Butch McLogic

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Butch McLogic is the creative mastermind behind Tug Harder. Tug is a comic series about a photographer working for a Gay pin-up magazine, who goes undercover as a farmhand, hoping to snap some candid “real men” shots of his fellow farmers!

Butch may be a new comer to Class Comics and to the field of male erotic art, but one thing is clear; this is an artist who makes a strong impression! With a distinctive illustrative style, a powerful sense of art direction and a gift for storytelling, Butch is certain to make waves.

Very little else is known about Butch McLogic, but we presume that he is as randy and man-hungry as his horny comic creations! We also believe that Tug Harder is his auto-biographical oeuvre.

For more info on Tug Harder the series, visit the official Tug Harder Mini Site.

For more info on Butch and his male erotic art, please visit the official Butch McLogic website.

Benoît Prévot

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Benoît Prévot was born in France in the Ardennes in 1968. He currently lives in Paris. A graduate of EMSAT, he has worked at various design and advertising studios, then received formal training at the CFT Gobelins to work on several animated television series. Throughout his career, he has created artwork for comic books and fanzines. He has also illustrated book covers and promotional posters.

Now Benoît focuses most of his creative energy on his erotic illustration and projects, such as the Angelface comic book series. His art can be seen regularly on exhibit at the Tom Of Finland Erotic Artfair.

For more of Benoît Prévot’s fantastic works, visit his website and his Blog.

For more on Angelface, visit the official Class Comics Angelface Mini Site.

Zan Christensen

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Charles Christensen, better known by his nickname “Zan”, is best known in comic circles as the founding President of Prism Comics.

In addition to his work with Prism, Zan has been writing comics scripts and occasionally releasing a self-published book or two. His creations include the closeted 1940s super-hero Captain Kinetic and the slice-of-life comedy/drama One Man Guy.

His most recent project is a collaboration with artist Mark Brill called The Mark of Aeacus. The series focuses on a troubled young man who is given an extraordinary power, and explores the overlap between vengeance, punishment and justice.

In addition to his comics writing, Zan been the webmaster of several sites for nerdy queers, such as Heroplay (for superhero roleplaying gamers), AlterWorlds (for gay roleplayers of all kinds) and Comics Utopia (for indie comics creators). All three sites are in various states of upkeep, and overhauls are promised regularly.

Zan has also had a bit of comics journalism (“Ultimate Marvel Cock-Up!”) published in an issue of the UK magazine Comics Forum.

His fiancé proposed to him on the back cover of Finder #30, and they are currently watching North America closely and waiting for the best place to tie the knot.

Please visit http://www.prismcomics.org for more info on Zan.


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Also affectionately known as “Spubba the Mad”, this wonderful artist made her debut in Rapture #2 on a story starring Incubus.

Spubba’s been creating her breathtaking male illustrations for a little over 6 years now and you might be surprised to learn that male erotica is not the only thing Spubba creates.

Not only has she been published with Class Comics, but she has also illustrated books for Harcourt School Publishers. She is continually honing her amazing skills as an illustrator, and pushing herself.

A well-rounded artist who knows the importance of furthering ones’ art by embracing versatility, Spubba is currently hard at work on several projects for Class Comics, including one very special creator-owned project called Nano.

For now, it’s all very “Top Secret”, but suffice it to say that fans of Class Comics’ usual quality of man sex will most certainly not be disappointed.

Fans of Deimos, Class Comics’ resident fallen angel will be thrilled to learn that Spubba has completed a very special Deimos #1 prequel for the up-coming Rapture #3.


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Mike is a formally trained and over-all erotic art junky. He has been creating erotic illustrations for over 15 years. His work has appeared in magazine such as Playgirl, Mandate, Torso, Advocate Men, and Unzipped, although it is the work he has done for MEN and Freshmen magazines that have garnered him the most attention.Always trying to improve his work, Mike has never shied away from experimentation. This eagerness to try different styles and techniques has allowed Mike’s work to evolve naturally into what you see today.

Mikes first publication with Class Comics is the second edition in our new line of Art Portfolios! The Art of Mike Portfolio contains works he has created for the various magazines, as well as some custom work he’s done for us.

For more info on Mike please visit his website http://www.mikemen.com


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Max’ may be French, but he was born in Germany in 1966. He began his career as an illustrator of male erotica for such Gay publications as “Gay Pied”, “Male insider”, “Play Gay”, “H.H”, etc…

In 1994, he went to work for “Project X” magazine where he began to evolve his very unique and distinctive style of drawing. Today Max’ illustrative style is unmistakable and stands out as one of the most cutting edge in the field of erotic illustration.

