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6 Class Comics titles nominated for TLA GAYBIE awards!


Hello my friends… The folks at TLA video have just announced the 2010 TLA Gaybies – their very own awards meant to honor the best work of gay writers, filmmakers and performers in their respective fields. I am SO PLEASED to let you guys know that a bunch of my own projects as well as […]

STRIPSHOW: your free monthly comic strip!


We’re thrilled to tell you about the official launch of STRIPSHOW: your free online monthly comic strip! In the tradition of Patrick Fillion’s STRIPTEASE, STRIPSHOW is a series of 1-page comic strips starring your favorite Class Comics heroes!  Written by Patrick Fillion and beautifully illustrated by new Class Comics artist, Leon de Leon, STRIPSHOW opens […]

3 NEW Digital Comics!


New to Class Access this month is “Striptease #1”, “Rapture #3” and the Class Access Exclusive title “Straight to… #1” by artist Nicolas Brunet. Who doesn’t fantasize about getting a hot straight guy to go gay? It’s the primary goal of everyone in Straight to… #1! Striptease #1 is a hot collection of Patrick Fillion’s […]

Striptease – Book Release


Vancouver, BC – Class Comics Inc. Class Comics is proud to announce its final comic book title for the year 2008. Striptease collects ALL of Patrick Fillion’s one-page comic strips together in one sexy volume. Some of the strips have appeared on Fillion’s website, while a ton of material is new, created specifically for this […]



Real Name: Jonah Occupation: Exotic Dancer Base of Operations: Formerly the village of Ruayl, formerly the township of Pennloap, now at large in the land of Varda Place of Birth: Presumably the village of Ruayl, Varda Known Relatives: None Group Affiliation: None. Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Homosexual Height: 5’9″ Weight: 156 lbs. Eyes: Green Hair: […]



Real Name: Felicia. Last name, if any, is unknown. Occupation: Adventurer, scientist. Base of Operations: Currently, the Mina, Camili-Cat’s shuttle. Place of Birth: The planet Siva Known Relatives: Felicity (mother, deceased), King Orran (father, deceased) Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Height: 5’11? Weight: 110 lbs. Eyes: Green Hair: Copper First Appearance: Affinity #1 (1992) Current […]

STRIPTEASE #1 Now Shipping!

Class Comics is proud to announce that Patrick Fillion’s STRIPTEASE #1 is now shipping and available for purchase in our comics catalog section.  In fact, we’ve decided to make this beauty available WAY ahead of schedule and in time for Christmas! Striptease collects ALL of Patrick Fillion’s one-page comic strips together in one sexy volume.  […]