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Patrick Fillion has been trying out a new illustrative style.  Inspired by his affection for the Star Wars Clone Wars comics art style, as well as Bara and Manga comics, Patrick has evolved a very hip and cool new way of drawing his characters.  Enter Boytoon Adventures #1.

This is a first for Class Comics in many ways, a full color, 70+ page Digest that will feature Patrick’s art, but under the public pen name of Bryce Peters.  The pen name is to help people better identify and differentiate between Patrick’s 2 illustrative styles.

For Boytoon Adventures #1, Patrick has written 4 fresh new stories featuring many of his most recognized creations; Zahn, Locus, Flamer, Captain Jung, Disco, Diablo, Ghostboy and Camili-Cat are all set to make an appearance.  Each story is set in the proper Class Comics continuity, and respects the events and plots established in other publications to date. Though the art is cartoony in nature, the stories are still seriously sexy, and there is plenty of sex to boot.

As a special treat, Robert Fraser will also be contributing a fresh new story featuring characters from his über-hot series, the Initiation.  Pledge master Zack will get fleshed out and felt up for your viewing pleasure.

Never fear, this doesn’t mean that Patrick has dropped his classic drawing style at all, quite the contrary.  “I am an artist that enjoys working on lots of different things at once.  Right now I have Felinoids #3, Deimos #2, Rapture #3, A new Cube book and a few other projects on the go… but Boytoon Adventures has been a really great way to keep creative while doing so in a very different way from what I am used to.  It’s been a fun change of pace, and that rocks!”

Patrick hopes to complete Boytoon Adventures #1 in time for late 2008 release.  We will keep you to date on the official release date as the information becomes available.


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Real Name: Zahn
Occupation: Barbarian, elemental
Base of Operations: mobile throughout the land of Varda
Place of Birth: The village Mazudun in the land of Varda
Known Relatives: Xom (brother) Elib (grandfather)
Group Affiliation: none
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 232 lbs.
Eyes: silver
Hair: salt and pepper
Penis: 10 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Zahn #1 (2008)
Current Appearances: Zahn #1, Striptease #1, Boytoon Adventures #1

Soon after leaving his village to embark on a vision quest, the young Barbarian called Zahn is ambushed by the dreaded Harpy Men. He nearly perishes at their hands, but is rescued by a mysterious Genie. The Genie, also called the Blue Man heals the barbarian, and months later, Zahn awakens atop Mount Surazule with no memory of his past. He finds that he now possesses strange new powers.

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of the dreaded Almesti, Zahn journeyed to the township of Pennloap hoping for a meal and a good night’s sleep. He got much more than that. There het met Jonah, who had supposedly been Zahn’s lover in months passed, and who had allegedly been waiting for Zahn to rejoin him.

Naturally Zahn was intrigued, deciding that Jonah might be able to fill him in on his past and help him regain his memory. Realizing that his lover was genuinely amnesiac, Jonah agreed to help Zahn remember the relationship they had both enjoyed. After a passionate night of hot sex, Zahn and Jonah decided to journey back to their home village, figuring that a familiar setting might bring Zahn’s memory back.

Upon arriving at the village, Zahn and Jonah found nothing but death and destruction. Their home had been obliterated by strange beasts with glistening hides. Zahn swore then and there that he would avenge his people.

Now the fate of Varda lies in his hands and Zahn must seek out and destroy this great new evil that threatens to obliterate his beloved homeland.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
Zahn possess complete control over the forces of winter. He can summon great, violent winds to freeze his opponents dead in their tracks. Using those same winds, he can carry himself aloft, and even “fly”, employing the wind currents to propel himself. Since he is relatively new at this, the maximum speeds at which he can travel have yet to be ascertained.

Zahn can cause the temperature of the area he occupies to drop far below freezing. The maximum radius of this ability remains to be determined.

He can project shards of ice, boulders of snow or ice rain, all of which make remarkable weapons and can subdue most foes easily. He is also capable of creating thick ice shields which can deflect several projectiles and protect him from fire attacks.

