STAR CROSSED #2 is here!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of STAR CROSSED #2, the second issue in fantastic SCI-FI, XXX, adventure-fantasy series written by PATRICK FILLION and magnificently illustrated by ALEXANDER (Ridehard, Super Hung).  STAR CROSSED gives CAPTAIN JUNG, FLAMER, DISCO and LOCUS a title of their own!

Weeks have passed since Captain Jung and his crew left Dekkor, Ezzet, and Krueg to the mercy of the sadistic Dr. Pupae. Now, the good Captain finds that, in all good conscience, he just can’t leave them in the clutches of that madman. A rescue must be mounted!

Once on planet Suktamimus,at the Space Jock Male Strip Club, Jung, Flamer, Disco, and Locus turn to an unlikely source for information on Pupae’s whereabouts. Enter PUMA; a gorgeous Felinoid stripper turned spy. Puma can help the crew of the Huntress accomplish their mission, but at a price. On the run from the Sektan Guard, he needs off the planet and fast.

Things get complicated when a garrison of Sektan Officers led by the power-hungry Captain Scarb barge into the club, blasters at the ready, eager to get their hands on Puma and the crew of the Huntress.

Can our bounty hunter heroes and their new Felinoid ally evade the Sketan fascists, or will they leave the Space Jock in pine boxes? They’ll have to be cunning and act very quickly because time is running out for hunky twins Ezzet and Krueg. Pupae is enjoying his Tolarian sex toys and has an extremely nasty fate planned for them.

STAR CROSSED #2 is an all-new 16-page comic adventure. This issue also includes a special 30 PAGE BONUS SECTION! The bonus section starts with an art gallery featuring art by Alexander, David Cantero, Aknaton, Hydaria and Patrick Fillion.  It finishes with a special silent edition of the comic which beautifully shows off Alexander’s stunning artwork.

Written by Patrick Fillion and gorgeously illustrated by Alexander (Super Hung, Ridehard), STAR CROSSED #2 is a gloriously raunchy and intensely action-packed space adventure guaranteed to leave your heart racing and your trouser rocket shooting at light speed! Make sure you’ve read STAR CROSSED #1 before jumping into STAR CROSSED #2!

Have you read Star Crossed #1 yet?


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Real Name: Catherine Cannip
Occupation: Former patient at the Fraserview Mental Health Hospital, turned adventurer and Guardian of the Cube
Base of Operations: Darque Manor, Gateway City
Known Living Relatives: None
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Presumed heterosexual
Height: 5’9?
Weight: 112 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: Cube #2, volume 1
Current Appearances: Guardians of the Cube #1 – #5, Cube: Decompiled (the Class Access Digital Edition), Camili-Cat: Felinoids #2 (in flashback)


In 1973, a 4-month old baby girl was left on the doorstep of the Fraserview Mental Health Hospital in Gateway city.  There were no hints as to where the child had come from, save a note in the child’s blanket stating that her name was Catherine Cannip.  The nurse who found the baby took the child in, and immediately went to the Chief of staff, Doctor Wendell Maurice for advice on what to do with her.  Dr. Maurice was quick to take charge of the child and tell the nurse he would contact the proper authorities.  The nurse took him at his word, and never thought twice about leaving the infant in Dr. Maurice’s hands.  Little did she know the Chief of Staff’s true agenda.

To Maurice, this was a dream opportunity: the chance to conduct behavioral experiments on a human being from close to birth, with no parents or rightful guardians to stand in his way. He took Catherine to his home where he spent years conducting cruel and sadistic psychological tests on the poor girl.

Maurice subjected her to all manner of inhumanity, from sensory deprivation, to sleep deprivation and everything in between.  Catherine grew up a deeply disturbed young girl, barely capable of speaking.  She became violent and despondent, and on the eve of her 17th birthday, she turned on a complacent Dr. Maurice, and killed him in a fit of rage.  She fled his estate into the expanse of the Gateway Evergreens.

For nearly 2 years she lived like a wild child, hunting for food and steadily becoming more and more primitive and savage.  In those 2 years, rumors began to circulate throughout Gateway City.  It was said that a strange woman-child haunted the Gateway Evergreens.  Authorities took it upon themselves to get to the bottom of these rumors and supposed sightings, and launched a man hunt.  It took them nearly a week to find and capture Catherine, but eventually, they tracked her down.  Ironically, she was admitted to the Fraserview Mental Health Hospital for treatment.

