4 new Art Prints and a free gift for you!

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Just in time for the Holidays, we’ve released 4 brand new art prints!  This latest wave includes 2 illustrations by Patrick Fillion, as well as 1 by HvH and 1 by Shemmy*.  The gorgeous prints are borderless, and available in 2 sizes; 13 x 19 and 8.5 x 11.

Fans will recognize HvH’s gorgeous Cardinal and Deimos illustration from the cover of his popular Class Comics Portfolio. As an art print, this illustration is simply breathtaking, and a true testament to this artists’ amazing talent.

Shemmy’s illustration of Naked Justice and King Cock-A-Tut is a wonderful blend of classic animation style and absolute sexiness.   This one is a must for any Naked Justice fan.

And fans of Camili-Cat and his Felinoid pals will not want to miss the amazing Felinoids print created by Patrick Fillion. Standing with Cam are Kayxon, Calloway, Imanno and Vonn.  These boys are 5 fine specimens of a race of incredibly sexual creatures.

Rounding out the set is a stunning image of everyone’s favorite gay barbarian, Zahn.  Created by Patrick Fillion, this illustration reminds us that Zahn isn’t just powerful, he’s also blistering hot!

As a special gift to you, we are including a free 8.5 x 11 art print with every art print purchase from now until October 31, 2008.  This free gift features the classic “Camili-Cat & Locus: Gunfight” illustration by Patrick Fillion**.  Patrick has personally signed each and every one of these beauties.  Once this promotion ends, this print will no longer be available and will not be offered again.

You can see these 4 new art prints in our catalog section.  And check out the previous waves of art prints for some truly beautiful additions to your art collection.

*Please note that all Patrick Fillion prints are personally signed by him.  Prints by HvH and Shemmy are not signed as they live overseas, and the prints are created in and shipped from Canada.

** 1 print per customer.

Boytoon Adventures – Comics for Grow’d Up Boys!

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Patrick Fillion has been trying out a new illustrative style.  Inspired by his affection for the Star Wars Clone Wars comics art style, as well as Bara and Manga comics, Patrick has evolved a very hip and cool new way of drawing his characters.  Enter Boytoon Adventures #1.

This is a first for Class Comics in many ways, a full color, 70+ page Digest that will feature Patrick’s art, but under the public pen name of Bryce Peters.  The pen name is to help people better identify and differentiate between Patrick’s 2 illustrative styles.

For Boytoon Adventures #1, Patrick has written 4 fresh new stories featuring many of his most recognized creations; Zahn, Locus, Flamer, Captain Jung, Disco, Diablo, Ghostboy and Camili-Cat are all set to make an appearance.  Each story is set in the proper Class Comics continuity, and respects the events and plots established in other publications to date. Though the art is cartoony in nature, the stories are still seriously sexy, and there is plenty of sex to boot.

As a special treat, Robert Fraser will also be contributing a fresh new story featuring characters from his über-hot series, the Initiation.  Pledge master Zack will get fleshed out and felt up for your viewing pleasure.

Never fear, this doesn’t mean that Patrick has dropped his classic drawing style at all, quite the contrary.  “I am an artist that enjoys working on lots of different things at once.  Right now I have Felinoids #3, Deimos #2, Rapture #3, A new Cube book and a few other projects on the go… but Boytoon Adventures has been a really great way to keep creative while doing so in a very different way from what I am used to.  It’s been a fun change of pace, and that rocks!”

Patrick hopes to complete Boytoon Adventures #1 in time for late 2008 release.  We will keep you to date on the official release date as the information becomes available.

Ismael Alvarez

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Class Comics is proud to have Ismael Alvarez as part of its list of contributors. This young artist has been creating immensely beautiful illustrations and Gay comic erotic for several years, but has only just started to create art for us.

His first official story appeared in RAPTURE #1, and featured the demon Sethan and Naked Justice. The story entitled “Paying your dues” served as prequel to the DEIMOS #0 issue, and blew fans away with its beauty! Ismael won over the readers of Class Comics, and proved that other artists could also do homage to our characters.

“I adore the world of comics in general, the world of eroticism, and —why not say it— the world of pornography. I am one of those who think that it is art, whatever way you look at it; I don’t believe that the mere act of watching how people perform sex can be considered as something deviant and dirty. Quite the contrary! You will see that I don’t beat about the bush; when it comes to illustrating. I do what I want when I want, and if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Sex is beautiful, dear people. Let’s look at it the way it is…”

Ismael also contributed a stunning image of Camili-Cat for the CAMILI-CAT: 20th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL. He is currently working on several of his own projects, and we hope to have him work on more Class Comic Books in the near future.

