My Boyfriend is a Superhero #3 is here in Print and Digital Editions!

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We’re extremely excited to announce that MY BOYFRIEND IS A SUPERHERO #3 is here! You’ll be thrilled to know that it’s available in a Print Edition, Standard Digital Edition and as a Deluxe Digital Edition!

In this all-new, sensational third issue written by PATRICK FILLION (Gay for Slay, Love Lost), ROBERT FRASER (Beautiful Dead, the Bromance) and exquisitely illustrated to perfection by ALEXANDER (Super Hung!, Ridehard), Byron and Felix are BACK to star in two incredible new adventures!

In “THE INVASION”, written by special guest-scribe Robert Fraser, Byron and Felix discover that there are worse things than deadly supervillains in this world when Byron’s family decides to crash at their pad for an INDETERMINATE amount of time.

While Byron and Felix love the Durands, their two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment begins to feel incredibly cramped! Personal boundaries are broken! Privacy becomes a thing of the past! Byron and Felix start to feel like guests in their own home, until blatant disregard for a piece of priceless property leads to the awakening of an ancient Egyptian spirit that threatens the life of every one of our two heroes and their loving – but invading – family!

In “THE DEEP, DARK WOODS”, written by Patrick Fillion, Byron and Felix find themselves in need of a richly deserved vacation. They travel to Vancouver Island, British Columbia to stay at a lovely, secluded cottage, hoping for a little rest and relaxation. A dip in the hot tub and a midnight fuck sound like the perfect way to decompress, but fate has other plans.

A giant flying saucer hurtles out of the sky and crashes in the nearby forest. It’s up to our handsome hunks to investigate, but what they find waiting for them will leave them with a literal case of blue balls!

Following the mega-success of the first two issues, MY BOYFRIEND IS A SUPERHERO #3 brings you another wonderfully intimate and deliciously randy “slice of life” look at Felix and Byron out of costume. Beautifully illustrated by the insanely-talented Alexander, the action is scorching hot! The sex is off the charts raunchiness! The DANGER is white-hot and ice-cold!

The Deluxe Digital Edition contains a 100 PAGE MASSIVE BONUS FEATURES section that includes sketches, pinups, and a fantastic “silent” edition of the entire comic, which is all art without text! It also includes exhaustive, in-depth “CLASS UNIVERSE” biographies of all the characters appearing in this issue’s two stories.

It goes without saying that you will definitely want to read My Boyfriend is a Superhero #1 and My Boyfriend is a Superhero #2 before reading My Boyfriend is a Superhero #3!

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