Class Comics 2017: 4 COVER REVEALS!

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2017 promises to be a very exciting year here at Class Comics — we have a veritable TON of amazing new comics and surprises heading your way. Today we’re very excited to reveal 4 glorious covers featuring art by DAVID CANTERO, ICEMAN BLUE and PATRICK FILLION.


The highly-anticipated second issue of the BRIGAYDE is on it’s way, with more glorious art by David Cantero. The cover for this issue is an ominous one, and hints at a new villain that has some nasty things planned for our heroic hunks. Below is the official standard edition cover. The BRIGAYDE #2 will be available in print and digital comic formats. Both standard editions will sport this cover art.

The BRIGAYDE #2 official print edition cover. Art by DAVID CANTERO. Coming 2017 from Class Comics.

A SPECIAL EDITION of the BRIGAYDE #2 will be available as a digital exclusive. It will contain behind the scenes materials such as character designs, conceptual sketches and a slew of pin-ups. This version of the book features a simply mouth-watering cover, also created by David Cantero. The boys of the BRIGAYDE are a little more relaxed on this cover, lounging in the Summer heat by  their pool. Subsequently, this illustration is also the back cover of the BRIGAYDE #2 print special edition.

The BRIGAYDE #2 official digital special edition cover. Art by DAVID CANTERO. Coming 2017 from Class Comics.


Collecting the entire run of the series, LOST FANTASY HERO v ZAHN is written and illustrated by Iceman Blue. Originally available to subscribers of Iceman’s website, this amazing team-up is finally going to be available in its entirety both in print and as a digital comic. Iceman Blue’s playfully naughty cover depicts James, the Lost Fantasy Hero himself, with his new pal from Varda, Zahn as they get to know one another better.

LOST FANTASY HERO v ZAHN #1 standard edition cover. Art by ICEMAN BLUE. Coming 2017 from Class Comics.

A variant edition of this issue will also be available featuring artwork by Zahn creator, Patrick Fillion. Fans will be able to buy the extremely limited Fillion Variant Cover edition in print only, and while quantities last. Featuring the Son of Winter in the grasp of the massively hung DRAGON LORD while James looks on, this variant cover pays perfect homage to this wonderful story conceived of by Iceman Blue.

LOST FANTASY HERO v ZAHN #1 Fillion variant edition cover. Art by PATRICK FILLION. Colors by CABRERA and FILLION. Coming 2017 from Class Comics.

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek at some of the goodies ahead. Stay tooned for more articles revealing more art and comics still to come in 2017.

4 Cover Reveals.
Class Comics 2017: 4 Cover Reveals with art by David Cantero, Iceman Blue and Patrick Fillion.



Sneak Peek at SCARED STIFF book one.

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The Fall Season is upon us, and we at Class Comics have a slew of fantastic new comics headed your way. Today, we give you your very first sneak peek at Michael Broderick’s and R. Tyler’s up-coming SCARED STIFF #1.

SCARED STIFF #1 has us extremely excited because it’s an amazing anthology of twisted tales of sex and the paranormal. Drawing inspiration from the classic “Tales from the Crypt” comics, as the cover suggests, SCARED STIFF features three creatively creepy stories filled with the strange and the horny. Together, Broderick and Tyler have concocted “3 bizarre tales of ass-thumping weirdness!”

The official front cover of SCARED STIFF #1. SCARED STIFF #1 created by M. Broderick and R. Tyler is coming October 2016 to Class Comics.

“Defiled” opens the book and transports us to a beautiful beach in Hawaii. Under the setting sun and the warm evening breeze, one particularly hunky but grouchy vacationer runs into an island deity and ends up having the wildest night of his life.

“Recent Acquisition” finds a museum security guard getting much more than he ever bargained for when he takes on the night shift. Who knew art could be so dangerous?

And lastly, the bizarre tale of “Kevin” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you should probably never pick up hitch-hikers, no matter how blond and sexy he may be.

Michael’s illustrations are exquisite and he expertly changes the visual flavor of every story, giving each chapter its own unique feel. Those familiar with his work will no doubt recognize Michael’s beautiful drawings from the Sticky Graphic Novel “FAST FRIENDS” which he illustrated. Michael also contributed three amazing pieces for the Class Comics “HEROES IN PERIL” Meaty Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Meanwhile, you’ll be thrilled to learn that SCARED STIFF #1 is coming your way this October, just in time for Halloween. What better way to celebrate the season than with this fantastic new tome of pervertedly twisted tales? Truly the scariest thing about SCARED STIFF is how bloody good it is!

