A Very Sunny Halloween #2 is now available!

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Get ready for three more terrifying tales from the mind of Sunny Victor! We’re chilled to announce that A Very Sunny Halloween #2, the thrilling sequel to A Very Sunny Halloween #1, is here!

As always, they’re guaranteed to get your spook on and your rocks off! Our sexy narrator is back and once again, he thinks that he’s in charge… little does he know!

Our first steamy story stars Sammy, an avid enjoyer of the outdoors… or is he? It seems that he likes taking off into the woods to enjoy nature, but it’s something far more carnal that he craves!

Secondly, the slick waters part their way for Theo, an avid swimmer who will do anything to improve his backstroke! Including lying on his back for… THE LAKE CREATURE! Careful! This tale is SLIPPERY when wet!

Finally, every Halloween season must end on an epic rager with beer, music, dancing and delinquent behavior! For Quinn, our avid Party Animal, it includes a run-in with a perverted gate-crasher!

Will our raconteur be able to get through this evening’s tales without accidentally summoning a spirit, or unintentionally starting the apocalypse? We certainly hope so! As a special treat, there’s a sexy gallery after the 30 page comic!

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