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STAR CROSSED #3 is here!


Class Comics is thrilled to present Star Crossed #3, which continues the galactic adventures started in Star Crossed #1 and Star Crossed #2! The sudden arrival of a gynormous starship sends the crew of the Huntress into a bit of a panic. Manned by the mysterious, robotic “Biologists”, this gargantuan vessel quickly overpowers all of […]

COMRADES! is now available!


Class Comics is thrilled to present the new digital Sticky Graphic Novel COMRADES! It’s a whopping SIXTY TWO PAGES featuring artwork by Enrique Nieto and script and art direction by Dale Lazarov. In the spirit of friendship, an observational tour of the miracles of cooperative workers’ endeavors turns into a stimulating, brawny holiday for a […]

STAR CROSSED #2 is here!


Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of STAR CROSSED #2, the second issue in fantastic SCI-FI, XXX, adventure-fantasy series written by PATRICK FILLION and magnificently illustrated by ALEXANDER (Ridehard, Super Hung).  STAR CROSSED gives CAPTAIN JUNG, FLAMER, DISCO and LOCUS a title of their own! Weeks have passed since Captain Jung and his crew left Dekkor, Ezzet, and Krueg to the mercy […]