To see more of Michael Broderick’s beautiful artwork, check out his website HOTTLEAD. Enjoy this very special Sneak Peek and stay tooned because we’ll let you know as soon as SCARED STIFF #1 is up for grabs. It will be available in both print and digital comic formats.

SCARED STIFF #1 is coming October 2016 to Class Comics. SCARED STIFF #1 created by M. Broderick and R. Tyler.

In the Works for 2016!

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To say that we have a BIG YEAR planned in 2016 is what you would call a HUGE understatement. For the past two years, Class Comics has continued increasing the number of titles we’ve released, and 2016 will be no different.

Below is a list of MANY (but not ALL) titles planned for release this year (listed in no particular order) . We’re constantly working on projects, so please remember that just because you don’t see a book listed in this article, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not coming out this year. It just means that the books we have listed are GUARANTEED to be released.

And now without further delay, please enjoy this little peek at the hot books headed your way this year.


Story: Robert Fraser
Art: Butch McLogic

How frikkin’ STOKED are you about THIS issue? GAGE and HAYDEN will return this year with another installment of undead adventure! A bit of time will have passed for them, but not terribly much and both survivors will be a little better equipped to take on everything that the dead can throw at them.

Robert Fraser has shoved the boys deep into the roots of this epidemic and also sent them some living, breathing humans to help them on their way. Or maybe to hinder them!

As always, Butch McLogic does an amazing job bringing life into a post-apocalyptic world full of death! He’s currently working on finishing up the colors on the characters. Once primary character art is completed, he’ll be diving into the apocalyptic backgrounds, creating his usual brand of engrossing atmosphere.

It’s going to be an exciting issue where nothing is guaranteed to go right for Gage and Hayden! BEAUTIFUL DEAD #2 will probably be released on an appropriate day ending in 13, 31 or 666 later in 2016!


Story: Patrick Fillion
Art: Jacob Mott

The highly-anticipated return of MAKO FINN and his team of underwater eco-warriors is just around the corner, but their continuing adventure is anything but a leisurely swim.

When last we saw Mako and his friends, they were facing a massive, supposed-to-be-extinct Megalodon shark. In this new issue as the action resumes, we’re treated to a series of flashbacks that unveil the birth of Mako Finn, and shed light on the conflict between our titular hero and his arch-nemesis, the demented PIRANHA.

Also we ask, is AKENO MORI all that he seems, or is he deliberately keeping secrets from his new associates? And while DANNY and AUBREY desperately try to keep the O.R.C.A. and her crew from falling to little itty bitty pieces, WARREN and GRETCHEN are in deep – and we’re not kidding – DEEP trouble.

It’s been well-worth the wait as Jacob Mott draws the HELL out of this issue, penned by Patrick Fillion. Look for MAKO FINN #2 to swim your way in Spring of 2016. The heat is so damn high for this edition, the water’s virtually BOILING!


Story: Patrick Fillion
Art: David Cantero

Written by Patrick Fillion and lavishly illustrated by David Cantero, THE BRIGAYDE is like nothing to ever come from Class Comics before. To start with, it’s the first ON-GOING series we’ve ever created. What this means is that with no end in sight, Fillion and Cantero are free to truly flex their creative muscles like never before and bring us an incredibly expansive and sweeping new comic title, brimming with hot characters – some familiar, others shiny and new.

Virtually everything that has transpired in the Class Comics Universe to date has been leading up to the events in THE BRIGAYDE; from Felix Himner’s transformation into the Incredibly Hung Naked Justice, to the war between Heaven and Hell… THE BRIGAYDE ties up years of story telling in a way that can only be described as EPIC!

We’re keeping much of the details of THE BRIGAYDE #1 absolutely hush hush. What we can tell you is that THE BRIGAYDE is Gateway City’s new team of super heroes, risen from the ashes of the now defunct GUARDIANS OF THE CUBE (Hey? Did you guys know about this?). The series takes place about 7 years in the future, and as the first issue begins, we see that much has changed for many of our super heroes over that period of time.

