THE LEGACY #1 is now available!

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There’s something very strange in the woods just outside of Gateway City in THE LEGACY #1!

Back in the 1950’s, Felix Himner, a.k.a. the incredibly hung NAKED JUSTICE, along with the help of British super team the UNRIVALED ALLIANCE, defeated the twisted DOCTOR SILVERFISH within his abandoned psychiatric hospital lair. Now, nearly a lifetime later, Naked Justice finds that very same hospital, inexplicably, at the heart of of woodland clearing, a continent away from where it was originally destroyed. WTF? A mystery is definitely afoot.

Naked Justice calls upon his best friend, Byron Durand, Gateway City’s heroic SPACE CADET for help. Perhaps together, these two hung heroes can get to the root of this strange situation.

Our adventurers step within the displaced halls of the building, and just as their investigation commences, Space Cadet spots his defenseless father, EMIL DURAND, being dragged away by a trio of muscle-bound orderlies. How is it possible Emil is even here? Without waiting to find out, Byron rushes after his father to help… leaving Naked Justice very much alone and face to face with a ghost from his past.

Written by Patrick Fillion, and beautifully illustrated by Tom Cray (JOX: Treasure Hunter), THE LEGACY #1 sets in motion events that will forever change what you think you know about the classic Naked Justice, Space Cadet, The Unrivaled Alliance and the demise of Doctor Silverfish.

Mystery and mayhem, strapping hunks and jizz-spewing, hero on hero sex, THE LEGACY #1 is now available exclusively as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Mini Comic. This issue includes the complete 10-page first chapter of this new series, and also contains a massive bonus section, filled with more gorgeous art by Cray, concept sketches by Cray and Patrick Fillion, behind the scenes art and much more. Get your copy today and start unraveling the mystery.


The Legacy #1
THE LEGACY #1 featuring the original NAKED JUSTICE and SPACE CADET, is now available in digital format from CLASS COMICS. Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Tom Cray.
The Legacy #1
THE LEGACY #1 featuring the original NAKED JUSTICE and SPACE CADET, is now available in digital format from CLASS COMICS. Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Tom Cray.

Deimos: Tales of the Taro Demon #2 IS HERE!

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The breaking of DEIMOS has begun in Deimos: Tales of the Taro Demon #2! In this issue featuring three jizz-soaked tales of debauchery, the Taro Demon is about to embark on one of his most vital missions yet, and failure is not an option. To this effect, BILLY ZAMBU, Deimos’ “best friend” and closest ally, enlists the aid of the mysterious MATHIAS to “train” Deimos in preparation for his quest.

The issue opens with “How to Train your Demon” (written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Alexander) in which Deimos learns just how far Billy will go to ensure his success. Deimos is rendered powerless, stripped and “trained” so that he can convincingly pose as a slave for a man who holds hundreds of human lives in his twisted hands.

Written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, “Uninvited” finds Deimos resting from his training as a slave. Charged with house-sitting for Billy, Deimos is surprised by a demon named EFFIGY, who somehow manages to infiltrate Billy’s allegedly impenetrable fortress. Suddenly ZAHN is conjured up to occupy the Taro Demon who is more than happy to take up with his long lost lover.

In “Mantoy”, the final chapter (written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Martin Chan), the day finally comes for Deimos to pose as SIMO, a male demon sex slave, stripped of his power and presented to a man named Crandle by Mathias as a buy in to a secret Sacrifice Trade Ring. How far will Deimos go to get at the information he seeks? Farther than he’s comfortable with, of that you can be sure.

This incredible second issue of DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON features mouthwatering art by some of the brightest talents in the world of Gay Adult Comics, and boasts a truly MAGNIFICENT cover illustration by none other than the legendary SILVERJOW.

This issue also serves as a prequel to the DEIMOS #0 story “The Ring Leader”. It’s DEIMOS like you’ve never seen him before: On his hands and knees, ass in the air and begging to be filled by the biggest dong you can find. OKAY. Maybe we’ve seen him like this before, but this entire issue is devoted to making Deimos realize that cock in his can is truly his favorite pastime.

Now Available as a limited edition Printed Comic, or as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic. The Digital Edition of DEIMOS: TALES OF THE TARO DEMON #2 also features a 17-page Deimos Art Gallery. Get your copy today!

If you're a true Deimos fan, you'll need to check out his button set!
If you’re a true Deimos fan, you’ll need to check out his button set!



SPACE CADET #3 is here!

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The FINAL ISSUE of the SPACE CADET mini series is here. SPACE CADET #3 is now available in PRINTED and DIGITAL comic editions from Class Comics.

As the mini series concludes, SPACE CADET and his new-found friend GOLDEN BOY face impossible odds. What began as an investigation into the disappearance of several hustlers has turned into a veritable nightmare. Now our titular hero must fight tooth and nail for dear life if he hopes to save the hustlers, Golden Boy AND himself from a gruesome death at the hands of BOARIS CHAPELLE and his cruel thugs.

While Space Cadet faces off against Chapelle’s right-hand men, DOCTOR WALDORF and MR. GORDY, Golden Boy is all trussed up and primed to be ravaged by the bizarre and perverted MR. BABE. Luckily for our heroes, help appears just in time in the form of BULLET, Gateway City’s speedy new adventurer. But can even Bullet’s timely arrival tip the balance of these daunting scales?

Meanwhile, the truth behind Space Cadet’s dreams of centaurs and satyrs is finally (mostly) revealed and by the end of this issue, BYRON DURAND will NEVER be the same again as he’s left changed both emotionally and physically… for life.

Written by PATRICK FILLION and lovingly illustrated by DAVID CANTERO, SPACE CADET #3 concludes this mini series in major style and will leave you gasping for more.

