A Very Sunny Christmas #1 is HERE in time for the holidays!

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Hoe! Hoe! Hoe! We’re thrilled to be releasing A Very Sunny Christmas #1 as a Class Access Digital Exclusive. It’s a holiday treat just in time for Christmas!

Santa has to come to grips with the 21st century when his younger brother, St. Peter, joins the family business! Suddenly, the Toy Factory looks and sounds like a nightclub, and the elves are being all kinds of naughty!

St. Peter finally takes off in his fabulous sleigh, pulled by three gorgeous unicorns, and visits some well deserving men!

He starts his night off helping a laid-up Football jock in the hospital, beams in to visit a comic geek, adorns a GO-GO dancer’s beautiful body, and then convinces two Power Tops to hook up!

Finally, on his last stop of the night, he discovers good ol’ Saint Nick in a compromising position with none other than our truck driving friend, Marck!

Written and Illustrated by Sunny Victor, A Very Sunny Christmas #1 will leave you chugging back eggnog to cool down your lust for Santa!

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