So who is part of THE BRIGAYDE, anyway? We’re keeping some of the line-up a BIG SECRET for now, but we can tell you that fan-favorite DEVILHOUND is on the roster. The book also stars BULLET (Space Cadet #3) and LEGEND (Ghostboy & Diablo #4), and introduces a striking new character by the name of RED VELVET. Red and his “patron” are directly responsible for assembling this team of hunky heroes. These are heroes for dark times as the world is rife with discord and inequality.

Two other familiar faces will be part of the line-up, including a very special team-leader, beloved by fans. But be warned… things are changing in Gateway City and nothing stays the same forever. When we reveal the full team roster, your jaw is GUARANTEED to drop to the floor.

Stay tooned as we’re preparing a massive “sneak-peek” article on the THE BRIGAYDE coming up shortly. In the meantime, look for the first issue of THE BRIGAYDE to drop sometime in the Spring of 2016.


Featuring ZAHN and DEIMOS
Story: Patrick Fillion
Art: PPmaq

That dastardly COLLECTOR is up to his no-good tricks once again! This time, he and a fellow collector of stunning male specimens, decide to enter into a dangerous game of chance. Each Collector chooses two of their favorite subjects and pits them against one another in a game of sex, sorcery and survival.

Having exploited them before and knowing their capabilities well, the Collector selects ZAHN and DEIMOS, and transports them to a savage and unexplored region of VARDA, there to face HORDE and MURD, a duo of hunky but devious Orcs, determined to win by any means possible. Our heroes better watch their hot butts… these Orcs aren’t above cheating and they sure don’t play fair.

Beautifully illustrated by Class Comics new-comer, PPmaq, CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #2 is written by Patrick Fillion and each and every panel is bursting with energy, hotness and that trademark PPmaq panache, humor and flare that fans of his “Epic Loads” comic know and love.

Coming mid-2016, this all new Zahn and Deimos adventure finally reunites these two hunks whose undeniable connection will only deepen in the face of immeasurable adversity and danger.


Story: Patrick Fillion
Art: JC Soto

So, NAKED JUSTICE has joined the UNRIVALED ALLIANCE, Great Britain’s premiere team of super heroes, but TRIP, the team’s hunky dilf-of-a leader feels their latest recruit could use a little more battle training.

Using his telepathic powers of suggestion, Trip creates an all-too realistic and intense workout for the reluctant Naked Justice. Sure as shit, things get way out of control, and soon Naked Justice will have to save Trip’s hunky butt as a threat from the past manifests itself anew.

Written by Patrick Fillion and beautifully illustrated by JC Soto (Zahn: Size Matters), WORKOUT is expect mid-2016.


Story & Art by: Patrick Fillion
Colors by: Hernán Cabrera & Patrick Fillion

After what seems like years of delays, we finally get the continuation we’ve been waiting for to the on-going adventures of  CAMILI-CAT and LOCUS.  Merging the LOVE LOST and LOCUS titles under one single book, Patrick Fillion feels confident that everyone’s favorite Felinoid and Sektan can shine anew in the all-new LOVE LOST #2.

LOVE LOST #2 merges pages Fillion created for the intended BENDER #1 and LOCUS #2  in order to create a cohesive story that finds Camili-Cat deeply disturbed by his inability to clone Locus, who, he believes died at the hands of the evil DR. PUPAE. Meanwhile, Locus and new pal CAPTAIN BEEDAL are desperate to find a way to escape SEKTA PRIME. This forces them to enter a dangerous tournament of chance in which Locus is used as the buy in. Not the soundest of plans.

While Cam and Locus are leading parallel lives, don’t expect the star-crossed lovers to be reunited just yet. Cam’s adventure takes him even farther away from Locus, while the Lean Green Sex Machine has his hands full keeping horny gamblers from claiming him as the ultimate jackpot!



Text: Patrick Fillion
Art: Albron (3d renders) and various artists.

The next two issues of the fan-favorite SECRET DOSSIER series are comin’ up, and issues three and four will focus on SPACE CADET and NAKED JUSTICE respectively.

Each volume is an exhaustive look at it’s featured character and his entourage. With gorgeous artwork by all your favorite Class Comics artists, oodles of fun facts and simply stunning 3D renders by the immensely talented Albron, SECRET DOSSIER #3 and SECRET DOSSIER #4 are sure to please die hard fans by focusing on two of the Class Comics Universe’s most beloved heroes.

Release dates for these two volumes are still pending, but we’ll keep you posted.