Catherine remained at Fraserview for close to three years after her capture.  In that time she was taught to speak to the level of a kindergartener, but the damage had been done.  Years of abuse at the hands of the inhuman Dr. Maurice had left her distrusting and violent.

One night, after attacking 2 attendants, she was thrown into a straight jacket and into the rubber room. It was that night that Jeanne Darque came to her.  Ironically, Catherine reacted very calmly to Jeanne Darque, stating in her childish manner, that she had always known she would come to rescue her.  In truth, the Cube had led Darque to Catherine.  It instructed Darque to change Catherine into of its a Guardian.  Admittedly, Darque did not quite comprehend the logic of appointing a madwoman to such a task, but she obeyed the Cube as she always did.

Catherine became Catnip, a perfect combination of madness and innocence, in the image of Catherine’s favorite character from Alice in Wonderland: the Cheshire cat. Catnip escaped from Riverview with Darque, who proceeded to tutor her in the ways of her new-found powers.

Catnip quickly endeared herself to the other Guardians, and she and Ghostboy especially became very close, sharing an almost brother-sister bond.

To this day, Catnip remains with the Guardians, using her powers to protect the weak and the innocent.  But as a result of her childhood abuse, there lies a deep, dark rage within her which often resurfaces.  In those moments, Catnip becomes a mindless animal, capable of the most horrible acts of violence, making her a formidable foe, but also a dangerous ally.


Catnip possesses superhuman strength and is capable of lifting (pressing) just a little under a ton.  She is incredibly fast, agile and her skin is supremely resistant to harm.   She possesses heightened senses, and can see perfectly well in pitch dark.  She is skilled in hand to hand combat, though not formally trained in any particular form of martial art.

Her cube given-gifts seem to centre around her resemblance to the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.  Though Catnip can become completely invisible, she rarely makes use of this ability.  Her fractured mind seldom remembers to employ of this supernatural skill, preferring instead to resort to violence.

She also possesses paralyzing venom which she can spit from her mouth, but as with her invisibility, this is a skill she seldom takes advantage of.

It has long been thought that the human Catherine Cannip may well have possessed some form of telepathic powers.  In fact Dr. Maurice attempted to bring these abilities to the surface with his research, but ironically foiled his own plans by traumatizing the child’s mind beyond complete repair.  The possibility remains that Catnip might someday harness these powers, but in order for that to happen, she would need to regain control of her fractured psyche, something not even a telepath as powerful as Numa has been able to help her do.

3 NEW Digital Comics!

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New Class Access Titles!

New to Class Access this month is “Striptease #1”, “Rapture #3” and the Class Access Exclusive title “Straight to… #1” by artist Nicolas Brunet.

Who doesn’t fantasize about getting a hot straight guy to go gay? It’s the primary goal of everyone in Straight to… #1!

Striptease #1 is a hot collection of Patrick Fillion’s popular 1-page mini comic strips and features Class Comics faves like Camili-Cat, Zahn and Diablo.

Rapture #3 is a fantastic trilogy of erotic stories illustrated by Patrick Fillion, Eric Mars and Spubba the Mad. See Deimos battle the vile demon Marmadjon! Behold Space Cadet take on the villainous Icecap! Ogle as Ghostboy gets his balls back!

Don’t miss a single title! Now Available for MAC and PC.

Felinoids #3 is NOW SHIPPING!

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The final Class Comics release of 2009 is now shipping!

CAMILI-CAT: FELINOIDS #3, the book you have been waiting for is finally here. It’s a senses-shattering, spunk-drenched conclusion to the smash hit Felinoids series, and it’s ALL FILLION in his trademark classic style.

Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 is all PATRICK FILLION in his sexy, classic art style! Now shipping from Class Comics.
Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 is all PATRICK FILLION in his sexy, classic art style! This highly anticipated title is now shipping from Class Comics.

Camili-Cat’s quest to find other survivors of the Felinoid race is over.  The planet Pillahr is populated by a number of horny, hung Felinoids.

