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Real Name: Eric Ragetti
Occupation: Former student, now Guardian of the Cube
Base of Operations: Darque Manor, Gateway City
Place of Birth: Gateway City
Known Relatives: Bruno Ragetti, a.k.a. Diablo (father), Beverly Ragetti (mother), Pascale Dimorne (step mother), unborn sibling.
Group Affiliation: The Guardians of the Cube
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 5’11?
Weight: 178 lbs.
Eyes: amber
Hair: naturally black, shaved
Penis: 10 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Naked Justice #1 (1999)
Current Appearances: Naked Justice #1, Guardians of the Cube #4, Guardians of the Cube #5, Rapture #2, Rapture #3


As a child, Eric lived with his parents, Bruno and Beverly, until the young couple divorced.  When they separated, Beverly got custody of Eric.  In his mid-teens, Eric learned that his father had become the Guardian of the Cube known as Diablo.

Fascinated by this transformation, Eric pressed his mother to allow him to see his father again.  When she refused, Eric ran away and arrived on his father’s doorstep unannounced.

Diablo was overjoyed to see his son again, and thrilled that he did not seem at all upset by his father’s metamorphosis from man into superhero devil figure.  Quite the opposite, Eric had thousands of questions for his father and wanted to know all there was to know about the Guardians and their adventures.

When Beverly learned of her son’s whereabouts, she attempted to have her son returned to her, but Eric managed to convince her that it was good for him to spend time with his father.

Around the time when Eric turned 19, Diablo began to have serious doubts about his future as a “superhero.”  He went to Darque, leader of the Guardians, and expressed these concerns to her.  She agreed to release him from the Guardians, strip him of his powers and make him human once more.  In an unforeseen twist of events, Diablo’s relinquished powers were transferred to his son, transforming Eric into Incubus, granting him all of the abilities and powers his father had possessed as Diablo.

With his newfound powers, Incubus became a member of the Guardians of the Cube, but since joining the team, he has experienced feelings of inadequacy.  His worry is that he can never measure up to the hero his father once was as Diablo

In an attempt to differentiate himself from his father, Incubus shaved his head bald.  He has grown resentful of living in his father’s shadow, and desperately wants to prove that he can be a hero in his own merit.

Incubus serves with pride as a Guardian of the Cube, ever loyal to Darque and his teammates.  His youth and inexperience sometime land him into trouble, but he is an eager pupil, always looking to learn more about his gifts and taking his role as a superhero very seriously.

It is uncertain how he will react to his father’s return to the team as Diablo.  Interestingly enough, Incubus did not lose his powers when his father resumed his role as Diablo.  Whether or not Incubus will be affected due to his father’s return to action on more than an emotional level remains to be seen.

Powers and Paraphernalia:

Incubus possesses all of the abilities and powers his father once did as Diablo, and then some.  He can sprout wings and fly at great speeds.  His skin is practically invulnerable, making him supremely resistant to energy discharges and high impacts.  He is incredibly agile and possesses superhuman strength, permitting him to lift (bench press) well over two tons.

Incubus can breathe flame at his enemies and alter his form to be more or less demonic, preferring a more human shape sans hoofs.

Unlike Diablo, it appears that Incubus is incapable of siphoning the evil from the souls of others.  It is may be that this ability has simply not manifested itself in him yet Incubus is in no hurry to acquire this skill, especially since his father was never able to fully control this power.

When he was transformed from plain old Eric to Incubus, Incubus’ face, ears, penis, scrotum and nipples became pierced.  To try and pierce his own skin now would be practically impossible due to its incredible density and resistance.

Stéphane Sol

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Real Name: Stéphane Solando
Occupation: Former Circus performer, former Callboy for the SG Corp., now Operating CEO of the SG Corp.
Base of Operations: Gateway city
Place of Birth: Marseille, France
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Satisfaction Guaranteed Corporation (SG Corp.)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 172 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: naturally black, dyed blue, including his body hair
Penis: 10 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Satisfaction Guaranteed #2 (1998)

Current Appearances: Satisfaction Guaranteed #2, 3 and #4, Stéphane’s Funhouse of Fornication #1 (coming 2010)


A bohemian and a nomad, the silver-tongued Stéphane Solando wandered the Marseille countryside in his youth, searching for adventure and excitement in life.  Having no family ties of any kind, he was free to come and go as he pleased, travelling from town to town.  To survive, he did odd jobs here and there, but was always careful not to form any attachments for fear such emotional investments could hamper his vagabond ways.