Depending on the degree to which Zahn employs his powers, his physical form will begin to ice over. This is apparently not harmful to Zahn, and is simply a resulting side effect of using his powers.

Zahn is completely impervious to the cold and can withstand drastic drops in temperature and pressure. This is presumably essential to his ability to employ his powers.

Zahn carries a Barbarian’s spiked war club. This club is forged of metal and is highly durable. He also wears a pouch on his belt which carries currency and small food stuffs. Since he is impervious to cold, he chooses to wear very little in the way of clothing. Whether being nearly nude becomes a hindrance when in battle remains to be seen.

Allies and companions:
Zahn travels with Jonah, an exotic dancer who claims that he and Zahn were once lovers. Though Zahn trusts Jonah, he remains cautious as a small part of him cannot help but question Jonah’s story.

While in the township of Pennloap, Zahn met and adopted a small gray cat named Maymay. She accompanies him everywhere.

Soon after leaving Pennloap, Zahn and Jonah were ambushed by a Violer beast. It was then that Maymay revealed her true nature as a warrior woman living under a curse. Maymay lives out most of her life as a cat, but when danger is near, she can become human again, and leap into action.

She was cursed in this way when she put on a pair of magical warrior gauntlets. She can never remove these gauntlets, but on the upside, they serve as formidable weapons when she is called into battle.

Maymay is Zahn’s familiar and is completely loyal to him. She would lay down her life for him and protects and assists him in every way she can.


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Real Name: Bruno Ragetti
Aliases: Devil Dong
Occupation: Owner of the One Eyed Snake Nightclub, stripper, Guardian of the Cube and adventurer.
Base of Operations: Gateway city, the One Eyed Snake Nightclub and Darque Manor.
Place of Birth: Gateway City
Known Relatives: Eric Ragetti, a.k.a. Incubus (son), Beverly Ragetti (ex-wife), Pascale Dimorne (wife), Unborn child.
Group Affiliation: The Guardians of the Cube
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, with some emerging bi-sexual tendencies
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 233 lbs.
Eyes: amber
Hair: black
Penis: 11 inches, cut
First Appearance: Guardians of the Cube #1, volume 1 (1995)
Current Appearances: Guardians of the Cube #1, Guardians of the Cube #2, Guardians of the Cube #3, Guardians of the Cube #4, Guardians of the Cube #5, Satisfaction Guaranteed #3, Satisfaction Guaranteed #4, Boytoon Adventures #1, Striptease #1

Bruno Ragetti lived a happy life with his wife Beverly and their young son, Eric. The couple owned an apartment in the city, and each held good, solid jobs. But Bruno wanted more out of life, and desperately wanted to be his own boss. Against Beverly’s wishes, Bruno quit his job and purchased a nightclub. Business was poor and the bank was threatening to foreclose when Bruno, desperate to keep the One Eyed Snake, decided he needed a gimmick. He began to headline at the club as a stripper, putting on elaborate shows, which soon became the talk of the town. Business boomed, but at a cost: Beverly left Bruno and took their young son with her.

Shortly thereafter, Bruno received a visit from the mysterious Jeanne Darque. She told the skeptical Bruno that he had been chosen to receive the Gift of Power. Bruno soon realized she spoke the truth when the Cube transformed him into Diablo as he performed on stage.

During his initial service as a Guardian of the Cube, Diablo met officier Pascale DiMorne, an ally of the Guardians. The two of them fell in love and dated throughout Diablo’s career as an adventurer.

Diablo served as Darque’s right hand man for several years, until a severe altercation between him and fellow Guardian, Jon Dazy led him to resign his powers as Diablo. As an unexpected side effect of this, his powers were passed along to his now 18 year old son, Eric. Eric Ragetti became Incubus, and assumed his father’s place as a Guardian of the Cube.