In 2006, Class Comics was proud to translate and to release the first issue of his series entitled Rainbow Country. Centered on the exploits of a band of friends living in a city populated uniquely with Gay Men, Rainbow Country was an immediate hit for its bold, brilliant art and captivating story.

Issues #1 and #2 of Rainbow Country are currently available.

With endearing characters and irresistible intrigue, fans have eagerly been awaiting the release of the series’ third installment.

Look for Rainbow Country #3 to be released very shortly.

Fro more information on Max’ and to see more of his artwork, check out the website: www.onemaxshow.com

Patrick Fillion

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Many years ago, Patrick Fillion decided he wanted to own a comic book company when he grew up. His dream eventually came true, and today Patrick and his life and business partner, Fraz have formed Class Comics Inc.

The Class Comics universe is populated by characters that Patrick has created over the years. Some of these characters, such as Camili-Cat, were created as long ago as 20 years back.

Patrick’s work is highly regarded, and he himself is considered one of the finest artists of Gay erotica of our time. His creations have been deemed as hot as those of Tom of Finland’s and his characters, rich and endearing while sensual and arousing, have become a part of Gay pop culture.

Recently, Class Comics has begun to bring new artists into the fold, and Patrick has happily been scripting stories for these talented individuals to draw. He has often said that there are more stories in his head than he could possibly draw, so this way Patrick gets to see his ideas come to life in ways he could never have imagined. He and Logan have recently completed Deimos #1. The pair are currently working on Deimos #2.

The Rapture series is another fine example of how Patrick enjoys collaborating with other artists. Patrick has written several short stories for aritsts like Ismael Alvarez, Spubba and Eric Mars. These stories feature Patrick’s characters Incubus, Naked Justice and Ghostboy and have made the Rapture series extremely popular with fans.

Another popular title created by Patrick is the 4-part Satisfaction Guaranteed series. This title features a massive corporation who can make all of your sexual desires and fantasies come true. Populated with scorchingly sexy guys, Satisfaction Guaranteed offers something for every reader.

Patrick continues to create characters and stories and illustrate comics for Class Comics. His latest creation, Zahn is a huge hit with fans of Class Comics. The series follows the adventures of a gay barbarian with strange elelmental powers who must vanquish evil from his homeland. With a gay twist on the sword and sorcery genre, Zahn captivates the imagination and arouses at the same time. Zahn #1 is now available for purchase in our catalog section or at your favorite comic or book shops.

Currently, Patrick is hard at work on the highly anticipated Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3. This final chapter of the Felinoids saga is very special to Patrick as it sees him concluding a major chapter in Camili-Cat’s life. Look for Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 to be released later in 2008.

Check out Patrick’s website for more details on his creations and his art: http://www.patrickfillion.com/

To find out what Patrick is thinking about today, check out his Blog, Boytoons Magazine at http://www.boytoonsmag.com/

To see some of Patrick’s pop culture fan art, and that of other talented artists as well, check out the Artistic License Blog: http://artisticlicenseblog.blogspot.com/

Below is a fantastic portrait of Patrick which was beautifully drawn (and not at all exaggerated) by Patrick’s dear friend, the artist known as Mike!


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It is very rare that an artist will come along and put his pencil to a gay sex comic and actually pay it the respect and attention he would if it were an issue of Hellboy or Batman. Logan is such an artist. Rare is talent like his.

Logan is a consummate professional in all he does and his work speaks volumes. His men are burly, muscular sex pigs always happy to get down to business.

Logan describes his illustrated men as “broad-shouldered, with heavy jaws, bulky and wrestler-like. They are built for action, and not the kind of glamorous porn actors you could have seen on the eighties. In fact, what matter most in the man is… the Wicked Sex Maniac Beast Within!”

In 2006, Class Comics released the first issue of Logan’s acclaimed series, Porky. Translated from its original French version, Porky #1 was an immediate hit amongst Class Comics fans because of its amazing combination of exquisite art and engrossing story telling.

Porky #2 is now also available through Class Comics in Comic Stores all over the world, while Porky #3 is currently in the works.
The Pornomicon, Logan’s one-shot Lovecraftian tale of torrid sex meets ancient evil was equally successful and remains one of our top sellers.

Logan’s latest project to be released by Class Comics is the long-awaited DEIMOS #1, which Patrick Fillion wrote specifically for Logan’s style. The two of them are currently working on Deimos #2.

For more information on this amazing artist, check out his website: www.loganporncomics.org