The Last Merman #3 is here!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of the third issue in Sunny Victor’s The Last Merman, part of the Power Tops and Bottoms series! We hope that you continue to enjoy this “tail!”

Yet again mere days have passed since we last saw Tyde and Zack together. Clearly any time apart for these two lovebirds is too long. They lustfully explore each other’s bodies on Zack’s surfboard while bobbing up and down on the sea.

In the depths beneath them, Danann and Trithan debate the merits of the human species. Trithan doesn’t mince words reminding Danann that his beloved cousin Layce probably met his demise while carrying out Poseidon’s task of uniting the Merfolk. Danann hopes he is still alive and fondly remembers their touching last moments together.

Moments later, Trithan discovers that Tyde has a human lover and goes mad with rage. Tyde has no option but to flee for his life and makes a break for the one place that a furious great white can’t follow… ashore! All hell breaks loose on the beach, letting Tyde rest unseen on the warm sand until he wakes and makes an incredible discovery that changes everything!

Full of blue skies, deep water, sexy lads, loads of jizz, plus several sexy sexy Merfolk, The Last Merman #3 is a 25 page “Power Tops and Bottoms story, written and illustrated by Sunny Victor.

You’ll definitely want to read The Last Merman #1 and The Last Merman #2 before diving into The Last Merman #3! For the full experience, make sure you’ve read the Power Tops and Bottoms series as well!

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