Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 is in production!

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Well it’s official: Patrick Fillion is currently hard at work on the long anticipated final chapter of the Camili-Cat: Felinoids series. Issue #3 is starting to take shape, and this has the fans and everyone at Class Comics really excited.

When asked about the story for Felinoids #3, Patrick had this to say. “Felinoids #3 is a story I’ve always known how to conclude. Writing it has come easily, and that’s because I know exactly where I want Cam to go from this point on. It’ll be a new place; one that no longer has him asking “am I the last of my kind?” The Felinoids series already answered that. He now knows that some of his people have survived the war that devastated their home world! That’s really going to change him as a character.”

We can expect to see some familiar faces in this book, such as Locus, Felicia, as well as Captain Jung, Flamer and Disco, the three Bounty Hunters Patrick introduced in Rapture #3. But we will also be treated to a whole whack of new Felinoids — all sorts of different ones: Striped ones, spotted ones (you can see a few of them in the pic posted above!)– it’s going to be a visual orgy for the yes by the time Patrick is through with this book.

We’ll keep you posted on Patrick’s progress, but we expect to see this title hit the stores by the end of 2008.

For more of Patrick’s thoughts on Felinoids #3, check out this article which he posted on his Blog, Boytoons Magazine.

Aeacus nominated for a 2008 Queerie Award!

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The 2008 QUEERIE awards are on, and we’re very proud announce that Class Comics’ THE MARK OF AEACUS has been nominated in the “Best Queer Indie Book” category.

This is such a big deal for all of us at Class Comics and we want to thank all of you who wrote in to the Comic Book Queers to nominate The Mark of Aeacus!

It’s time to cast your vote folks, and I urge you to follow this link and vote for AEACUS!!!

This is a great honor for all of us involved in the book because the issue is nominated alongside some really top notch material.  Being nominated is an amazing pleasure in itself.

As most of you know, Aeacus is Class’ first book in a new line of titles which feature Gay characters and situations, but that don’t depict hard core sexuality.  We’ve been planning several other new titles in this vein, but in a way, Aeacus was the “pilot” for this wave of books.  To see it receive such acclamation is truly heart-warming, and proves to us that there is indeed a demand for its kind of material.

So please go and vote, my friends!  You can make sure that Aeacus comes out on top!

New Naked Justice series in the works!

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Naked Justice is one of Class Comics’ most popular protagonists, and he has popped up throughout several of our titles over the past few years. Now he’s getting the royal treatment!

Patrick Fillion has written a new mini series that will delve deeply into NJ’s origin and past, and explore many facets of his powers and abilities. Entitled Naked Justice: Beginnings, the series is set in the 1940s and kicks off at the moment Felix Himner is transformed into the nude adventurer by the magics of King cock-A-Tut.

Beginnings will be illustrated by British artist extraordinaire, Shemyaza. Shemmy and Patrick have been friends for several years, and the two have long looked forward to a project they could collaborate on. This promises to be quite a dynamic pairing, as Shemmy’s art is candy for the yes and Patrick’s writing takes his crimson-haired character to the next level.

It’s expected that Donald MacLean will return to script Naked Justice’s dialog with his usual flare and wit, rounding off a creative team that will undoubtedly produce one of the most exciting books of 2008.

We’ll keep you posted on their progress, and bring you updated release information as it becomes available.