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Kagema-Onna is the artist for Captive Spirits! A ‘kagema-onna’ was a type of prostitute in feudal Japan. It was a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. (Very specialized!) She was inspired by yaoi manga, but wanted to move beyond the genre’s artistic and story limitations by doing a more American […]

Black Muse

Black Muse

Black Muse is the writer of Captive Spirits! The original idea was to do just a Web comic, but publishing through Class seemed like a much better way to reach fans of gay romance. You can reach Black Muse online through, where you can also read some short stories and the original draft of […]

Bob Grey

Bob Grey-590x381

I come from South Africa, deepest darkest Africa. I am 36 and have been drawing since before I was 2. I matriculated at an art school and went on to study Fine Art (since you cannot study any kind of illustration in South Africa), completed my degree and then ended up working in graphic design, […]

Nicolas Brunet

Nico Brunet

I was born when the Village People’s YMCA was on the top of the charts, in march 1979 on the West coast in small French town. I used to draw a lot when I was a child, and I really enjoyed it. When I was 9  I asked my sister to draw for me a character of the […]

Johnny Murdoc


Johnny Murdoc  is the writer and co-creator (with TJ Wood) of Crash Course, his first comic book. He’s 28 years old and lives in St. Louis, MO with his partner of 8 years. His interests include porn, comics, and copyright law. He likes long walks and sci-fi movies. When not writing comics, Johnny writes erotic […]

Lizz Ventura


Lizz Ventura is a digital colorist and has worked with many independent publishers and teams. She thoroughly enjoys her work, and loves bringing characters and fantastic scenes to life with various hues. She’d love to receive mail and may be contacted at

Leon de leon

Loen_Bio Pic

AKA UrbanMusiq Growing up I would almost never be seen without a pencil and paper in my hand. I remember spending much of my time watching anime like Ninja Scroll and reading Spiderman’s adventures in the pages of comic books. Just seeing these characters being brought to life lead me to believe that nothing is […]

TJ Wood

promo-003 (Large)

I hail from the UK, and live in a little seaside town in Cornwall, England. I’m 42 years old, and really should know better!  I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember…I used to draw dinosaurs and battles and such like. Until I discovered superheroes! I was drawn to the colourful costumes, […]