6 Class Comics titles nominated for TLA GAYBIE awards!

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Hello my friends…

The folks at TLA video have just announced the 2010 TLA Gaybies – their very own awards meant to honor the best work of gay writers, filmmakers and performers in their respective fields.

I am SO PLEASED to let you guys know that a bunch of my own projects as well as several other books released by Class Comics last year have been nominated and YOU can vote for your favorites.

In the BEST GAY COMIC category, these Class Comics titles were nominated:
–    Striptease
–    Rapture #3
–    Naked Justice: Beginnings #1
–    The Initiation #2
–    Porky #3

In the BEST GAY EROTICA category, this Class Comics title was nominated:
–    Boytoon Adventures #1

All you have to do to cast you ballot is to click on the cover of the title you want to vote for, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the big red “VOTE” button.  And remember – you can vote AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT!

6 Class Comics titles nominated for 2010 TLA GAYBIE awards! Vote Class Comics!!

So check out the official GAYBIES section over at the TLA website, and please vote as often as you can.  Help yours truly and the rest of the Class Comics gang win a Gaybie! How awesome would that be! LOL! :)

The winners of the 2010 TLA Gaybies  will be announced on April 15.  Be sure to vote and to check out all the other categories and vote there too. There are a lot of really talented entertainers that deserve recognition.

More from me shortly, boys and girls!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

5 new CLASS ACCESS digital comics now available!

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5 new CLASS ACCESS digital comics now available!
5 new CLASS ACCESS digital comics now available!

New this month, there’s 5 brand new CLASS ACCESS digital comics ready for you to download directly to your computer.

Get your hands on the Class Access Exclusive title, CUBE: DECOMPILED.  This book features the essential highlights of the entire Guardians of the Cube series!  Most of these pages are in full color for the very first time. Also includes character bios of all the key series players.

Discover the fun filled Yaoi Diplomatic Immunity!  This title features Cam and Lanor like you’ve never seen them.  It’s a very special issue written by Gynocrat and illustrated by Kheelan.

Logan fans will be pleased to learn that Deimos #1 and Porky #2 are also available.  While Deimos fights an evil cult that used to worship him, Porky takes one step closer to his ultimate destiny.

And last but not least, check out our first ever digital “Best Of” selection in Ecstasy #1! It pulls from Satisfaction Guaranteed #1 and #3 and Naked Justice #2!  This is a Class Access exclusive you won’t want to miss.

As always, every fifth comic in each order is free. Just make sure to include it in the shopping cart.

Sworn #1 and Porky #3 are now shipping!

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Sworn #1 and Porky #3 are HOT OFF THE PRESS, and they’re ready for you to order.

Sworn #1 is the story of sworn enemies Calais and Slammer and their forbidden love.  This erotic, epic superhero sage is written by C.J. Evans, and illustrated by Silvano and destined to become a true collector’s item.

Everyone’s favorite horny white trash, Porky learns an incredible secret about his past which could threaten his future in Porky #3.  Written and illustrated by Logan, this issue of the series is NOT to be missed.

Plus, each title is available at our new low, LOW cover price of $7.99 per copy! Don’t miss out.  These great comics are destined to become collector’s editions. For more info on these titles, check out the official SWORN and PORKY mini sites.


Porky 3 – Book Release

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Your home for erotic gay comics!

Vancouver, BC – Class Comics Inc.

Class Comics is proud to present the third volume of Logan’s smash-hit series, Porky! It features a diverse all-male cast, amazingly hot and raunchy illustrations and a very captivating story. Fans of larger guys and bears will love this series, but Porky has something for everyone!

Things slowly go from bad to worse for Porky and his family. Soon after being released from Prison, Porky’s father falls prey to the evil Controller. While he struggles with the forces manipulating him, he may not be strong enough to resist.

Meanwhile in the college basement, Porky busies himself with both his best friend and the “ex-marine” school janitor at once. After his fun is concluded, Porky receives a shocking revelation and an amulet of power as a gift from an old friend.

The storylines collide as Uncle Mark comes face to face with an altered McCormick and Porky’s father confronts his son. Can Porky understand all that is happening to him before the Controller harms everyone he loves?

With such a scorching third volume, we can’t wait to see what happens in the next edition! Check out the preview pages, wallpapers & other goodies at the official Mini Site!

NEW LOWER PRICE! BOOK #3 – 24 Pages – $7.99 – ISBN 978-1-897102-44-2

About Class Comics Inc.

Class Comics is an independent comic book publisher that has managed to capture the imagination of thousands of readers who have hungered for quality erotic gay comics since they first fantasized about the contents of Spider-Man’s tights.