Eventually, Stéphane found employment with a traveling Circus as a caretaker and handyman.  He had always been very skilled with his hands and this seemed like a good way to make a little money.  The owner of the Circus was quite taken with Stéphane’s natural masculine beauty, and eventually offered to pay him a lot more if he would agree to become one of the Circus’ resident clowns.

This intrigued Stéphane.  He liked the idea of disguising himself behind the makeup, essentially creating a new identity for himself.  It very much appealed to his whimsical nature.  He agreed and the sexy clown called Stéphane Sol was born.

Stéphane became infamous throughout France.  He would don his makeup, and very little else for his performances, thereby accentuating his perfectly chiseled physique and ample, uncircumcised endowment.

Men and women flocked from all over Europe to see the sensual clown in person.  Stéphane loved the attention, and happily accepted to bed some of the wealthier patrons of the Circus for considerable amounts of cash.  He always did so in complete clown makeup.  One such patron was David Laburnum of the SG Corp. who did not fail to take note of Stéphane’s beauty and prowess as a lover.

Sex with rich patrons earned Stéphane a small fortune, but just as he was about to leave the Circus in search of his next adventure, fate intervened.

A freak accident during one of Stéphane’s performances led to a bizarre discovery.  One night during his show, Stéphane got too close to an elephant who was not as well trained as some of the other performing beasts.  The Elephant was unexpectedly spooked and trampled Stéphane, breaking the clown’s arm in the process.  Though his bones were broken in several places, Stéphane was amazed to realize he felt no pain.  Indeed he began to realize that he had never truly felt any pain at all throughout his life.

Doctors puzzled over this strange development, and soon, Stéphane became the object of a different kind of attention.  Feeling overwhelmed and smothered by Doctors wanting to study him and run numerous tests, he began to look for a way out.

That was when he was contacted by David Laburnum.  The SG Corp executive offered to hire Stéphane as a Callboy for his company and pay him obscene amounts of money for his services, in full clown makeup of course.  But more importantly, he offered to relocate Stéphane to Gateway City, thereby providing him a way to leave France.

Stéphane accepted without hesitation.

As a Callboy, he was extremely successful, and his inability to feel pain made him very popular with clients into S&M.  But soon after making the move to Gateway City, Stéphane began to realize that Laburnum was not the savior he once professed to be.  As an employer, Laburnum was cold and unkind to all of his subordinates, but for some reason, Stéphane seemed to fly under his radar most, if not, all of the time.  Stéphane, vowed someday to see the tyrant removed from his position at the SG Corp.

During his years with the company, Stéphane developed a strong friendship with fellow Callboy, Dane Bernier.  Eventually, Dane’s contract was bought out by Nathan Willows, his lover, and when they purchased the SG Corp, they placed Stéphane in charge as Operating CEOs of the company in their absence.  Upon Dane’s request, Stéphane’s first act in his new post was to demote Laburnum back to the status of Callboy.   Stéphane took great joy in this.

He has remained with the SG Corp as it’s Operating CEO since, realizing that he no longer has the need to drift from place to place.  In fact, he has become quite find of finally having a place he can call home.

Powers and Paraphernalia:

Though one cannot call Stéphane’s inability to feel pain as a power, it is indeed a handy gift.  It also appears as though his skin is more resistant to physical damage than that of the average persons’, the degree to which is as yet untested.


While Stéphane’s main base of operations for the SG Corp is in Gateway City, he does on occasion tend to the affairs of the France division.  And though he takes his duties as Operating CEO very seriously, in large part out of his respect for Dane, he often still services certain regular clients, whom he has become particularly fond of.

People are either incredibly aroused or somewhat creeped out by Stéphane’s appearance.  This is likely due to some individual’s fear of clowns.  Stéphane is however a very gentle and kind person, with a very adventurous sexual nature and an exceptionally open mind.


