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Don MacLean

Don MacLean was born in 1963 in a small town in Ontario, Canada. He grew up a sensitive, bookish lad, who preferred to spend his time with a book (and, occasionally, a hand) in his lap. In his twenties he started writing book reviews for local gay newspapers in Ottawa and caught the eye of […]

Robert Fraser


Fraser created Class Comics 6 years ago with his partner, Patrick Fillion. Together, they have created some of today’s hottest Gay Male Erotic titles, and continue to work with a variety of other talented gay comic artists and writers, such as Logan, HvH and Max’, to name just a few. While Patrick busies himself with […]

Angelface comes to Class Comics!


Come September 2008, Class Comics will release the first issue of renowned French artist Benoit Prévot’s exquisite series, Angelface. Angelface is set in the 1920s and is lavishly painted and written by Prévot to be as authentic to the time period as possible. The men are sophisticated and gorgeous, but most of them are deeply […]

Zahn #1 hot off the press!

Patrick Fillion treats us to his latest vision with a brand new character and series called Zahn. Zahn himself is like no other character Patrick has ever created before. Like most of his creations, Zahn is sexy, masculine and very handsome, and he has a voracious appetite for sex. But Zahn is different in that […]

Jeanne Darque


Real Name: Jeanne Darque Occupation: Heiress, former telemarketer, former primary wielder of the Cube, former leader of the Guardians of the Cube, now member of the Guardians of the Cube, adventurer. Base of Operations: Gateway City, Darque Manor Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan Known Relatives: Dr. Jeremiah Darque (father, deceased), Haruka Darque (mother, deceased) Group […]



Real Name: Zahn Occupation: Barbarian, elemental Base of Operations: mobile throughout the land of Varda Place of Birth: The village Mazudun in the land of Varda Known Relatives: Xom (brother) Elib (grandfather) Group Affiliation: none Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Homosexual Height: 6’4″ Weight: 232 lbs. Eyes: silver Hair: salt and pepper Penis: 10 inches, uncut […]