STAR CROSSED #2 is here!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of STAR CROSSED #2, the second issue in fantastic SCI-FI, XXX, adventure-fantasy series written by PATRICK FILLION and magnificently illustrated by ALEXANDER (Ridehard, Super Hung).  STAR CROSSED gives CAPTAIN JUNG, FLAMER, DISCO and LOCUS a title of their own!

Weeks have passed since Captain Jung and his crew left Dekkor, Ezzet, and Krueg to the mercy of the sadistic Dr. Pupae. Now, the good Captain finds that, in all good conscience, he just can’t leave them in the clutches of that madman. A rescue must be mounted!

Once on planet Suktamimus,at the Space Jock Male Strip Club, Jung, Flamer, Disco, and Locus turn to an unlikely source for information on Pupae’s whereabouts. Enter PUMA; a gorgeous Felinoid stripper turned spy. Puma can help the crew of the Huntress accomplish their mission, but at a price. On the run from the Sektan Guard, he needs off the planet and fast.

Things get complicated when a garrison of Sektan Officers led by the power-hungry Captain Scarb barge into the club, blasters at the ready, eager to get their hands on Puma and the crew of the Huntress.

Can our bounty hunter heroes and their new Felinoid ally evade the Sketan fascists, or will they leave the Space Jock in pine boxes? They’ll have to be cunning and act very quickly because time is running out for hunky twins Ezzet and Krueg. Pupae is enjoying his Tolarian sex toys and has an extremely nasty fate planned for them.

STAR CROSSED #2 is an all-new 16-page comic adventure. This issue also includes a special 30 PAGE BONUS SECTION! The bonus section starts with an art gallery featuring art by Alexander, David Cantero, Aknaton, Hydaria and Patrick Fillion.  It finishes with a special silent edition of the comic which beautifully shows off Alexander’s stunning artwork.

Written by Patrick Fillion and gorgeously illustrated by Alexander (Super Hung, Ridehard), STAR CROSSED #2 is a gloriously raunchy and intensely action-packed space adventure guaranteed to leave your heart racing and your trouser rocket shooting at light speed! Make sure you’ve read STAR CROSSED #1 before jumping into STAR CROSSED #2!

Have you read Star Crossed #1 yet?

Deimos #3 is here in Print and Digital Editions!

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Class Comics is proud to announce that DEIMOS #3 – the long-awaited final issue in the Deimos series – has arrived at last! It’s available in a Print Edition, a Special Digital Edition and a Standard Digital Edition!

In the not too distant future, the once impressive Gateway City is now a ravaged battleground in the war between Heaven and Hell. Though he swore he’d never return, Mack MacKenzie dares to venture into the once sprawling mecca. Mack has sensed that Deimos is in terrible danger and aims to help him at any cost. Unfortunately for Mack, his bravery may spell his doom.

Meanwhile, Deimos and Sethan desperately try to escape Bob’s grotesque henchman, Obscene. Sadly for them, the monster’s venom course through their veins, and both the Taro Demon and his accomplice are severely weakened, making them perfect prey for Obscene.

Defeated, stripped and ravaged, Deimos can only await his fate as dozens of horny demons use him as a cumdump. Soon, our hero gets dragged to the very center of Hell where he must endure a terrible ordeal and eventually face Bob, who plans to execute him for turning his back on his demonic roots.

Written by Patrick Fillion and breathtakingly illustrated by Alessio Slonimsky (Good Sports, Deimos: Innocence), DEIMOS #3 concludes this mini-series in a bold and cathartic fashion, spinning our beloved, hunky Taro Demon in an intense and unexpected new direction. Exterior and interior cover art by Deimos creator, Patrick Fillion.

The print edition of Deimos #3 is  a LIMITED EDITION printed comic. The first 100 print copies are personally autographed by Patrick Fillion!  The Deimos #3 Special Digital Edition contains 16 pages of bonus features, including behind the scenes info on the book, never before seen Logan artwork, and more. The Deimos #3 Standard Digital Edition contains the core 24 page story.

Deimos #1!Deimos #2!Hungry for more Deimos?Tales of the Taro Demon #1!Tales of the Taro Demon #2!

THE LEGACY #2 is now available!