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Real Name: Catherine Cannip
Occupation: Former patient at the Fraserview Mental Health Hospital, turned adventurer and Guardian of the Cube
Base of Operations: Darque Manor, Gateway City
Known Living Relatives: None
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Presumed heterosexual
Height: 5’9?
Weight: 112 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: Cube #2, volume 1
Current Appearances: Guardians of the Cube #1 – #5, Cube: Decompiled (the Class Access Digital Edition), Camili-Cat: Felinoids #2 (in flashback)


In 1973, a 4-month old baby girl was left on the doorstep of the Fraserview Mental Health Hospital in Gateway city.  There were no hints as to where the child had come from, save a note in the child’s blanket stating that her name was Catherine Cannip.  The nurse who found the baby took the child in, and immediately went to the Chief of staff, Doctor Wendell Maurice for advice on what to do with her.  Dr. Maurice was quick to take charge of the child and tell the nurse he would contact the proper authorities.  The nurse took him at his word, and never thought twice about leaving the infant in Dr. Maurice’s hands.  Little did she know the Chief of Staff’s true agenda.

To Maurice, this was a dream opportunity: the chance to conduct behavioral experiments on a human being from close to birth, with no parents or rightful guardians to stand in his way. He took Catherine to his home where he spent years conducting cruel and sadistic psychological tests on the poor girl.

Maurice subjected her to all manner of inhumanity, from sensory deprivation, to sleep deprivation and everything in between.  Catherine grew up a deeply disturbed young girl, barely capable of speaking.  She became violent and despondent, and on the eve of her 17th birthday, she turned on a complacent Dr. Maurice, and killed him in a fit of rage.  She fled his estate into the expanse of the Gateway Evergreens.

For nearly 2 years she lived like a wild child, hunting for food and steadily becoming more and more primitive and savage.  In those 2 years, rumors began to circulate throughout Gateway City.  It was said that a strange woman-child haunted the Gateway Evergreens.  Authorities took it upon themselves to get to the bottom of these rumors and supposed sightings, and launched a man hunt.  It took them nearly a week to find and capture Catherine, but eventually, they tracked her down.  Ironically, she was admitted to the Fraserview Mental Health Hospital for treatment.

Catherine remained at Fraserview for close to three years after her capture.  In that time she was taught to speak to the level of a kindergartener, but the damage had been done.  Years of abuse at the hands of the inhuman Dr. Maurice had left her distrusting and violent.

One night, after attacking 2 attendants, she was thrown into a straight jacket and into the rubber room. It was that night that Jeanne Darque came to her.  Ironically, Catherine reacted very calmly to Jeanne Darque, stating in her childish manner, that she had always known she would come to rescue her.  In truth, the Cube had led Darque to Catherine.  It instructed Darque to change Catherine into of its a Guardian.  Admittedly, Darque did not quite comprehend the logic of appointing a madwoman to such a task, but she obeyed the Cube as she always did.

Catherine became Catnip, a perfect combination of madness and innocence, in the image of Catherine’s favorite character from Alice in Wonderland: the Cheshire cat. Catnip escaped from Riverview with Darque, who proceeded to tutor her in the ways of her new-found powers.

Catnip quickly endeared herself to the other Guardians, and she and Ghostboy especially became very close, sharing an almost brother-sister bond.

To this day, Catnip remains with the Guardians, using her powers to protect the weak and the innocent.  But as a result of her childhood abuse, there lies a deep, dark rage within her which often resurfaces.  In those moments, Catnip becomes a mindless animal, capable of the most horrible acts of violence, making her a formidable foe, but also a dangerous ally.


Catnip possesses superhuman strength and is capable of lifting (pressing) just a little under a ton.  She is incredibly fast, agile and her skin is supremely resistant to harm.   She possesses heightened senses, and can see perfectly well in pitch dark.  She is skilled in hand to hand combat, though not formally trained in any particular form of martial art.

Her cube given-gifts seem to centre around her resemblance to the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.  Though Catnip can become completely invisible, she rarely makes use of this ability.  Her fractured mind seldom remembers to employ of this supernatural skill, preferring instead to resort to violence.

She also possesses paralyzing venom which she can spit from her mouth, but as with her invisibility, this is a skill she seldom takes advantage of.

It has long been thought that the human Catherine Cannip may well have possessed some form of telepathic powers.  In fact Dr. Maurice attempted to bring these abilities to the surface with his research, but ironically foiled his own plans by traumatizing the child’s mind beyond complete repair.  The possibility remains that Catnip might someday harness these powers, but in order for that to happen, she would need to regain control of her fractured psyche, something not even a telepath as powerful as Numa has been able to help her do.