Space Cadet #3
The FINAL ISSUE of the SPACE CADET mini series is here. SPACE CADET #3 is now available in PRINTED and DIGITAL comic editions from Class Comics. Written by PATRICK FILLION and illustrated by DAVID CANTERO.


Angelface #2 and FIVE more PDF Digital Comics!

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We are very happy to announce that Angelface #2 by Benoît Prévot is now available as a Class Access Digital Comic so that you can appreciate it wherever and whenever you’d like!

Angelface #2 Digital Release!

[box]Angelface is a beautiful series set in the 1920’s when prohibition was in full swing. It didn’t stop the fun from happening, it only made it a bit more risky! Allan and Red are two friends who skirt the law and end up on the run. You’ll love the deep story, vivid characters, beautiful artwork and hot sex all in a historical setting! [/box]

We’ve gone and done it again! We’ve also converted the following comics from DRM to Easy PDF files that you can view on your computer, you iPad, or Android tablet, phone or on any device that allows you to view PDF files. No additional software required…  Just download and ENJOY! It’s that easy!

Boytoon Adventures is now available as a digital comic!

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Boytoon Adventures was just way too big to be put out as one digital comic! We had to split it into two, but then fill each one with extra goodies! The two together come to a whopping 135 pages!

Unless you bought the Boytoon Adventures Trade Paperback, you have never seen our dudes like this! Under the pen name of Bryce Peters, Patrick has put together six awesome stories for this collection, and continues to create more!

So download a copy of Boytoon Adventures #1 Part 1 with Zahn, Cam, Zack, Topher and Mako and Boytoon Adventures #1 Part 2 with Diablo, Ghost Boy, Locus, Captain Jung, Disco, Flamer and the Bryce Peters Sketchbook or snap up a copy of the printed version of Boytoon Adventures!

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about then check out the Boytoons Adventure Mini Site for everything from character studies to animated webisodes!

Naked Justice: BEGINNINGS #2 and ilLUSTrations NOW SHIPPING!!

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Your wait is over! Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 and the new hard cover art book ilLUSTrations: The Art of Patrick Fillion are hot off the press and now shipping!

Patrick Fillion and Jacob Mott have collaborated once again to bring you a FANTASTICALLY HOT second issue of the hit NJB series – and this edition is positively soaked in gorgeous, gooey man juice!

While NJ and his  Unrivaled Alliance pals are busy blowin’ their copious loads, evil is afoot. A pair of new villains with a diabolical agenda is out to destroy them.  Enter Vandal, the dark could-be evil twin of Naked Justice, whose strings are being pulled by a mysterious, shadowy über-villain who has ties to NJ’s past.

You won’t want to miss this issue!  Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 is currently available in print and as a digital edition. That’s right! We’re conducting a little experiment with this issue, releasing both print and digital editions simultaneously.* Pick your poison loyal fans, and enjoy!  Be sure to check out our wicked new Naked Justice title page where you’ll find awesome previews of this issue and cool new NJB2 wallpaper designs for your desktop (located in our convenient goodies package!

Also available now are personally autographed editions of Patrick Fillion’s amazing new 92-page hard cover art book, ilLUSTrations.  We only have 200 copies of this beauty to sell, so get yours today, because they are literally flying off our shelves.

As an added FYI, our big Summer lineup has suffered a few setbacks due to unforeseen issues at press.  But fear not, Zahn #2, the Mark of Aeacus #2 and Deimos #2 are coming your way real soon.  Stay tooned and we’ll keep you posted.

*Please note that the digital edition of Naked Justice Beginnings #2 has the exact same content as the printed edition .

ilLUSTrations: the Art of Patrick Fillion. Autographed copies now available from

Angelface #2 NOW SHIPPING!

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At last, Benoit Prevot’s ANGELFACE #2 is now shipping from Class Comics!

The series follows the exploits of Alan, also called “Angelface” because of his striking good looks, and his lover/partner in crime, Red.  Both small time crooks, the boys finally hit the jackpot when they rob a famous London Jeweler.  But Alan is nothing if not greedy, and after a wild night of hot sex, he takes off with the loot, leaving poor Red behind.

In Angelface #2 Red has followed Alan to the United States.  He feels angry and betrayed, and wants his part of the loot as well as revenge on his former partner.  Will Red catch up to Alan and get his hands on his rightful half of the riches?  Only time will tell.  And while Red hunts him down, Alan has troubles of his own.  He is forced to work for the criminal Black Rook or be turned in to the police for his past crimes.

Angelface #2 is hot off the press and now shipping.   The story and art in this incredible series couldn’t be more captivating and Angelface is a brilliant mixture of intrigue, mystery, gorgeous men and scorching hot sex.  Not to be missed!

Click here to go directly to our catalog listing for Angelface #2.  And for more information on this incredible series, as well as free previews, goodies and cool creator info, check out our newly re-designed Angelface Title page.

Benoît Prévot's ANGELFACE #2, the English Edition, is now shipping from Class Comics.

The Initiation #2 wins a Gaybie!

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This morning we heard some great news… We were thrillled to hear from a little bird that The Initiation #2 had won the Best Gay Comic Gaybie Award! What an absolutley great way to start the week off!

The Initiation Book #2 wins Best Erotic Gay Comic Award!

It’s funny that this book should win an award when it almost didn’t even make it to print! When it was in development we weren’t sure if our readers would want to read a comic about regular guys, as opposed to superheroes, space-men and barbarians from mystical lands. Good thing that Patrick insisted!

Thank you so much to each and every reader who took the time to check out the TLA award page and selected The Initiation #2 as their favourite gay comic! There were plenty of great choices, and not all the books were ours!

For those of you who didn’t vote, we still love you! LOL! You can check out all the winners on the TLA Gaybie results page.