Now human again, Bruno Ragetti was free to lead a normal life. He and Pascale were wed in a quiet ceremony, and months later, Pascale announced that she was pregnant.

Bruno had no plans to ever become Diablo again, but in recently, the Guardians of the Cube have fallen on difficult times, and Numa, newly appointed leader of the Guardians, approached Bruno to see if he would consider resuming his powers and identity as Diablo. Given the Guardian’s current circumstances, Bruno accepted and Numa used the Cube to transform him into Diablo anew.

This did not affect Incubus’ powers, and as a result, father and son now have very similar abilities. It is not yet certain if their powers differ in any way.

Diablo has returned to the Guardians of the Cube but hopes he can manage to keep his personal life and family separate from his adventures as a super hero.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
As Diablo, Bruno possesses incredible physical strength, as well as heightened senses, speed and agility. He is able to breathe flame that he can direct at his foes.

When Bruno Ragetti was first transformed into the crimson-skinned Diablo, he was unable to revert to his human form. In later years however, Bruno learned better control over his powers, and was able to manipulate his physical form. He was able to revert to his human form at will, and as Diablo he was also capable of growing wings that permitted him to fly at up to moderate speeds.

Diablo possesses the ability to literally siphon the evil from other beings, and store it within his own person. However, he was never truly able to master this ability, and the results of using this power can be quite unpredictable. Depending on the amount of evil he absorbs, he can become adversely affected by it. The evil can transform Diablo into a monstrous creature, capable of great destruction. Because of this, Diablo prefers not to call upon this power very often.


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Real Name: Peter Goldman
Aliases: Ghosty, Casper, Ghostgirl
Occupation: Guardian of the Cube, Adventurer, former gymnast
Base of Operations: Gateway City, Darque Manor.
Place of Birth: Gateway City
Known Relatives: Sylvia Goldman (mother), Omar Janus (Father), El Toro Janus (Uncle)
Group Affiliation: Member of the Guardians of the Cube.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Penis: 9 inches, cut
First Appearance: Cube #1, volume 1 (1995)
Current Appearances: Guardians of the Cube #1, Guardians of the Cube #2, Guardians of the Cube #3, Guardians of the Cube #4, Guardians of the Cube #5, Naked Justice #1, Naked Justice #2, Rapture #3, Boytoon Adventures #1

Peter Goldman was born to Silvia Goldman and Omar Janus, a free-spirited Mediterranean vagabond. Soon after their son’s birth, Omar abandoned Silvia to raise the child by herself. A single Jewish mother, Silvia worked hard to give her son the best education and childhood her meager earnings could afford.

As a young adult, Peter began to train as a gymnast, and soon revealed that he had a natural aptitude for the sport. It was not long after that that Jeanne Darque, wielder of the mysterious Cube, came to see him. The Cube, as it turned out, had selected Peter to receive amazing powers, and thus become one of its Guardians. With his new-found abilities, Peter would henceforth be known as Ghostboy. Since his transformation, Ghostboy has been under the direct guidance of Jeanne Darque, who in turn treats him like a son.

Since meeting Naked Justice, Ghost Boy and the scantily clad hero have become intimate. Their relationship was put on hold after Ghostboy’s body was usurped by the vile Daddy Longlegs. The villain transferred his own essence into Ghostboys’ body, leaving the heroes’ spirit to wander the astral plane until it would presumably die. But Ghostboy’s spirit did not perish. Instead, it found refuge within the body of a recently deceased woman.

Now flesh and blood once again, Ghostboy (who at this point gets referred to as “Ghostgirl”) has vowed to make Daddy Longlegs pay for what he did, and to reclaim his male body permanently.
Since returning to the Guardians of the Cube as in the form of Ghostgirl, Ghostboy has been searching for leads on his male body. Meanwhile, Naked Justice has not been able to get intimate with his lover while he has been trapped in his current female form, and this has caused severe stress on their relationship. Whether the heroes will be able to overcome this obstacle remains to be seen.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
Ghost Boy has the ability to dematerialize his molecules. He can phase through solid objects, simulate flight, and disappear, becoming completely invisible. He is extremely agile and athletic, and continues to improve his hand-to-hand combat skills.