Story and Art: Iceman Blue

What do you get when an evil DRAGON LORD turns his sights to other realms to find for an advantage in his own personal war? An impressive mash-up of massive muscles and heroically-proportioned cocks, that’s what.

Ripped from the world of Varda, ZAHN is pulled into the realm of the LOST FANTASY HERO, where he is at a distinct disadvantage. Everything is so strange and unfamiliar to him, and getting back to Varda will mean working with JAMES, the hero of the land. The trouble is, James doesn’t particularly like Zahn, and though the two are forced to work together, their relationship is anything but friendly. Still, united they will face bizarre and dangerous obstacles, as the ultimate goal is to get Zahn the Hell back to his home land and out of James’ hair.

Written and illustrated by Iceman Blue (Camili-Cat: Mounted), this incredible team-up event can currently be enjoyed via Iceman Blue’s membership site. Iceman is in the midst of releasing a quartet of pages monthly throughout the year. The final volume will be compiled and available as a printed and digital release through Class Comics by year’s end. NOT to be missed!


Story: Patrick Fillion
Art: Adam Graphite

Fan-favorite artist of gay erotic comics Adam Graphite (Greek Love) returns to the Class Comics Universe with his first comic story featuring the SON OF WINTER.

Zahn finds himself embroiled in a centuries-old conflict between the demon realm and the citizens of the Province of Triska. Zahn is conscripted, and the immortal soul of every living being in the land rests squarely on our hero’s shoulders. With no choice but to assume the mantle of Triska’s champion, he will have to face RAKKH, a brutal enemy and ancient demonic warrior. It’s a battle to the near death in order to keep the forces of the Demon Realm from destroying Triska and every last one of her inhabitants.

Adam Graphite’s stunning art style suits the Son of Winter beautifully. Zahn is deeply masculine and powerful by Adam’s hand, and this comic is as arousing as it is action-packed. The Son of Winter might well have met his match in Rakkh!

Stay tooned for official release dates.

Stories: Patrick Fillion
Art: Alessio Slonimsky, David Cantero and Patrick Fillion.

This all new DEIMOS anthology series features three stories per issue, and this first collector’s issue kicks off with some real stunners!

“Innocence”, written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by the incredibly talented Alessio Slonimsky making his Class Comics debut, finds Deimos on the run… with a demon baby in his arms! Deimos isn’t exactly the fathering kind, but the survival of this infant is crucial to the fate of the world, and Deimos will stop at nothing to protect him. The Taro Demon is willing to lay down his life for this child. He may well have to, as his arch-nemesis BOB has resurrects one of Deimos’ most feared adversaries to hunt him and his charge down.

“Inspiration” written by Fillion and illustrated by the wonderful David Cantero is a very different Deimos story and explores the softer side of the Taro Demon. Say, did you ever wonder what became of GRINN, that cool shape-shifting, weapon-becoming demon sidekick-thing that Deimos used to have? Yeah? Deimos too! A visit to a mystical artist might be the only way Deimos can locate his missing friend and shed light on his predicament.

And thirdly, due to massive fan demand, DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #1 is rounded out by “Dead of Winter Part 2”, written and illustrated by Fillion. For those of you who haven’t yet seen this story, let’s just say it pushes Deimos to his very sexual brink!

DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #1 is slated for Spring 2016, with DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #2 planned for mid 2016 release. The second issue will feature three ALL-NEW stories including “Demon Sport”, written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, “How to Train Your Demon” written by Fillion and raunchily illustrated by Alexander (Ridehard series) , and “Mantoy” written by Fillion and stunningly illustrated by Martin Chan (The Bromance).

Stay tooned to our website and be sure to sign up to our official newsletter if you haven’t already done so as we’ll bring you more updates, release dates and sneak peeks for all the above-listed titles and more throughout the year.


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The Holidays are just around the corner, and Class Comics is proud to announce a very special comic event that is the perfect sweet treat for the season. It’s the BIGGEST Class Comics CROSS-OVER, in like… EVER! David Cantero’s ALEX IN BONERLAND is coming to keep you warm all over.

Written and illustrated by the talented David Cantero, ALEX IN BONERLAND is a very special Gay Tale. A hornilly-hilarious take on the classic “Alice in Wonderland”, ALEX IN BONERLAND casts some of Class Comics’ most popular characters in the iconic fairy tale roles.

