New ANIMATION – Cam VS Dr. Pupae!

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Here’s a great way to start 2013 — check out this AWESOME animation of Cam VS Dr. Pupae, right out of the pages of CAMILI-CAT: LOVE LOST #1!  The art is by yours truly (Patrick Fillion) and the animation is by the amazing BLODIAX!!  I love this — and I love that we hear Cam moaning while Pupae probes and prods him — SO HAWT!

This is the first animation we’ve done in quite a while, but it’s a really sexy one. BlodiaX and I wanna do more together, so stay tooned — you never know which Class Comics Hunk you’ll see brought to life next! Enjoy!

Illustration by Patrick Fillion.
Animation by BlodiaX.


HOT Summer Wishes!

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To all our fans… We hope that you’re summer is as awesome as Locus’ is!

Enjoy the heat, and stay tooned ’cause we’re just warming up — we’ve got a ton of awesome stuff coming your way this Summer!

All the best, from the entire CLASS COMICS team!

Hot Summer Wishes from Locus and CLASS COMICS!


The Bigger Picture Contest!

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Class Comics Bigger Picture Contest

We’ve been talking about our comics and how they are often passed by as just porn. Well we’re sick and tired of it! We’ve decided that it’s time to take it to the streets and fight back! Hopefully you will support our cause!

Sure our Boytoons have big units… but they’re so much more than that!  They’re about falling in love for the first time. They’re about the hardships of coming out. They’re about adventure and escapism. They’re about self-discovery. They’re about being minorities. They’re about the celebration of being gay and embracing who they are with pride. They’re about you!

Now it’s one thing for us to say this, but what we really want is to have the world hear it from you!

Your challenge: Tell us how Class Comics has rocked your world!

Has a particular storyline ever rang true with you?
Does a particular character remind you of yourself?
Have you ever shared our comics with someone else and why?
Have you ever learned something about yourself from a storyline?
Has one of our comics altered your life in some way?
Have we ever helped give you the courage to be yourself?
What does Class Comics mean to you beyond a quick wank?

It’s really easy to enter: Just post your thoughts to ANY of the following places!

On this Page in the Comments area below!
On our Class Comics Facebook Page!
Send us a note on Twitter @classcomics with the hashtag #CLASSBP!

Your reward: A Patrick Fillion Original and $100 while helping us share our Bigger Picture!

Grand Prize: A Patrick Fillion original ink drawing of one of his Class Comics characters of your choice and a $100 Class Comics Gift Certificate. To be awarded to the entry that knocks our socks off. (Sorry for not being more specific!)

Luck of the Draw Prizes: We will randomly award a $100 Class Comics gift Certificate to one entry from each of the three places you can enter once the contest is over.

You rock our world!
Cheers to you all, Patrick and Fraser!

The fine print:
In entering the Bigger Picture contest you allow Class Comics to reproduce your comments along with your initials, twitter, or tumblr user-name. Class Comics reserves the right to decline or remove any entry at any time. All decisions are final and not subject to review. The contest is open to everyone aged 18 or over as of January 25th 2012. The contest closes on March 31st 2012.

Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Winners!

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Gear Up the Gay Comics Geek Winners!

Gear Up the Gay Comics Geek Winners!

Before announcing the winners, we have to say WOW! The support and enthusiasm for this event has been phenomenal. We want to extend the BIGGEST thanks to everyone who hear about the contest and got excited about Gearing up the Geek! Even if you didn’t send in a picture, you were still part of it if you’re reading this!

This wasn’t an easy contest to enter… You had to CREATE, not just put your name and address into an online form. We weren’t sure if many fans would be up to the task… But everyone is simply amazed by both the volume and insane quality of the entries we received! Simply put… GEEKS RULE!

Of course, the Gay Comic Geek and his YouTube judges, the folks at Fanboys of the Universe, and everyone at Class Comics had a HELL of a difficult time picking the top Naughty and top Nice costumes.

It was no easy task and you can bet that there was a ton of internal struggle, disagreements and a few minor fist fights. We would have loved to nominate ALL the entries as winners, but in the end, there can only be one Naughty and one Nice top costume. If you havn’t looked at all the entries, check out the gallery of entries!

Call us cruel, but we aren’t going to tell you who they were… That’s up to Paul in the video below.

But wait, there’s more! The second chance draw will be happening shortly, and EVERY person who entered will be rewarded by the end of the week. So if you sent in a creation please check your email on Friday!

Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Entries

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Check out the completely awesome entries that readers have submitted to Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek!  You might want to make your browser full screen to realy enjoy them!

Remember that every entry will be judged on the concept and not just the presentation. The ideas behind the costume count in a huge way! Each entry also goes into a random draw for a TON of cool prizes!

As thanks for checking out the entries, take an extra 15% off your Class Comics orders for the entire duration of the contest with the coupon code GEEK!

Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest!

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Gay Comic Geek Nice! Not the Official Entry Photo!

How often do you have the chance to create a superhero? Well, this is it!  Help us to Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek!

The Gay Comic Geek, Fanboys of the Universe and Class Comics have teamed up to bring you one super contest that will get your (creative) juices flowing!

