Exodus #7 is here in Print and Digital Editions!

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We’re thrilled to announce that the seventh issue of Exodus, by David Cantero, is here! You’ll be thrilled to know that it’s available in a Print Edition, Standard Digital Edition and as a Deluxe Digital Edition!

Something is terribly wrong in the city of Cuam! Incessantly buzzing flies flutter about, irritating everyone, and stinging anyone they can. As Euribatos and Alcyoneus arrive in town looking for Sotabirue, Euri’s twin brother, all HELL breaks loose. Euri falls under a wicked, evil spell and is immediately gripped by a blood-thirsty savagery that sees him turn on Al, intent upon killing him?

Forced to flee from the man he loves, Al finds an unlikely protector in June, a lowly kitchen hand whose life is far from glamorous or exciting… that is, until Alcyoneus falls into his unwitting arms! Now he and Al must run for their lives or risk being slaughtered by Euribatos, wild and rampaging with seething rage and blinding fury!

Meanwhile, the town’s Marshall and his pregnant wife, the sorceress called Ripple, must get to the bottom of the strange insanity gripping their city before Cuam becomes engulfed in madness and violence. What’s causing the terrible wave of civil unrest in Cuam? Let’s hope the Marshall can find out before Euribatos manages to slaughter Alcyoneus and June!

The Deluxe Digital Edition contains a massive BONUS FEATURES SECTION that includes sketches, pinups, and a fantastic “silent” edition of the entire comic, which is all art without text! It also features the hilarious “JUNE’S RECIPES” which will give you an idea of what to eat when you visit the city of Cuam next!

Written and illustrated by David Cantero, EXODUS #7 is now available as a Print Edition, Standard Digital Edition and as a Deluxe Digital Edition!

It goes without saying that you should really read Exodus #1, Exodus #2, Exodus #3, Exodus #4, Exodus #5, and Exodus #6 before reading Exodus #7!

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