In April 2008, Class Comics released the Art of Ismael Alvarez as part of it’s highly successful Class Comics Portfolios series. This exquisite book features over 30 full color illustrations, beautifully created by Ismael and is a must for any fan of male erotica.

For more info on Ismael, check out his website: www.ismaelalvarez.com


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Also affectionately known as “Spubba the Mad”, this wonderful artist made her debut in Rapture #2 on a story starring Incubus.

Spubba’s been creating her breathtaking male illustrations for a little over 6 years now and you might be surprised to learn that male erotica is not the only thing Spubba creates.

Not only has she been published with Class Comics, but she has also illustrated books for Harcourt School Publishers. She is continually honing her amazing skills as an illustrator, and pushing herself.

A well-rounded artist who knows the importance of furthering ones’ art by embracing versatility, Spubba is currently hard at work on several projects for Class Comics, including one very special creator-owned project called Nano.

For now, it’s all very “Top Secret”, but suffice it to say that fans of Class Comics’ usual quality of man sex will most certainly not be disappointed.

Fans of Deimos, Class Comics’ resident fallen angel will be thrilled to learn that Spubba has completed a very special Deimos #1 prequel for the up-coming Rapture #3.

Patrick Fillion

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Many years ago, Patrick Fillion decided he wanted to own a comic book company when he grew up. His dream eventually came true, and today Patrick and his life and business partner, Fraz have formed Class Comics Inc.

The Class Comics universe is populated by characters that Patrick has created over the years. Some of these characters, such as Camili-Cat, were created as long ago as 20 years back.

Patrick’s work is highly regarded, and he himself is considered one of the finest artists of Gay erotica of our time. His creations have been deemed as hot as those of Tom of Finland’s and his characters, rich and endearing while sensual and arousing, have become a part of Gay pop culture.

Recently, Class Comics has begun to bring new artists into the fold, and Patrick has happily been scripting stories for these talented individuals to draw. He has often said that there are more stories in his head than he could possibly draw, so this way Patrick gets to see his ideas come to life in ways he could never have imagined. He and Logan have recently completed Deimos #1. The pair are currently working on Deimos #2.

The Rapture series is another fine example of how Patrick enjoys collaborating with other artists. Patrick has written several short stories for aritsts like Ismael Alvarez, Spubba and Eric Mars. These stories feature Patrick’s characters Incubus, Naked Justice and Ghostboy and have made the Rapture series extremely popular with fans.

Another popular title created by Patrick is the 4-part Satisfaction Guaranteed series. This title features a massive corporation who can make all of your sexual desires and fantasies come true. Populated with scorchingly sexy guys, Satisfaction Guaranteed offers something for every reader.

Patrick continues to create characters and stories and illustrate comics for Class Comics. His latest creation, Zahn is a huge hit with fans of Class Comics. The series follows the adventures of a gay barbarian with strange elelmental powers who must vanquish evil from his homeland. With a gay twist on the sword and sorcery genre, Zahn captivates the imagination and arouses at the same time. Zahn #1 is now available for purchase in our catalog section or at your favorite comic or book shops.

Currently, Patrick is hard at work on the highly anticipated Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3. This final chapter of the Felinoids saga is very special to Patrick as it sees him concluding a major chapter in Camili-Cat’s life. Look for Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 to be released later in 2008.

Check out Patrick’s website for more details on his creations and his art: http://www.patrickfillion.com/

To find out what Patrick is thinking about today, check out his Blog, Boytoons Magazine at http://www.boytoonsmag.com/

To see some of Patrick’s pop culture fan art, and that of other talented artists as well, check out the Artistic License Blog: http://artisticlicenseblog.blogspot.com/

Below is a fantastic portrait of Patrick which was beautifully drawn (and not at all exaggerated) by Patrick’s dear friend, the artist known as Mike!


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It is very rare that an artist will come along and put his pencil to a gay sex comic and actually pay it the respect and attention he would if it were an issue of Hellboy or Batman. Logan is such an artist. Rare is talent like his.

Logan is a consummate professional in all he does and his work speaks volumes. His men are burly, muscular sex pigs always happy to get down to business.