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Real Name: Jonah
Occupation: Exotic Dancer
Base of Operations: Formerly the village of Ruayl, formerly the township of Pennloap, now at large in the land of Varda
Place of Birth: Presumably the village of Ruayl, Varda
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 156 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Penis: 10 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Zahn #1 (2008)
Current Appearances: Zahn #1, Striptease #1


Jonah’s past is shrouded in mystery and all that is known of it is that he allegedly helms from Ruayl, the same village Zahn does.

Apparently, he and Zahn grew up together and as young adults fell in love.  They enjoyed a passionate affair until the day Zahn left their village to embark upon his Vision Quest.

Jonah agreed to meet with Zahn in the township of Pennloap once Zahn’s quest was complete.  Jonah made his way there ahead of time to establish himself and earn some money so that both he and Zahn could live there comfortably.

Jonah approached the owner of the Pennloap Inn and told the man he was looking for work.  He was immediately hired as an exotic dancer on the merit of his striking good looks, gorgeous physique and beautiful uncut cock. Jonah remained at the Inn, waiting for Zahn to arrive.

Zahn showed up several months later than planned, and with a severe case of amnesia.  Jonah was still there waiting for him, and upon realizing that his lover’s mind was a blank, the dancer took it upon himself to help him remember his past.

Jonah figured the best way to do this would be to travel back to their home village. Jonah hoped that familiar surroundings and faces might spark Zahn’s memory.  The two began an arduous journey back to their home town.  Upon their arrival they found it had been completely destroyed by mysterious beasts with glistening hides.

Jonah remains at Zahn’s side as they attempt to stop the evil threat that destroyed their village and looms over the great land of Varda.


Physically, Jonah is nearly perfect.  In Zahn’s opinion, he is one of the most beautiful men he has ever seen.  Jonah knows all too well that he is physically appealing and uses this to get what he wants.

He appears to be loyal to Zahn, but there is no real proof that Jonah is who he says he is.  With Zahn still not completely  remembering his past , he can only hope that he has allied himself with a trustworthy companion.

Thus far Jonah appears to be the genuine article.  If he does have ulterior motives for befriending Zahn, they have yet to be revealed.




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Real Name: Charles Shenton
Aliases: Charlie
Occupation: Criminal defense attorney
Base of Operations: Gateway City
Place of Birth: Winter’s Hill
Known Relatives: Adelle Shenton (mother), Richard Shenton (Father), Estelle Shenton (Sister)
Group Affiliation: None.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 182 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Penis: 9 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Satisfaction Guaranteed #2 (2002)
Current Appearances: Satisfaction Guaranteed #2 & #4


Charlie Shenton was born in the small town of Winter’s Hill, just outside of Gateway City.  A very bright kid, he had an aptitude for languages and mathematics and excelled in all his subjects in school.  His dream was to make his way to Gateway City and study law in the hopes of someday opening his own practice.

His dream soon came true and soon he was appointed to the case of one Kaissey Phineas who was charged with murder.  It was clear from the start that Kaissey was Charlie’s type, but despite the old adage “Innocent until proven guilty”, Charlie preferred to have proof of his client’s innocence.  He resisted his attraction to Kaissey in the interest of professionalism and properly defending his client.

Through hard work, Charlie cleared Kaissey’s name beyond the shadow of any doubt, and the charges were dropped.  No longer his client, Kaissey and Charlie became intimate and after about a year of courting one another, moved in together.

Charlie’s job meant he was not often at home, and Kaissey who had been unemployed for several months grew lonely and tired of depending on his boyfriend’s earnings.  He sought a career of his very own, and soon met the vile David Laburnum who was immediately taken with Kaissey’s physical beauty.  Kaissey was resistant of becoming a Callboy at first, but Laburnum was able to manipulate him into believing it would not interfere in his life with Charlie. And so Charlie continued practicing law, unaware of Kaissey’s extracurricular activities as a Callboy.

Kaissey never told Charlie that he was in fact a Callboy for the SG Corp.  Charlie grew suspicious of his boyfriend’s activities and started looking into Kaissey’s background, hoping to find some evidence to substantiate or dispel his suspicions.