Interestingly enough, in the body of Ghostgirl, Ghostboy has manifested several new abilities. As Ghostgirl, he can project bizarre “energy ghouls” which act like heat seeking projectiles. They are capable of homing in on their target and of correcting their trajectory in order to reach it.

It has yet to be determined if he possesses other new abilities as Ghostgirl, or if those abilities are likely to manifest themselves in his male body, should he ever regain it.

Additional Notes:
Ghost Boy is “out” to everyone but his mother: his mother means the world to him, and Ghost Boy cannot bear the thought of losing her. Silvia is extremely conservative, and has a rather unyielding temper. Therefore, he has always avoided confronting her about his true sexual orientation.

Patrick Fillion

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Many years ago, Patrick Fillion decided he wanted to own a comic book company when he grew up. His dream eventually came true, and today Patrick and his life and business partner, Fraz have formed Class Comics Inc.

The Class Comics universe is populated by characters that Patrick has created over the years. Some of these characters, such as Camili-Cat, were created as long ago as 20 years back.

Patrick’s work is highly regarded, and he himself is considered one of the finest artists of Gay erotica of our time. His creations have been deemed as hot as those of Tom of Finland’s and his characters, rich and endearing while sensual and arousing, have become a part of Gay pop culture.

Recently, Class Comics has begun to bring new artists into the fold, and Patrick has happily been scripting stories for these talented individuals to draw. He has often said that there are more stories in his head than he could possibly draw, so this way Patrick gets to see his ideas come to life in ways he could never have imagined. He and Logan have recently completed Deimos #1. The pair are currently working on Deimos #2.

The Rapture series is another fine example of how Patrick enjoys collaborating with other artists. Patrick has written several short stories for aritsts like Ismael Alvarez, Spubba and Eric Mars. These stories feature Patrick’s characters Incubus, Naked Justice and Ghostboy and have made the Rapture series extremely popular with fans.

Another popular title created by Patrick is the 4-part Satisfaction Guaranteed series. This title features a massive corporation who can make all of your sexual desires and fantasies come true. Populated with scorchingly sexy guys, Satisfaction Guaranteed offers something for every reader.

Patrick continues to create characters and stories and illustrate comics for Class Comics. His latest creation, Zahn is a huge hit with fans of Class Comics. The series follows the adventures of a gay barbarian with strange elelmental powers who must vanquish evil from his homeland. With a gay twist on the sword and sorcery genre, Zahn captivates the imagination and arouses at the same time. Zahn #1 is now available for purchase in our catalog section or at your favorite comic or book shops.

Currently, Patrick is hard at work on the highly anticipated Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3. This final chapter of the Felinoids saga is very special to Patrick as it sees him concluding a major chapter in Camili-Cat’s life. Look for Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 to be released later in 2008.

Check out Patrick’s website for more details on his creations and his art:

To find out what Patrick is thinking about today, check out his Blog, Boytoons Magazine at

To see some of Patrick’s pop culture fan art, and that of other talented artists as well, check out the Artistic License Blog:

Below is a fantastic portrait of Patrick which was beautifully drawn (and not at all exaggerated) by Patrick’s dear friend, the artist known as Mike!


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Real Name: Locus Onta
Aliases: the Lean Green Sex Machine, Bug Boy
Occupation: Smuggler, Adventurer
Base of Operations: Varies between his ship and his apartment on planet Darria. Occasionally Camili-Cat’s shuttle, the Mina will serve Locus as a home away from home. Currently, Locus is in hiding on the planet Suktamimus.
Place of Birth: The planet Darria.
Known Relatives: Lyrren (mother, deceased), Herektio (step father, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Former employee of Slavva, currently a member of Captain Jung’s crew.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 186 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Skin: Green with dark green spots
Penis: 14 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Affinity #1 (1991)
First Modern Appearance: Rapture #1 (2005)
Current Appearances: Rapture #1, Rapture #2, Camili-Cat: 20th Anniversary Special, Striptease #1, Boytoon Adventures #1, Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3, Locus #1