Soon Cam is reunited with Mina, the younger sister he thought he’d lost years before. But this reunion is anything but rosy.  Mina isn’t the sister Cam remembers.  She has blossomed into a flower of pure evil and blames Cam for the horrors she suffered as a child.

Now it’s up to Locus, Felicia, Lanor, Jung and his crew to save Cam from the clutches of his insane sibling.  Can they get to him before Mina gets her revenge? Find out in this amazing, highly anticipated conclusion to one of the most important chapters in Camili-Cat’s life.

Check out the mini-site for more fun stuff!

Felinoids Mini Site

BOYTOON ADVENTURES volume 1, now shipping!

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Boytoon Adventures #1, by Patrick Fillion. Now shipping from Class Comics.
Boytoon Adventures #1, by Patrick Fillion. Now shipping from Class Comics.

We are thrilled to announce that BOYTOON ADVENTURES volume 1, the very first Class Comics Trade paperback, is now shipping.  This beautiful book is over 90 pages and filled with super HAWT man on man action!

Under the pen name of Bryce Peters, Patrick Fillion serves up six hot new stories featuring our most popular heroes as they’ve never been seen before.

Zahn fights for his life as a human sacrifice! Camili-Cat works to seduce a band of thieves! Locus must save his friends from the clutches of Tarantulo! Ghostboy and Diablo face an aroused spirit! Zack throws himself into a grudge wrestling match! And you get a personal introduction to our newest Boytoon… Mako Finn!

This high quality trade paperback has been designed to be a showpiece in your collection!  All copies shipping directly from Class Comics are personally autographed by Patrick.  Get yours today!

For more information on Boytoon Adventures, check out the official mini site.  Get a great free sneak preview at the book, as well as awesome goodies, character bios and cool animated webisodes.

Boytoon Adventures #1 – Project Update

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It’s official!  All of the art for Boytoon Adventures #1 is now in the can!  Patrick couldn’t be happier, and drawing in his “Bryce Peters” style for this project has left him feeling extremely proud of what he’s accomplished.

Botytoon Adventures #1 stands at 74 pages of story, and is possibly Patrick’s most sexually explicit project to date.  Along with the hot sex, you’ll be treated to great stories featuring Class Comics faves such as Zahn, Camili-Cat, Locus, Flamer, Diablo and Ghostboy in a wicked animation-like art style.  The book also introduces us to a new character named Mako Finn.  There’s even a cool Initiation story that was written by Initiation creator, Robert Fraser.

For this project, Patrick teamed up with colorist extraordinaire, Golden Key, and the pages look glorious! Now all that’s left to do is letter the book and prepare it for press.

Boytoon Adventures #1 will be the very first official Class Comics Trade Paperback.  We’ll keep you posted on official release dates.  Look for the Mini Site to come your way very soon!

For more info on the book, please visit Patrick’s official website, and have a look at Boytoons Magazine #146 and #161.

Check out this little montage of art from the book that Patrick put together.  We think it’ll whet your appetite!


5 Brand New Digital Editions now available!!

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We’re very pleased to announce that there are 5 brand new Digital Class Comics Editions available to download!

Logan’s Porky #1
Logan’s The Pornomicon #1
The Mark of Aeacus #1
Camili-Cat: Felinoids #1 – The Special Edition
In the Blink of an Eye #1

All 5 of these wicked titles are in full, glorious color and are literally PACKED with special features. From artist notes and script excerpts, to never before seen concept artwork etc… you won’t want to miss these.

Meanwhile, this is the first time that Camili-Cat: Felinoids #1 is available in full color. Patrick went to town on this very special edition of the book which features a WHOPPING 30+ pages of special features and gallery artwork. It also includes part 1 of a never-before published Camili-Cat story called “Future Sins”, written by Patrick and illustrated by Tyler Jones. This Class Comics classic has really received a heck of a make-over!

And because you demanded it, we’re proud to offer the very first 2 Logan Digital Editions; Porky #1 and Pornomicon #1. With Porky #3 just around the corner, you’ll want to see how the scorching hot series all began!

So check ‘em out. And keep an eye out for more Class Comics digital editions coming soon from Class Access.

For more info on our Class Access Digital Comics, follow this link!