illustrated by PATRICK FILLION. As ISAIAH SHADE gets back to the Swallows Motel looking for DEIMOS, he’s stunned to learn that the Taro Demon has actually left, leaving only a note to explain his departure. While JULIO FLORES is quick to accept the letter as genuine, ISAIAH isn’t so sure.

While his friends ponder his sudden decision to leave them, DEIMOS is, in fact, being held captive by the twisted SILAS LAFOY. The eccentric billionaire put DEIMOS through the sexual wringer, and the Taro Demon begins to wonder if he ever has any hope of escape. Loosely allied to LAFOY, STYGIAN, a bizarre, unearthly self-proclaimed dark priest of the GREAT DREAMER, seems to find his frienemy’s treatment of DEIMOS wasteful and disrespectful. Does the Taro Demon have a friend in this mysterious new character?

In our second story called “THE ERRAND”, written by PATRICK FILLION and beautifully illustrated by TOM CRAY (Jox: Treasure Hunter, The Legacy) DEIMOS and STYGIAN find themselves in Portugal, there on a strange mission for LAFOY! DEIMOS foolishly tests the limits of STYGIAN’S patience before getting on with his tasks, only to discover a creature so old and foul, even his mighty powers may not be enough to save him.

Our final story celebrates the holidays in a tale we could only call “A GIFT FOR KRAMPUS”! Written and illustrated by PATRICK FILLION, this little diddy finds DEIMOS sleeping snugly in his bed, until that anti-Kirngle KRAMPUS decides to pay our young demon a visit. The result is a raunchy Holiday CUMFEST filled to the brim with cheer and horny delight.

You can also choose between the Limited Print Edition with a gorgeous cover painted by MARTIN FüHRER, or the digital editions of DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #5. The Standard Edition features the entire comic while the Deluxe Digital Edition contains the entire issue as well as more than a whopping 60 PAGES of insane bonus material, including never before seen sketches, illustrations, character bios, and much more. The Deluxe Edition also includes a “Silent Edition” of the entire comic to let you enjoy the art without distraction.

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