Locus led a life of luxury as a child growing up on the planet Darria. His mother was a wealthy heiress and raised her child to be extremely self assured. When his mother died under suspicious circumstances during his teenage years, Locus found himself at the mercy of his twisted step father. A greedy and cold man, he had wed Locus’ mother for her vast fortune. He was violent and abusive, and Locus decided shortly after his mother’s death that he would not tolerate this sort of behavior. He soon uncovered evidence that his step father had poisoned his mother, which ultimately led to the man’s arrest and execution.

Now free of the tyrants’ reign, Locus was left as the sole heir to his mother’s considerable wealth. But alas, young, dumb and full of cum, it was not long before Locus squandered his fortune on boyfriends, drugs, alcohol and gambling. Left with nothing, the young Sektan found himself out on the treacherous streets of Darria. It was on those streets that he met and befriended a young Felinoid named Cam. The two young men became lovers, and helped each other survive the dangers of the Darrian street life.

Eventually, Locus was employed by the vile intergalactic gangster, Slavva DaButt. He became one of Slavva’s best smugglers, and perhaps it was Locus’ smug and arrogant attitude that won Slavva over. It certainly kept Slavva from enslaving Locus as a sex toy since the gangster was often impressed with the youth’s ability to avoid police patrols and routine ship searches.

Shortly thereafter Cam left Locus to his employment with Slavva. The two went on their separate ways. Recently Locus uncovered star charts and maps which held evidence of a surviving Felinoid colony. Being a loyal friend, Locus risked his life to get those charts to Cam.

This led to him angering Slavva, who in turn stripped the young Sektan and enslaved him, forcing him to dance as a sex slave in his favorite night club. Slavva toyed with Locus, marveling at the shear size of the Sektan’s endowment. Slavva was going to kill Locus, but Camili-Cat arrived just in time to save the day. Before escaping, Locus killed Slavva in revenge.

Locus joined Camili-Cat and Felicia board the Mina and traveled with them for a short period of time, until an argument forced Locus to leave Cam’s side.

Meanwhile, Slavva’s followers had placed a considerable bounty on Locus’ head, and soon he was being hunted down by Captain Jung, Disco and Flamer, a trio of bounty hunters.

The hunters captured Locus but decided to free him and accept him as part of their crew. Locus remained with Captain Jung and his associates for several months.  Eventually he led his newfound allies in a daring rescue on the planet Pillahr and liberated Camili-cat from his twisted and estranged sister, Mina.  Once reunited, Cam and Locus decided to stay together.

Their relationship would have continued uninterrupted had it not been for the arrest warrant placed on Locus’ head by the Sektan Authorities.  Because Locus refused to adhere to Sektan laws, he was branded a fugitive.  To protect Cam from the Sektan Authorities, Locus chose to flee and go into hiding on the planet Suktamimus.  There he remains hopeful that he will be able to find a way out of his current pickle.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
Locus has no particular powers per se. However, being a Sektan male in his late twenties, he does possess exceptional strength, speed and agility. His senses are also extremely acute.

Locus is well versed in many forms of hand to hand combat. His knowledge of weaponry is also quite vast, and he can use most firearms with deadly accuracy.

Locus knows he’s gorgeous. Despite his narcissism, Locus does not believe he is the centre of the universe. He has a very big heart, and is loyal to a fault.