ALEX, the Initiation’s sexy blond frat-boy, plays the role of our titular hero. While out one day studying with boyfriend DYLAN, Alex spots a very familiar-looking WHITE RABBIT running across the grass. The Rabbit is in quite a state which piques Alex’s curiosity. Though what really raises Alex’s interest is how big the Rabbit’s uncut dick is! Alex decides to blow off his studies and take off after the rascally rabbit. His pursuit finds him plunging deep into a strange burrow smack in the middle of two vaguely butt-shaped hills. This lands him in the middle of the strangely magical world of Bonerland.

Alex In Bonerland Page 13
While in Bonerland, Alex meets a very familiar-looking Cat with a winning smile and a rather large, uhm… tail! Alex of the Initiation and Camil-Cat are just two of the many Class Comics characters to star in David Cantero’s “Alex in Bonerland”. Coming December 2015 only from Class Comics.

There Alex encounters an superbly hung and charming CAT with a winning smile who points him along the right path. The White Rabbit remains elusive, and Alex’s chase finds him encountering a number of odd but hunky characters throughout this bizarrely randy realm. From a MAD HATTER with red skin and a forked tail, to a pair of deliciously muscled Space Cards, his obsessive quest eventually takes Alex before her royal highness, the ever-grouchy and threatening QUEEN OF HEARTS.

It’s a wild, uproarious and cum-soaked confection of a ride in typical David Cantero style which means beautiful art, sexy, slapstick humor and the perfect mixture of naughty and nice. It’s the perfect cross-over event, just in time for the Holidays.

Now all that we need to know is… Do you fit in the rabbit hole?

ALEX IN BONERLAND is set to be released in mid-December in a  English Print Edition and as a Class Access Digital Comic which will be available in three languages – English, Spanish and French — a first for Class Comics. Each language edition will be identical in content and only the text will differ. Stay tooned for more details!

The Mad Hatter
“With him, every time is like your first time!” Can you guess who plays the MAD HATTER in David Cantero’s ALEX IN BONERLAND? Coming December 2015 only from CLASS COMICS.
The White Rabbit
“He just needs to quit his job!” Can you guess who plays the WHITE RABBIT in David Cantero’s ALEX IN BONERLAND? Coming December 2015 only from CLASS COMICS.
The Space Cards
“Every number is hot!” Can you guess who plays the SPACE CARDS in David Cantero’s ALEX IN BONERLAND? Coming December 2015 only from CLASS COMICS.
Ghost Bunny
“He’s faster than the white rabbit!” Can you guess who plays the GHOST BUNNY in David Cantero’s ALEX IN BONERLAND? Coming December 2015 only from CLASS COMICS.
“He’s the perfect bottom!” ALEX of the INITIATION stars in David Cantero’s ALEX IN BONERLAND! Coming December 2015 only from CLASS COMICS.
Alex in Bonerland
“Do you fit in the Rabbit Hole?” David Cantero’s ALEX IN BONERLAND is coming December 2015, only from Class Comics.

Three New Covers Revealed!

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While 2015 may be coming to a close soon, we’re not about to wind down with our releases. In fact, the Winter Season is bringing a steady crop of wicked new comics your way, and today, we’re proud to reveal the beautiful covers of three of those up-coming titles.

Class Comics reveals three new covers! DEIMIS: DEAD OF WINTER PART 2, THE ADVENTURES OF LINK #1 and GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #4. All titles to be released Winter 2015.
Class Comics reveals three new covers! DEIMOS: DEAD OF WINTER PART 2, THE ADVENTURES OF LINK #1 and GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #4. All titles to be released Winter 2015.

Deimos fans are chomping at the bit for DEIMOS: DEAD OF WINTER Part 2. With a beautifully sensual and moody cover like this, one can’t help but wonder what the comic itself has in store for us. Taking place immediately after Deimos leaves Mack, his hunky Canadian bushman in DEIMOS: DEAD OF WINTERPart 2 isn’t so much a sequel as it is a stand alone Taro Demon adventure set in the snow. With glorious art by Patrick Fillion and sublime colors by Hernán Cabrera and Fillion, this cover whets our appetite for the pages to come.

Dead of Winter 2
DEIMOS: DEAD OF WINTER PART 2 the official cover. Illustration by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Cabrera and Fillion. Coming Winter 2015 from CLASS COMICS.

