MANLY #4 is now available!

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Class Comics is thrilled to present the new digital Sticky Graphic Novel MANLY #4!

MANLY #4 is the first in a new three-issue run drawn for the MANLY series by Guido Fiato with script and art direction by Dale Lazarov!

This issues features a circus strongman and a trapeze artist who celebrate the birthday for their clown beau with amazing feats of an intimate kind. Tumble with this throuple as “The Circus Is In Town”!

“There is no one as prolific in erotic graphic novels as Dale Lazarov…I implore you to give them a read — alone, or with a lover.” – Geeks Out

The Sticky Graphic Novel CARNAL #3 is here!

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Now available in digital comic format – CARNAL #3, a 24 PAGES – FULL COLOR EASY ACCESS PDF COMIC!

CARNAL #3 features “Connecting”, in which a beardo IT hipster cub cannot resist temptation and snoops around the Cam2Cam folder of the crashed laptop of a professor muscle daddy. So he also sets to restore the professor, too…

CARNAL #3 is the third in a three-issue series featuring stories of carnality and sweetness between manly men! Script and art direction by Dale Lazarov, Line art and colors by theAmir

“Dale Lazarov is out here killing it with these awesome gay graphic novels. <3” – Kate Guillory, co-creator of The Other World


Our Limited Edition Magnet and Button Sets are here!

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We’re super thrilled about this awesome collection of brand new Class Comics swag that we’ve put together! It’s a fistload of super cool buttons to pin everywhere and a stunning magnet for the best looking fridge on your block!

These Limited Edition sets of three 1 Inch buttons come carefully enclosed in a two sided collector’s package. They are perfect for wearing on your lapel, attaching to your carrier bag, or displaying on your bulletin board!

buttons_deimos_01The Limited Edition Deimos Button Set! This set features the awesome art of Silverjow, Martin Chan, Alexander and Patrick Fillion!

buttons_zahn_01The Limited Edition Zahn Button Set! This set features the awesome art of Silver Jow, Adam Graphite and Patrick Fillion!

buttons_brigayde_01The Limited Edition Brigayde Button Set! This set features the all-new Naked Justice, Red Velvet and Devilhound drawn by David Cantero!

buttons_bromance_01The Limited Edition Bromance Button Set! This set features Paul, Heath and Fudo drawn by Martin Chan!

buttons_beautifuldead_01The Limited Edition Beautiful Dead Button Set! This set features Hayden, Duncan and Gage drawn by Butch Mclogic!

buttons_fillion_01The Limited Edition Patrick Fillion Button Set! This set features Deimos, Space Cadet and Camili-Cat drawn by Patrick Fillion!

magnet_zahn_and_deimos_01The Limited Edition Zahn and Deimos Magnet! This Limited Edition Magnet features the unusual and INSANELY HOT pairing of Zahn and Deimos in each other’s arms, inviting you to join them. It measures almost three inches tall and has a powerful magnetic force of attraction, strong enough to hold up several sheets of paper or draw anyone’s attention from across the room.  This 2.75″ X 1.75″ inch magnet features Deimos and Zahn, beautifully illustrated by Silverjow.



JOX Treasure Hunter #2 now available!

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Class Comics is proud to present Cray’s “JOX: Treasure Hunter” book two which is now available as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic.

The Forest of Luminas is no place for the faint of heart. There be monsters in those woods! Allegedly. Monsters or no, JOX, the hunky Elvan Treasure Hunter and BLITZ, his trusty (well, “trusty” MIGHT be pushing it a little) Demon of Treasures sidekick are after a priceless jewel.

Nothing will keep them from entering the woods. Not even a pseudo, rather self-serving “warning” from Nume, a Dryad of the Forest of Luminas, can keep our hero and his tag-along from going after what they seek.

Sure, JOX may be full of piss and vinegar, but he’s COMPLETELY unprepared for the ferocity of the creature guarding the gem he’s after. The beast’s unabashedly probing, deeply groping tentacles soon ensnare him and the helpless Elf can only wriggle in disgust as his assailant’s true nature and purpose come to light.

And what about Blitz, you may ask? Well, Blitz is about as helpful as a bag full of wet mice in this here situation. Yup. Poor JOX is very much on his own!

Written and illustrated by Cray, laced with humor and a healthy dose of raunch, JOX: TREASURE HUNTER #2 is a fabulously fun romp into the dark, deep Forest of Luminas, where no man — no ELF — with a bouncy bubble butt and a pretty pink pucker should EVER dare to venture.


If you haven't read Jox #1, this would be a great time to!
If you haven’t read Jox #1, this would be a great time to!

The Sticky Graphic Novel SLY #3 is here!

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The undercover operations continue in SLY #3, the final issue of the SLY series!

In SLY #3, our super-spy defeats the hulking Asian henchman with a “Killer Kiss” that turns him against his sinister mod boss! But, if the mod boss keeps trying to kill them for revenge, how can spy and ex-henchman keep rolling in the hay?

SLY is a three-issue series featuring the adventures of a hyper-sexy, cat-suited super-spy…and the men he sleeps with when saving the world from threats to world peace. Make sure you read them all! SLY #3, SLY #2 and SLY #1 all feature art by mpMann!