The Office #2 is HERE as a Class Access Digital Exclusive!

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We’re thrilled to announce the release of The Office #2! It’s the conclusion to the two issue mini series by Enzo, the creator of the Manson series. The Office revolves around a not-so-carefully laid plan by a couple of disgruntled employees and their boss who seems to foil them at every step… until now!

Bosses… you either love them or hate them! We said it before, and we’ll say it again! But this time, the tables are about to be turned!

Mr. President thought that he’d had the last laugh letting both Michael and July think that their advances were giving them a foothold on the company ladder. He had no plans of promoting either of them, no matter how much they put out for him.

As it turns out, Mr. President had forgotten one critical thing. When you’re paranoid enough to install security cameras everywhere, someone’s going to watch the footage. And that someone is Keon, a security officer with the brains to know he’s outwitted the boss!

The tables are turned when Keon shows up at Mr. President’s office and suddenly Mr. P. is putting out, rather than the other way around. This puts a real damper on Michael, July and the President’s mood!

From White Collar to Blue Collar, Enzo does it all! After enjoying the Office make sure you check out Manson!

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