Patrick Fillion’s Afterglow #1 is here!

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We’re extremely excited to announce the release of Patrick Fillion’s new miniseries AFTERGLOW!

In AFTERGLOW #1 (of 2), the theme is “Heroes in Peril”! You’ll be thrilled to discover Patrick has placed all your favorite Class Comics Heroes in some seriously hot and dangerous situations!

What do Felix, Byron, Deimos, Peter, Warren, Locus, Isaiah and all their pals have in common? Their limits are all being tested in this issue. Patrick has cooked up some of the hottest and, yes, perhaps most titillatingly twisted scenarios of his career for AFTERGLOW #1, and it’s a spectacle you won’t wanna miss.

For Byron Durand, A.K.A. Space Cadet, an innocent day at the beach turns into tentacled tribulation when slimy, horny, cum-hungry Cossak turns up.

Peter Goldman, A.K.A. Ghostboy is captured by his dastardly Uncle Toro, then auctioned off to the highest, and most lascivious bidder. His family jewels ain’t cheap!

Deimos eases into his new role as a Surrealtor alongside his partners Isaiah Shade and Julio Flores, only to discover he’s gotten in way, and we mean WAY over his head.

Warren Wessel foolishly thinks he’s alone in the deep-sea O.R.C.A. installation, but something hungry for his hot bod is stalking him, and won’t rest until it’s found and pounded him!

INTENSE, right? And this is merely the very tip of this twisted titty!

This perfectly perilous first issue of AFTERGLOW contains 28 CUM-SOAKED PAGES of glorious comics, brimming with gloriously muscled men, WRITTEN and ILLUSTRATED by PATRICK. If you’re a fan of Patrick’s art and gorgeous characters you will NOT want to pass this one up. Consider AFTERGLOW #1 the start of a beautiful friendship!

This Class Access Digital Edition is now available for download right now. A print collection of Afterglow #1 and Afterglow #2 will be available at some time in the future!

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