The Last Merman #2 is here!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of the second issue in Sunny Victor’s The Mast Merman, part of the Power Tops and Bottoms series! We hope that you will enjoy this “tail!”

Mere days have passed since Tyde began his spectacular romance with Zack, his land dwelling lover. In that time, the two have completely fallen head over tails in love and lust! The only problem is that the Prince of the Selachii, Danann, has come to summon Tyde back to Atlantis immediately!

Tyde entirely trusts his newfound human love, but Wrasse, his friendly companion and guide, is completely against their relationship. He firmly believes that Danann is a perfect match and the suitor that Tyde should be opening his heart and loins to.

Unbeknownst to Tyde, it seems that Danann has his mind on Layce, his blonde-haired kinsman who is the defender of Atlantis! Danann has had a complicated relationship with Layce even before this adventure began.

No one will be surprised to find out that Tyde is compelled to be entirely honest with Zack and reveal to him that they might be separated forever just days after meeting! Why is it so important that Tyde travels to Atlantis, and who will he choose to spend the rest of his life with?

Full of blue skies, deep water, sexy lads, loads of jizz, plus several sexy sexy Merfolk, The Last Merman #2 is a 30 page “Power Tops and Bottoms” story, written and illustrated by Sunny Victor. You’ll really want to have read The Last Merman #1 before reading The Last Merman #2! It wouldn’t hurt to read Power Tops and Power Bottoms either!

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  1. So hot! Love this series!

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