Kaissey seemed to tell too many obvious lies and excuses in attempts to cover the truth. This led Charlie to become extremely untrusting of his lover.

Charlie decided to find out the truth about Kaissey once and for all.  He pulled many strings and cashed in many favors owed him to uncover Kaissey’s secret.

Upon finding out that Kaissey was in fact a Callboy, Charlie was outraged.  He decided to teach Kaissey a lesson about truth.  He hired the SG Corp. to set up an elaborate scenario in which Kaissey would be framed fro the murder of Matthew Foxfire.

Kaissey was arrested and Charlie confronted him in his prison cell.  Charlie explained that he was disappointed that Kaissey never trusted in their relationship enough to tell him the truth.  He also told him that their love for one another was strong enough to overcome anything.  The two men reconciled and with Charlie’s help, Kaissey left the SG Corp. for good.

Charlie is currently helping Kaissey get his professional life in order, and supporting his decision to become a private investigator.  The two plan on collaborating together on future legal cases.



Charlie is a brilliant individual.  Though he is inherently distrusting of his clients and suspects their guilt, he is always willing to uncover the truth and to defend their rights.  Yet when it comes to his personal life his greatest flaw is his naivety!  Often he is blinded by love and wills himself to forgive and forget too easily.  This results in intense feelings of frustration and anger which he tries desperately to hide under a layer of cool confidence.

He loves Kaissey deeply and this is why he was so upset with all the secrecy and dishonesty in their relationship.  Charlie may be loving, but he is also vindictive and for this very reason, it would have been best if Kaissey had come clean before his partner was forced to uncover the truth for himself.  Hopefully, their relationship will indeed get past this indiscretion so that both men can move on for good.


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Real Name: Felicia. Last name, if any, is unknown.
Occupation: Adventurer, scientist.
Base of Operations: Currently, the Mina, Camili-Cat’s shuttle.
Place of Birth: The planet Siva
Known Relatives: Felicity (mother, deceased), King Orran (father, deceased)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
Height: 5’11?
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Copper
First Appearance: Affinity #1 (1992)
Current Appearances: Camili-Cat: Purrfection #1, Camili-Cat: 20th Anniversary Special, Rapture #1 & #2, Striptease #1, Camili-Cat: Felinoids #1, #2 and #3


Felicia was born on the planet Siva, one of the most beautiful worlds in the galaxy.  Her mother, Felicity was servant to the Sivan Royal Family.  The King, Orran looked favorably upon Felicity, and always treated her better than the other servants, but the Queen Matta distrusted her incredibly.  When it came out that Felicity was with child, the rumors began to circulate.  It was speculated that the King was the father of the child.  The rumors escalated to such a degree that civil war eventually broke out.  Felicity fled the war-torn city, and headed for the forest country, where she eventually gave birth to her daughter.  Felicity knew all too well that the King was indeed the father of sweet, little Felicia, but she also knew that to return to the city would mean death for her and her newborn daughter.  So Felicity raised Felicia in the peaceful forest province, undisturbed by the events happening in the city, teaching her all she knew of the world, and sciences.

When Felicia was seventeen, her mother was killed while hunting, but not before she could tell her daughter the truth about who her father really was.  Felicia buried her mother, and made her way to the city.  She wanted to find her father and tell him that her mother had died.  Sadly, when Felicia reached the city, she learned that her father and his family had been killed in the civil unrest.  Heartbroken, and feeling very much alone, Felicia decided to leave Siva forever.

A man named Malsolac, a former servant to King Orran, found Felicia shortly after she learned of her father’s death.  He told her that it had been his life’s duty to find her.  It seemed that the King had left her an inheritance, and it was now time to claim it.  Apparently, Orran knew that Felicity’s child had been his, and hoped to someday find her and make right what had gone so terribly wrong.  In a secret repository, hidden deep beneath the royal city, the King had left a veritable fortune for Felicia as well as a small royal cruiser, which would enable her to leave Siva.  Only her DNA could release the lock which sealed the repository. Malsolac led Felicia to this inheritance, where the young woman proceeded to unlock the doors.  Immediately after doing so, a band of 6 mercenaries surrounded her and the former servant. It appeared that Malsolac had used Felicia to gain access to the fortune her father had left her.  The Mercenaries wished to clain it as their own.

