Angelface #4 is here in Print and Digital Editions!

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We’re thrilled to announce the release of Angleface #4, the stunning conclusion to the Angelface series researched, written and illustrated by Benoit Prévot! This intricate issue ties up all the loose strings that you’ve been wondering about! You’ll definitely want to have read Angelface #1, Angelface #2 and Angelface #3 before reading this one!

Red never gives up trying to get in contact with Faye. He risks seeing her to let her know about his daring plan. However, she has news of her own… news that she herself does not yet understand the ramifications of.

Meanwhile, Angelface is stuck on Long Island as Romeo’s kept boy with a very short string. He’s desperate to snip that cord and will try anything to get free. Including both seduction… and orchestrating certain people’s demise!

In an effort to lubricate an escape plan, Joshua heads to the docks to facilitate an arrangement. He runs into a group of lusty sailors who will help him out… for a price!

By the end of this final issue, someone will be heartbroken, someone will have fled, someone will be broke, and someone will be dead. Actually… several people will be dead!

The Epic conclusion to Benoit Prévot’s hit series “Angelface” is as dramatic and shocking as it is lusty and arousing. It’s the chapter you have all been waiting for, and your collection won’t be complete without it.

You’ll want to read Angelface #3!
You’ll want to read Angelface #2!
You’ll want to read Angelface #1!

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  1. I love this story, read pt#1 am definitely going for #2,3,&4 I prefer print medium they are the best when you hold them in hand .

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