While erotic, our comics focus on story, characters, cutting edge art and quality production! In addition to publishing our own in-house titles, we have a growing number of artists and writers that we love to work with.

Recently creators such as Jacob Mott, Benoît Prévot, Logan, Zan Christensen, Mark Brill, Max’, HvH, François Peneaud, Carlos García, Ismael Alvarez and Butch McLogic have teamed up with us to further diversify the gay comic book fan’s reading choices. And we have more on the way!

Our comics are available directly through our website, as well as through your local GLBT bookstore and favorite comic book shop. Ask for us by name… you’ll be glad you did!

Our Press Info section includes text, web ready images and promotional art. Please feel free to use this material to help us spread the word about this terrific new title. Let us know if there is anything else you might need to promote or stock this book.

Contact us:

[email protected] or download press packs: WWW.CLASSCOMICS.COM/PRESS
Class Comics Inc. 21092 RPO Westwood Plateau, Coquitlam BC V3E 3P9 Canada

Porky and Sworn series MINI SITES now LIVE!

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Soon to be released are Logan’s highly anticipated Porky #3 and the first issue of a brand new series called Sworn, written by C.J. Evans and illustrated by Silvano.

To celebrate the imminent release of these two fantastic new issues, we’ve put together two brand new Mini Sites!

The Sworn Mini Site introduces you to Calais and Slammer, a couple of young super-powered guys who are sworn enemies.  Each belongs to a team of superhumans that has vowed to destroy the other.  So what happens when Calais and Slammer unexpectedly fall in love with one another?  Can they keep their relationship a secret?  They’d better damn well hope so, or there will be Hell to pay.


The Porky Mini Site covers the first three issues of the smash series, providing a cum-drenched preview of the upcoming Porky #3.  Logan’s favorite white trash hero gets in way over his head this time, as Porky begins to realize that he has a special destiny to embark on.  Meanwhile, the evil Controller wants him dead, and will stop at nothing to destroy his life.


As with all our Mini Sites, these feature a ton of cool stuff, like character bios, series overviews, free previews and great wallpaper designs for your computer.  Be sure to check them both out and we will keep you posted with official release dates for Porky #3 and Sworn #1.

5 Brand New Digital Editions now available!!

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We’re very pleased to announce that there are 5 brand new Digital Class Comics Editions available to download!

Logan’s Porky #1
Logan’s The Pornomicon #1
The Mark of Aeacus #1
Camili-Cat: Felinoids #1 – The Special Edition
In the Blink of an Eye #1

All 5 of these wicked titles are in full, glorious color and are literally PACKED with special features. From artist notes and script excerpts, to never before seen concept artwork etc… you won’t want to miss these.

Meanwhile, this is the first time that Camili-Cat: Felinoids #1 is available in full color. Patrick went to town on this very special edition of the book which features a WHOPPING 30+ pages of special features and gallery artwork. It also includes part 1 of a never-before published Camili-Cat story called “Future Sins”, written by Patrick and illustrated by Tyler Jones. This Class Comics classic has really received a heck of a make-over!

And because you demanded it, we’re proud to offer the very first 2 Logan Digital Editions; Porky #1 and Pornomicon #1. With Porky #3 just around the corner, you’ll want to see how the scorching hot series all began!

So check ‘em out. And keep an eye out for more Class Comics digital editions coming soon from Class Access.

For more info on our Class Access Digital Comics, follow this link!


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It is very rare that an artist will come along and put his pencil to a gay sex comic and actually pay it the respect and attention he would if it were an issue of Hellboy or Batman. Logan is such an artist. Rare is talent like his.

Logan is a consummate professional in all he does and his work speaks volumes. His men are burly, muscular sex pigs always happy to get down to business.

Logan describes his illustrated men as “broad-shouldered, with heavy jaws, bulky and wrestler-like. They are built for action, and not the kind of glamorous porn actors you could have seen on the eighties. In fact, what matter most in the man is… the Wicked Sex Maniac Beast Within!”

In 2006, Class Comics released the first issue of Logan’s acclaimed series, Porky. Translated from its original French version, Porky #1 was an immediate hit amongst Class Comics fans because of its amazing combination of exquisite art and engrossing story telling.

Porky #2 is now also available through Class Comics in Comic Stores all over the world, while Porky #3 is currently in the works.
The Pornomicon, Logan’s one-shot Lovecraftian tale of torrid sex meets ancient evil was equally successful and remains one of our top sellers.

Logan’s latest project to be released by Class Comics is the long-awaited DEIMOS #1, which Patrick Fillion wrote specifically for Logan’s style. The two of them are currently working on Deimos #2.

For more information on this amazing artist, check out his website: www.loganporncomics.org