Growing up in the Forest Province and learning to hunt at an early age had honed Felicia’s senses and abilities to an incredible degree.  With blinding speed, Felicia managed to seize Malsolac’s pistol, and made her way through the star cruiser’s hatch, miraculously managing to evade all the laser fire. The mercenaries did not want her to escape.  Yet escape she did, upon igniting the cruiser’s reactor core, the rockets fired within the old repository, and incinerated the mercenaries.  Unfortunately, the fortune her father had left her had also been in the repository, and was also destroyed.

Felicia left Siva behind for good, and flew off into the expanse of space in search for a better life.  She managed to survive on sheer skill and instinct, until, a few years later she met Camili-Cat, and the two became fast friends.

They have remained the closest of friends since, always looking out for each other and watching each other’s back.  Though Felicia would be happy to have a romantic involvement with Cam, she keeps her emotions in line, completely respecting that he himself favors the company of men above that of women.

Felicia remains at Camili-Cat’s side.  She hopes that she can continue to keep her true feelings bottled up, but realizees full well that someday, she may have to leave her friend rather than live with the burden of her unrequited love.


felicia-excerptPowers and Paraphernalia:

Felicia has no particular powers per se.  However, being a Sivan female in her twenties, she does possess exceptional strength, speed and agility.  Her senses are also extremely acute.

Felicia is well versed in many forms of hand to hand combat.  Her knowledge of weaponry is also quite vast, and she can use most firearms with deadly accuracy.

Felicia possesses a brilliant mind, and is possibly one of the most gifted scientists you could ever encounter.  She put her time growing up in the Forest Province on Siva to good use, learning all she could from text books her mother had acquired for her.  The rest she learned from practice, being a natural at virtually all she puts her mind to.

Jon Dazy

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Real Name: Unknown.  It is presumed that the name “Jon Dazy” is an alias.
Occupation: Former Adventurer, now outlaw.
Base of Operations: Formerly Darque Manor, formerly his forest of mutant blooms, now unknown, but rumored to be Gateway City.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Guardians of the Cube, currently none.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.
Height: 5’10?
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Lime Green
Hair: Green (presumed dyed)
Penis: 8 inches, cut
First Appearance: Guardians of the Cube volume 2,  #3 (1994)
Current Appearances: Guardians of the Cube #4 & #5, Satisfaction Guaranteed #2, #3 & #4, Rapture #2

Little is known about Jon Dazy’s past or how he came by his powers, whether naturally or artificially.  About all that is known is that he and Ghostboy shared a romance before Ghostboy became a Guardian of the Cube.

In the Guardians’ darkest hour, Ghostboy called upon his former lover for help in rescuing his friends from the evil Robert MacGavin.  Jon Dazy agreed to help Ghostboy, but had his own motives for doing so.  Secretly he hoped he and Ghostboy could rekindle their relationship and pick up where they had left off.  However, upon joining the team, Jon Dazy promptly forgot about Ghostboy and fixed his attention on another Guardian – Diablo.

Of course being a heterosexual man, Diablo would not be interested in Jon of his own volition.  So Jon Dazy did the unthinkable and used his powers to effectively drug Diablo into compliance.  For months Jon Dazy had his way with Diablo, the latter never remembering the sexual escapades they shared.

Jon Dazy’s abuse of Diablo went unnoticed until he made the mistake of trying to involve his friend, Elias Shelby, a Callboy for the Satisfaction Guaranteed Corporation, in the crime.  Dazy hoped that Shelby would agree to join him in having his way with Diablo.  Shelby ultimately refused.  In that moment, Diablo suddenly remembered all that Jon Dazy had done to him.  He turned on Jon Dazy, intent on teaching him a lesson.

He gave what he felt Jon Dazy truly needed – the ass-fucking of his life.  Diablo was violent and anything but gentle.  When it was all over, Jon Dazy just laughed and told Diablo that he had actually enjoyed the punishment and believed that Diablo had enjoyed giving it to him.

Being the bigger man, Diablo left before punching Jon Dazy’s lights out.  He returned to the Guardians, explained what Jon had done to him for months and had Jon Dazy expelled from the team.