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Being a superhero isn’t just about fighting bad guys and preventing world-ending events. As we see in The Legacy #2, it can be about the smaller things, like stepping up and making a difference in the community.

Naked Justice, Space Cadet and Emil Durand decide to help raise funds for the construction of Gateway City’s first retirement home for LGBTQ seniors by throwing a sexy superhero charity car wash.

Clad in their skimpiest swim trunks, our heroes scrub, spray and sponge for a good cause, that is, until SOLACE, a new hunky villain shows up to spoil the fun.

Under Solace’s powerful control, Naked Justice, Space Cadet and Emil give in to their primal urges, until Solace reveals the true motive behind his sudden appearance with devastating consequences.

There are those who will stop at nothing to resurrect the past in order to secure control over the future. Let’s hope Felix and Byron can figure out how all the recent events they’ve experienced relate to one another, and how they can lead to answers about the evil awaiting its chance to strike… before it’s ultimately too late to stop it.

The Legacy #2 is a 10 page story with a huge gallery featuring works by series artist Tom Cray and guest artists David Cantero, PPmaq and Patrick Fillion! Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Tom Cray (the JOX series), The Legacy #2 is a mini comic that packs a punch and delivers a faceful of jizz.

THE LEGACY #2 featuring the original NAKED JUSTICE and SPACE CADET, is now available in digital format from CLASS COMICS. Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Tom Cray.
Hopefully you didn’t forget to read THE LEGACY #1, also written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Tom Cray!

SPACE CADET: The Complete Collection Trade Paperback IS HERE!

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Hot off the press comes the incredible SPACE CADET: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION 208-page Trade Paperback!

Published by Bruno Gmünder, this MASSIVE collection is a MUST HAVE for any Class Comics fan! And right now, Class Comics has 20 advance copies up for grabs — and they’re personally signed by PATRICK FILLION!

They say heroes are born, not made. That isn’t the case with BYRON DURAND. For him, it was a little of both.

Space Cadet: The Complete Collection.
SPACE CADET creator PATRICK FILLION flips through the newly released, massive 208-page SPACE CADET: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION Trade Paperback, published by Bruno Gmünder.

As the heroic SPACE CADET, Byron was born with an unwavering sense of justice and a profound need to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Through scientific advances, EMIL DURAND, Byron’s father has made him into a powerful super-human, capable of harnessing cosmic radiation and transforming it into incredible energy.

Space Cadet: The Complete Collection
The massive 208-page SPACE CADET: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION Trade Paperback, published by Bruno Gmünder, is now available!

Now Byron uses all the power at his disposal to keep his beloved Gateway City safe from evil. But that is a mandate that often leads our young hero into a number of perilous situations. Since his first appearance in “The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice #2” in 2003, SPACE CADET has been beloved by Class Comics fans. His exploits and adventures have aroused the imagination of his many readers, and now every single SPACE CADET story created by Class Comics between 2003 to 2016 is available for the first time ever in one collected volume.

From his earliest battle with JACK THE STRIPPER, to his hook-up with the intrepid MAKO FINN, to his intensely sexual encounter with the alien entity called VOID, to the eve of his transformation into the all-new NAKED JUSTICE, SPACE CADET’s wildest exploits are all here for you to discover or rediscover for the very first time ever.

Featuring stories written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, SPACE CADET: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION also features breathtaking artwork by other Class Comics artists such as David Cantero, Bob Grey, Leon de Leon, Anthony Gonzales, Albron, Rubo, Lucky Sanford and Bryce Peters, along with colors by Nimbus and Hernán Cabrera to name just a few.

Space Cadet: The Complete Collection
The massive 208-page SPACE CADET: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION Trade Paperback, published by Bruno Gmünder, is now available!

Brimming with insanely hot sex, out-of-this-world heroics, compelling stories and beautiful artwork, SPACE CADET perfectly merges the classic superhero genre with the trouser-tenting thrill of modern Gay Adult Comics.

Space Cadet: The Complete Collection
SPACE CADET: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION 208-page Trade Paperback is now also available at AMAZON!
Space Cadet: The Complete Collection
The massive 208-page SPACE CADET: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION Trade Paperback, published by Bruno Gmünder, is now available!