Next up is an amazing release from the creative mind and incredible talent that is HvH, who created In the Blink of an Eye. The ADVENTURES OF LINK #1 reprints FRESHMEN MAGAZINE’S hit series and collects every single episode in one exciting collection for the first time ever. The gorgeous cover is a testament to HvH’s artistic gift and only begins to hint at the mystery, action and intrigue held within the book. The ADVENTURES OF LINK #1 takes us on a wild ride of sex and breathless adventure with the hunky, titular hero and his cast of lusty allies and enemies.

The Adventures of Link
HvH’s THE ADVENTURES OF LINK #1 the official cover. Illustration by HVH. Coming Winter 2015 from CLASS COMICS.

Last, but certainly not least, GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #4, the final issue of the Ghostboy and Diablo mini series, is headed out way. Illustrated by the wonderful David Cantero and written by Patrick Fillion, this final issue is a senses-shattering, balls-to-the-wall action and spooge-packed issue in the great tradition of the classic superhero comic book. David’s exciting cover leaves us wondering how our two heroes and their pals will ever escape the clutches of the evil Toro? Only time will tell… but on the plus side, you won’t have to wait much longer for this gloriously EXTENDED 28-page ISSUE. It’s a mind-blowing conclusion that will leave Ghostboy and Diablo on an exciting new path.

Ghostboy and Diablo #4
GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #4 the official cover. Illustration by David Cantero. Coming Winter 2015 from CLASS COMICS.

We’ll keep you posted with official release dates as they become available. In the meantime, we hope you’ve enjoyed a look at these three beautiful covers. Stay tooned for more!


DEIMOS: Dead of Winter Part 2 PREVIEW!

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We’re always going on about how hot our Summer comic book releases are, but we’re here to tell you that FALL 2015 is bringing with it some pretty freakin’ WICKED titles. Today, we wanna share with you some amazing previews from one of those titles: DEIMOS: DEAD OF WINTER Part Two.

DEIMOS is always a crowd pleaser, and fans were over the moon in 2013 when Patrick Fillion returned to the hunky Taro Demon after nearly ten years of not drawing him personally. DEAD OF WINTER Part One became one of the most popular Deimos comics to date, and while no second part was officially planned at the time, inspiration struck and we can now look forward to a cum-drippingly HAWT follow-up chapter.

SPECIAL PREVIEW: DEIMOS: Dead of Winter Part Two.
SPECIAL PREVIEW: DEIMOS: Dead of Winter Part Two. Coming Fall 2015 from Class Comics. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Cabrera and Fillion.
SPECIAL PREVIEW: DEIMOS: Dead of Winter Part Two.
SPECIAL PREVIEW: DEIMOS: Dead of Winter Part Two. Coming Fall 2015 from Class Comics. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Cabrera and Fillion.

Part Two begins after Deimos leaves MACK to return to GATEWAY CITY. His injuries at the hands of the demon PUGAZZO were severe and more dire than he thought. He’s been convalescing for a few days but now he must return to the city and continue fighting in the war between Heaven and Hell.

On his way through the sprawling snow-covered woods outside of Gateway City, the Taro Demon gets lost, and ends up coming face to face with a forgotten brotherhood of monks — religious zealots who are determined to capture him and punish him in the name of the Lord.

Try as he might, Deimos cannot convince them that he is actually on the side of “their Lord”. It’s tough days ahead for the big hairy demon as the monks give in to their basest, most carnal longings, and Deimos wonders if he will ever manage to leave the halls of their forgotten Monastery.

Written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, with gorgeous colors by Hernán Cabrera and Fillion, DEIMOS: DEAD OF WINTER Part Two is headed your way early Fall 2015. It will be initially available as a Class Access digital comic and we’ll keep you posted on the official street date once the book is scheduled for release. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy these sexy page previews filled with hard, hung and hairy taro-tinted muscle.

SPECIAL PREVIEW: DEIMOS: Dead of Winter Part Two.
SPECIAL PREVIEW: DEIMOS: Dead of Winter Part Two. Coming Fall 2015 from Class Comics. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Cabrera and Fillion.


HOOK-UPS #1 Variant Covers Revealed!

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CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 featuring SPACE CADET and MAKO FINN is just around the corner, and we have a very special treat for you guys today.

The printed edition of this spectacular 28-page first issue is getting the variant cover treatment. The standard version will come with the crazy hot David Cantero cover, and two super sexy, EXTREMELY — INSANELY — LIMITED variants will be available — one by Jacob Mott and one by Patrick Fillion. 

CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 -- the JACOB MOTT Variant Cover. Coming Summer 2015 from Class Comics.
CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 — the JACOB MOTT Variant Cover. Coming Summer 2015 from Class Comics.
CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 -- the PATRICK FILLION Variant Cover. Coming Summer 2015 from Class Comics.
CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 — the PATRICK FILLION Variant Cover. Coming Summer 2015 from Class Comics.
CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 -- the DAVID CANTERO Standard Edition Cover. Coming Summer 2015 from Class Comics.
CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 — the DAVID CANTERO Standard Edition Cover. Coming Summer 2015 from Class Comics.

Both variants are limited to ONLY 50 COPIES each and will NOT be reprinted once they are sold out. Die hard collectors are gonna want to pounce on these beauties, and get ’em while they can.

These variants are ONLY available in printed format and will not be included in the digital edition of CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1. 

We’ll keep you posted on the official release date for CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 so be sure to stay tooned and get these gorgeous collector’s editions as soon as they become available.

3 Summer Cover Reveals!

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Summer at Class Comics ALWAYS means a crop of really hot and fun books, and today we thought we’d reveal the amazing covers of three of the season’s most anticipated titles!

After teasing Robert Fraser’s “The BROMANCE” for almost a year now, it’s about to land in your hot little hands. The BROMANCE follows the exploits of Paul, a horny young stud with an overactive imagination. It seems Paul fantasizes about all of his male friends… but where does the line between reality and fantasy end? With Paul, that line is often blurred.

The book contains several short stories, all penned by Robert Fraser, each one illustrated by a different artist. You’ll find art by Jacob Mott, David Cantero, Leon de Leon, Martin Chan (making his official Class Comics debut), Cray and Patrick Fillion inside the book, and the super hot cover is illustrated by the wonderful Adam Graphite. The cover gives us a little glimpse into Paul’s ability to daydream any situation into total boner-popping fun! C’mon… like you haven’t been there yourself at one point or another?

Robert Fraser’s THE BROMANCE #1. The official cover illustrated by Adam Graphite. The BROMANCE #1 is coming Summer 2015 from CLASS COMICS.

Fans went nuts when they learned that Logan had completed the long-awaited PORKY #4. Yes, we’ve all been dying to know what would become of Benjamin Foley, his uncle Mark and the rest of the series’ characters. Summer will reveal all when the issue is finally released, but for now, let’s take a look at the gorgeous cover that Logan created for the book. It’s absolutely glorious — a beefy buffet of hot masculine BEEF!

And just a little reminder for fans who may have missed the long out of print first and third issues of the series; Class Comics is re-issuing all-new editions of the first three issues in celebration of the fourth book’s release. These reissues boast scorching hot new covers by Logan! How’s that for Summer hottness? The re-issues 0f PORKY #1, #2 and #3 will be released in order, leading up to the release of book #4.

Logan’s PORKY #4, the official cover. Illustration by Logan. PORKY #4 is coming Summer 2015 from CLASS COMICS.

The final cover we’re revealing today is for the senses-shattering first issue of our new team-up series, CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1. This first book features Space Cadet and Mako Finn, who meet for the very first time. They have to, uhm… come… together in order to stop a strange and deadly threat from spilling onto the shores of Hawaii. Sand is gonna get everywhere, trust us — Byron and Mako’s family and friends get in on the action in a big way and this 28-page first issue extravaganza gives new meaning to sex under the sun!!

CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 is written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by the amazing David Cantero. The official cover is also beautifully created by Cantero… and for the first time in Class Comics history, we’ll be offering 2 EXTREMELY LIMITED VARIANT COVERS. One of the variant covers is by the incomparable Jacob Mott, and the second is by Patrick Fillion himself. The variants will be revealed upon the book’s official release and available at the same time, but for now feast your randy eyes on Cantero’s gorgeous cover… and maybe you’ll even be able to spot Mr. Cantero’s sexy avatar?

CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 - Cantero Cover Edition
CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 featuring SPACE CADET and MAKO FINN. Official cover illustration by David Cantero. CLASS COMICS HOOK-UPS #1 is coming Summer 2015 from CLASS COMICS.

Stay tooned for official release dates, folks. We’ll keep you posted… but one thing’s for sure — this is gonna be a Summer to remember at Class Comics!