Shortly after his dismissal, Jon Dazy disappeared, and relocated just outside of Gateway City where he used his powers over plant life to erect a massive forest of blooms.  There he made his new home and remained until Incubus, Diablo’s son found him.  Incubus intended to kill Jon Dazy, enraged by what he had done to his father.

The two tangled but ultimately Incubus was unable to take Jon Dazy’s life.  He settled for burning his forest down to the ground.  Incubus left Jon Dazy with a stern warning never to show his face in Gateway City again.

Jon Dazy has not been seen or heard from since, but it is believed that he still lurks within the city limits, waiting fro the right time to make his next move – whatever that is.


Powers and Paraphernalia:

Jon Dazy possesses complete control over all forms of plant life.  He can cause plants to grow at an incredibly accelerated rate.  He can also imbue plant life with a primitive form of intelligence and direct them to do his bidding.

Jon Dazy was able to coerce Diablo into having sex with him by using a technique he calls “implantation”.  Jon Dazy can essentially introduce microscopic spores into his chosen victim.  The spores bloom and erupt from the urethra of the victim’s penis, causing no damage, but essentially act on the nervous system and brain like a very powerful narcotic.  This leaves the victim completely susceptible to Jon Dazy’s suggestions.

Once the implantation wears off, the victim remembers nothing – most of the time.  This technique worked on Diablo for several months, but it is believed that eventually, Diablo’s body developed a resistance to the process.  After that, the missing memories of what Jon Dazy did to him while under the implantation control resurfaced.

Jon Dazy’s powers have yet to be fully understood, and Dazy himself does not seem to know exactly everything he can do.  But despite his many flaws, Jon Dazy is tenacious and has always been determined to master his abilities, training himself further at every possible opportunity.

With complete mastery over his powers, Jon Dazy could be a formidable threat.



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Real Name: Sethan
Aliases: None
Occupation: Demon, soldier of Hell, former lover of Deimos
Base of Operations: Hell, occasionally Earth
Place of Birth: Not applicable
Known Relatives: Not applicable
Group Affiliation: Sethan serves Bob, the Dark Lord of Hell
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 234 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Silver
Penis: 12 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Deimos #0 (2004)
Current Appearances: Deimos #0, Deimos #1, Rapture #1, Rapture #3

Sethan is one of the angels that followed Bob into Hell when the Prince of Lies was cast out of Heaven.  There, Sethan and the other fallen angels were transformed into demons: footsoldiers of evil, imbued with powers fuelled by the darkness of men’s souls.    Despite their powers, these demons cannot permanently cross over into Earth’s dimension.

Sethan is no exception, and in order to remain corporeal on Earth, he needs to find a human of tremendous power whose life he can sacrifice in a ritual of crossing over.

Refusing to believe that his former lover had betrayed Hell, Sethan approached Deimos to perform the ritual of crossing in his name.  This would have permitted Sethan to venture from Hell to Earth anytime he pleased.

Unfortunately for Sethan, Deimos was under Heaven’s orders to prevent the ritual, and to save the intended sacrifice from certain death.  Sethan’s plans were thwarted, and the demon faded from Earth’s plane of reality, and returned to Hell.  But Sethan was determined to cross over to Earth permanently.

Recently it appears that the sexy blue demon found a way to do just that.  Recent reports suggest that Sethan can now dwell in Earth’s plane of existence indefinitely.  How he has accomplished this task has yet to be revealed.

It also appears that Sethan has now joined the demoness Azagoth in a plot to destroy Bob once and for all.  Sethan has begun harboring feelings of resentment toward the Dark Lord who takes every opportunity to vent his frustrations on Sethan.

Sethan also appears to be struggling with his feelings for Deimos.  Deep down, he still loves him immensely.  Whether Sethan will act upon those feelings and seek Deimos out remains to be seen.

Powers and paraphernalia:
Like all demons, Sethan possesses incredible strength, agility, endurance and heightened senses.  He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and can wield most forms of weaponry with deadly accuracy.  Sethan’s body is covered in ornate tattoos which double as symbiotic demonoids that can leaps from his flesh and attack his foes.  These tattoos are razor sharp, shredding anything in their path.  However, Sethan is unable to unleash these demonoids unless he is at full strength: either in the dimension of Hell, or completely corporeal on Earth.