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Real Name: Cam
Aliases: Cami, Puss, Boy Pussy, Tiger
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: His shuttle, the Mina, which he named after his sister.
Place of Birth: The planet Felainus Prime, now destroyed.
Known Relatives: Mylessa (mother, deceased), Cal (Father, deceased), Mina (sister)
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Guardians of the Cube, currently none.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual, preferring the company of other men.
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Black
Penis: 12 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Magma Forces #5 (1985)
Origin: Camili-Cat: Felinoids #1
Current Appearances: Camili-Cat: 20th Anniversary Special, Camili-Cat: Felinoids #1, Camili-Cat: Felinoids #2, Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3, Camili-Cat: Purrfection #1, Camili-Cat: Diplomatic immunity, Rapture #1, Naked Justice #1, Satisfaction Guaranteed #2, Striptease #1, Boytoon Adventures #1, Locus #1

Cam was a young boy when his home planet was invaded by a malicious race of aliens known as the Sklarkians. The invasion was brutal, and the wars fought saw many Felinoid casualties. Cam’s father was killed early on in the conflict, as he was a general in the Felinoids’ defense army. Soon after, Cam’s mother took him and his small sister, Mina, and attempted to flee their doomed planet. The trio was captured and subjected to horrible treatments by the invading enemies.

Cam in particular was forced to endure all manner of indignities as two especially twisted Sklarkian slave traders took a special interest in him. The boy’s training as a sex slave thus began and much to their pleasure, Cam seemed to exceed their expectations with his voracious sexual appetite.

One fateful day, the Sklarkians who enjoyed tormenting Cam to no end, executed his mother before his very eyes. They told him that they had done the same to Mina only hours earlier. Later that night, Cam managed to incapacitate the guards watching him. He stole a small ship, and fled, leaving his doomed home world behind forever.

Cam spent several years fending for himself after his escape, but eventually met a Sivan female named Felicia. The two became fast friends, and decided to stick together, continuing on their way throughout the galaxy.

For a time, Cam’s interstellar travels brought him to the planet Earth. For a brief time, he became a member of the Guardians of the Cube, but eventually left the team in favor of resuming his search for survivors of the Felinoid race.

This is his primary goal: finding other surviving members of the Felinoid race. His belief that they are out there is all consuming, and along his search, he has made a few friends such as Locus and Slith, but has regrettably managed to make far more enemies.

Still, no matter what kind of trouble Cam lands in, it seems that his exceptional prowess as a lover and ample endowment always manage to bail him out of even the stickiest situation.

Recently, Locus has returned to Cam’s side, providing his friend with vital star charts and clues which have led Cam to a mysterious planet called Pillahr. Allegedly, Felinoid survivors reside on this planetoid.

Upon arriving there, Cam was reunited with an old friend, a fellow Felinoid named Lanor. This greatly encouraged Cam since for the first time in several years, he now knew that he was not the last of his kind.

Unbeknown to Cam and Lanor, Mina, Cam’s long thought dead sister had made her way to Pillahr. Quite insane, she proceeded to enslave the Felinoids she found there. She captured Cam, holding him responsible for all the hardships she endured as a child, even though, cam was in fact NOT responsible for her suffering. Mina attempted to kill her big brother, but before she could do so, Locus, Felicia, Slith and Captain Jung’s crew intervened, saving Cam and liberating the Felinoids from Mina in the process.

Once the battle of Pillahr was over, Cam and Locus decided to leave Pillahr together aboard Cam’s interstellar shuttle. Where their adventures will take them remains to be seen.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
Cam has no particular powers per se. However, being a Felinoid male in his late twenties, he does possess exceptional strength, speed and agility. His senses are also extremely acute.

On occasion, Cam wears a special flight suit which enhances his physical capabilities, thus amplifying his strength ten fold.

He has also employed flight packs in the past which permit him to fly at limited speeds and for limited amounts of time. Not recommended for high velocity use, these flight packs are used primarily as a means of traversing farther distances in a short period of time, or to avoid rough or difficult terrain by foot.

Cam is well versed in many forms of hand to hand combat, and though he abhors violence (no doubt a result of his troubled childhood), he is not to be trifled with, more than able to defend himself.

His knowledge of weaponry is also quite vast, and he can be a deadly marksman. He favors a mini pistol that has limited range, but great accuracy.