Rapture #6 is here in Print and Digital Editions!

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After almost ten years, RAPTURE #6 marks the return of the classic series and is the perfect comic with which to keep celebrating the CLASS COMICS TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY! It contains three intensely hot and horny stories with beautiful art by PHAUSTO and PATRICK FILLION. It’s available in a Print Edition, Standard Digital Edition and as a Deluxe Digital Edition!

RAPTURE #6 opens with a tale called “UNREST”, starring the one and only GHOSTBOY. It’s written and illustrated by PATRICK FILLION.

Elated that DIABLO has FINALLY accepted his marriage proposal, PETER GOLDMAN aka GHOSTBOY is enjoying a quiet afternoon of house-sitting for his parents. Unexpectedly, a handsome and hung intruder makes his presence known. Enter the man called UNREST! Moments after appearing and wrestling Peter’s cock from his sweatpants, Unrest feeds Peter a wild tale about how the two of them were once lovers, but how Unrest used his telepathic powers to erase himself from Peter’s mind.

Next up is a tale called “PHEROMONED”, which features the delicious SPACE CADET and his hunky daddy EMIL, and Byron’s younger brother, the now studly and completely of-legal-age SHELDON. Written by Patrick Fillion and EXQUISITELY illustrated by the legendary PHAUSTO, this little tale of practical joking gone completely wild will have you panting for more.

Our final story is simply titled “FOXFIRE”, and it reintroduces a character from the classic SATISFACTION GUARANTEED series in the most incredible way imaginable. MATTHEW FOXFIRE has left the SG Corp. and is apparently on the run, pursued by a race of vile alien creatures known as the Silvriss. But why are they hunting this beautiful ginger hunk? Ah, for the answer to this mystery, you’ll have to read the story!

The DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION includes the all-new comic as well as over 70 pages of amazing SPECIAL FEATURES such as behind the scenes art, sketches, character designs, pinups and much more.

You don’t really need to, but will absolutely love reading Rapture #1, Rapture #2, Rapture #3, Rapture #4 and Rapture #5 before reading Rapture #6!

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  1. Awesome artwork

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