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Many of you will have seen his stunning illustrations in the pages of Men, Unzipped and Freshmen Magazines. Certainly what strikes the eye most about the incredible art of HvH, is not only his amazing ability to perfectly capture the male physique, but also his eye for color and design.

Each one of his illustrations is beautifully rendered with tremendous aesthetic conscience. HvH creates more than illustrations. He creates a perfect harmony between erotica and high art.

His most recent addition to the Class Comics line of titles is a masterpiece entitled In the Blink of an Eye.  Blink is a an amazing journey to a gay version of the Twilight Zone! It contains three wonderful stories that will entertain your eyes, heart and loins!

HvH also has the distinction of being the first artist featured in our new line of Art Portfolios! The HvH Portfolio contains works he has created for the various magazines he’s worked for, as well as some custom work he’s done for Class Comics. It also features some of his previously unpublished and personal works.

For more information of this fine artist, check out his Blog: http://hvhexpo.blogspot.com

François Peneaud

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François Peneaud is the writer for Brother to Dragons!

He is a teacher, comics critic (both for his site The Gay Comics List and various French sites and publications) and occasional translator (Alan Moore’s Jack B. Quick and The Mirror of Love, a boatload of Simpsons comics, among others).

He has written 3 short scripts for the online gay romance comics anthology Young Bottoms in Love, the third one is included in the book version published by Tim Fish, the editor. A short prose story of his is also included in Best Date Ever, a true stories anthology published by Alyson Books.

He lives in the South West of France with his partner.

For more info on François please visit http://gaycomicslist.free.fr and for more on the Brother to Dragons series visit http://brothertodragons.free.fr

Carlos García

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Carlos García is a Graphic Artist and Journalist from Venezuela.  Since the beginning of his Graphic Design studies, back in the 90’s, he knew drawing was his strongest ability. This is why he has managed to work for a number of clients, including newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies and children books.Working full time as an Illustrator in a daily newspaper, he earned a Mass Communications License, so his career soon turned from Illustrator to information media Graphics Designer.

In 2006 he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he resumed his work in illustration, working as a freelance artist for an economics magazine, children books and encyclopedias, and in comics, a world unknown to him until then.

He has developed and created all the designs and art for Brother to Dragons, from concept design for characters and locations, to inks, layout design and digital coloring, taking advantage of his experience in children´s illustration.

For more on the Brother to Dragons series visit brothertodragons.free.fr

Mark Brill

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Mark thinks that his only real claim to fame is having done card art for Magic: The Gathering, Harry Potter and the new Hecatomb game for Wizards of the Coast. As well as some inking and cover work for Malibu Comics (including four cover paintings for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)!

Mark has recently completed the art for The Mark of Aeacus. Aeacus was created in collaboration with well-known Prism Comics personality and eloquent scribe Charles “Zan” Christensen.

Aeacus is a full color, hard-edged supernatural comic with a gay “hero” who is caught up in a web of troubles when he goes to a hotel with a strange man…a night to remember becomes a nightmare he wishes he could forget.

For more info on Mark please visit http://www.markbrill.com