Quickies #1 is here in Print and Digital Editions!

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Class Comics is THRILLED to announce that QUICKIES #1, by TOM CRAY is now available in both a Print Edition and as a Class Access Digital Edition! There’s always time for a quickie!

What do JOX, GANYMEDE, NATE CORGI, and REIWULF all have in common? They’re all HOT AF, and they’re all eager to get as down and dirty as often as they can! QUICKIES #1 is a collection of short comics that feature all of CRAY’S hunky studs doing what they do best – GETTING DOWN and GETTING OFF for your viewing pleasure!

QUICKIES #1 features classic CRAY creations like JOX and GANYMEDE, but it also introduces you to new heroes you won’t soon forget.

CAIN is a young, hunky demon who just wants to rest, until ASTARTOTH grabs a hold of his ass for a deliciously filthy purpose. THE CAT gets more than he bargained for when he steals from the WORSE PERSON imaginable. Meanwhile, NICO and JULIEN can’t quite keep their wrestling match from reaching below the belt!

These hung, horny hunks are just a few of the new faces and asses that QUICKIES #1 will introduce you to!

QUICKIES #1 is a fun way to to add another beautiful Tom Cray gem to your collection and get off at the same time! It’s available in limited quantities as a Print Edition and as a Class Access Digital Edition! The Digital Edition contains a bonus 2-page story, unavailable in the print edition!

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