Logan describes his illustrated men as “broad-shouldered, with heavy jaws, bulky and wrestler-like. They are built for action, and not the kind of glamorous porn actors you could have seen on the eighties. In fact, what matter most in the man is… the Wicked Sex Maniac Beast Within!”

In 2006, Class Comics released the first issue of Logan’s acclaimed series, Porky. Translated from its original French version, Porky #1 was an immediate hit amongst Class Comics fans because of its amazing combination of exquisite art and engrossing story telling.

Porky #2 is now also available through Class Comics in Comic Stores all over the world, while Porky #3 is currently in the works.
The Pornomicon, Logan’s one-shot Lovecraftian tale of torrid sex meets ancient evil was equally successful and remains one of our top sellers.

Logan’s latest project to be released by Class Comics is the long-awaited DEIMOS #1, which Patrick Fillion wrote specifically for Logan’s style. The two of them are currently working on Deimos #2.

For more information on this amazing artist, check out his website: www.loganporncomics.org


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Real Name: Deimos
Aliases: Taro Demon, My Lord, Master,
Occupation: Heaven’s warrior. Deimos is a fallen angel attempting to earn Heaven’s forgiveness.
Base of Operations: The All Things Asian restaurant, Gateway City.
Place of Birth: Inapplicable.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Group Affiliation: Agent of Heaven, former demon of Hell.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 225 lbs.
Skin: Violet.
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black
Penis: 13 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Deimos #0 (2004)
Origin: Deimos #0
Current Appearances: Deimos #0, Deimos #1, Rapture #3

Deimos was one of the angels that followed Lucifer into Hell after the Prince of Lies was cast from Heaven by God himself. For millennia, Deimos did the Dark Lord’s bidding, wreaking havoc on Earth and perpetrating chaos whenever and wherever he could.

Deimos earned himself a name as one of Hell’s most brutal and heinous agents. It was not long before his exploits became legend in the world of mortal men, and soon the demon had legions of devoted followers, all willing to die for their evil lord.

Over the years, his heart became less and less enthralled with the lure of evil, and ultimately Deimos began to feel remorse, longing for his days as an angel. Precisely what precipitated this change in Deimos is unclear, but it is believed that this occurred as a result of falling in love with a fellow demon named Sethan. Love allegedly tempered the evil in Deimos’ heart, and awakened the good that lay dormant within him.

Soon he began to seek a way to reclaim his halo and wings. Being at war with Hell, Heaven was less than forgiving, but offered Deimos the opportunity to prove that he had indeed changed. His halo was returned, but the demon was told that to earn back his wings, he would have to battle the forces of Hell on Earth, all in the name of Heaven.

Although Deimos is determined to do good and fight evil in the name of Heaven, he is still a demon. This means that his approach to “doing good” and carrying out his missions is sometimes drastic and extreme. Deimos hopes that his good deeds will eventually earn him complete absolution, but despite this hope, he realizes that there is a long and hard road ahead of him.

In order to guide Deimos in his missions on Earth, Heaven sent him a guardian Angel named Cardinal. As liaison between Deimos and Heaven, Cardinal is charged with assisting Deimos whenever he can. Upon arriving on Earth however, Cardinal was apprehended by remnants of the cult that once worshipped Deimos. Their intent was to return Deimos to his evil ways by tricking him into killing Cardinal.

Though Deimos enjoyed fucking the Angel’s virgin ass, he did refrain from slaying him, and eventually freed him from the cultists, with the help of his trusted friend, the shaman called Billy. The trio escaped relatively unscathed, and Deimos remains ever ready to fight in the name of Heaven.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
Deimos has all the abilities typical of his breed of demon. This includes heightened senses, speed, strength and agility. It is uncertain if he possesses any sort of arcane abilities beyond this.

Deimos’ companion and weapon of choice is the Grinn Reaper. The Grinn Reaper is a demonic entity that is able to assume the form of any weapon it chooses. While the Reaper does not comprehend Deimos’ desire to earn Heaven’s forgiveness, it respects its master’s decision. The Reaper and Deimos have an almost telepathic rapport, which permits the Reaper to assume the form of the weapon Deimos requires on a moment’s notice.

A fierce warrior, Deimos is well skilled in hand to hand combat and revels in using brute force whenever he can. His brute strength is tempered only by his not inconsiderable intelligence and street smarts. Deimos is well aware of the world he lives in, and knows its ins and outs. This serves him well in battle and calling upon this knowledge has often resulted in his emerging victorious in battle.