Your job is to design your vision of a unique costume for the Gay Comic Geek in whatever format you work best in!

Use Photoshop on the computer, print the entry out and use pencil, ink and markers, blow it up on a canvas and paint in oil colors, or sew, knit and stitch together felt, leather and feathers!

The only catch is you have to use the Official Contest Images as the basis for your costume and submit it electronically.

It’s not just about getting the right color of spandex! There is so much more for you to be creative with. It’s about developing the alter ego and all the possibilities that come with it!

Gay Comic Geek Naughty! Not the Official Entry Photo to be used!Think of the costume emblem, the utility belt, the cape, the rocket launcher, the mask, the boots, the Geekmobile, the sidekick, the trained pet and all the accessories we never thought of that would go with the action figure!

There are two contest categories you can enter: “Naughty” and “Nice.” Plus, we have some wicked prizes up for grabs! But that’s not all! The winning “Naughty” entry will be illustrated by Patrick Fillion, and the winning “Nice” entry will be worn by the Gay Comic Geek in a future Fanboys of the Universe photo shoot!

Download the OFFICIAL 300 DPI NAUGHTY or NICE images here!

Please submit your creation along with an official entry form. RIGHT CLICK and SAVE the PDF VERSION to send as an attachment, or the TEXT VERSION to fill out and copy & paste into an email.

Submit your entry by August 15 to [email protected]

Check out the awesome creations submitted so far on our ENTRIES PAGE!


The Naughty Prize: A print of the winning costume design as rendered by Patrick Fillion and autographed by both the Gay Comic Geek and Patrick Fillion. PLUS, a BIG LOAD from Class Comics which contains all 43 of their current titles!

The Nice Prize: The winning “Nice” costume will be created, then the Gay Comic Geek will wear it in a future Fanboys of the Universe photo shoot. PLUS, a Gay Comic Geek Super Bundle of awesome rare collectibles.

The Second Chance Prizes: Each person who submits a qualifying entry will also be entered into a random drawing for one of the following prizes: One Greatest Hits Pack from Class Comics; a Gay Comic Geek Mini Bundle of Fun; one of five autographed copies of the trade paperback Boytoon Adventures; or one of five multi-packs consisting of a dozen Class Access Digital Comics!

The Gay Comic Geek


1. Costume entry must incorporate the original contest illustration by Patrick Fillion.

2. There are two categories, Naughty and Nice, with separate prizes based on the image used.

3. Entries may be submitted to Naughty or Nice, or both categories, if a variant is created. All entries will be entered into a Second Chance drawing.

4. Costumes may be hand drawn, computer generated or physically crafted from real-world material as long as they incorporate the official contest entry image.

5. Contest entries must be sent to [email protected] by August 15, 2010 to be eligible.

6. Submissions will be reviewed independently within each category by a panel of YouTube judges, as well as representatives of Class Comics, the Gay Comic Geek and Fanboys of the Universe.

7. All decisions are final and not subject to review.

8. The winner will be announced by the Gay Comic Geek in a special webcast around August 25, 2010.

9. We reserve the right to decline or remove any entry at any time.

10. By sending in your entry, you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older as of June 10, 2010 and have read “The Fine Print” of the contest details.


“Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek” is a contest run by, and, who shall be referred to as the Contest Hosts.

By submitting your entries(s) to the Contest Hosts, you agree that such images(s) and the accompanying information will become the shared property of the Contest Hosts, and you grant the Contest Hosts royalty-free permission to publicly display, reproduce and use the images in any form for any and all purposes.

You also warrant that the image(s) is(are) your original work, created by your own self, and does not violate the copyright of any other person or property right of any third party. Your submission also allows the Contest Hosts to edit, crop or adjust the colors of the image(s) on an as-needed basis.

The Contest Hosts are not responsible for any lost or miss-delivered contest entries. The Contest Hosts reserve the right to decline or remove any entry at any time at their discretion. The Contest Hosts reserve the right to alter or replace the prize packages and offers, if necessary.

By sending in your entry, you warrant that you are 18 years of age and older as of June 10, 2010.

Contest Entries must be sent to [email protected] by August 15, 2010 to be eligible.

STRIPSHOW – Your Monthly Free Erotic Gay Comic!

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Each month we will be putting out a new free online comic strip written by Patrick Fillion and gorgeously illustrated by new Class Comics artist, Leon de Leon!  These strips will star your favorite Class Comics heroes such as Deimos, Zahn and Naked Justice in fresh, sexy new stories!

New STRIPSHOW comic strips are made available first to our Newsletter subscribers, and then archived here on our site the following month. Our newsletter also gives you free exclusive wallpaper designs, as well as awesome discount codes for our comics! So if you want all that AND your monthly STRIPSHOW before everyone else, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this archive of past STRIPSHOW strips.  Happy reading!

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HOTCHA’s pornorific Class Comics Fan Art!

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Hotcha's Pornorific Class Comics Fan Art!

You know how much we love fan art here at Class Comics.  It’s always such a pleasure to receive, and recently we received a HUGE, wicked load of it from a very talented artist named Hotcha.

Hotcha’s incredible art is sexy and pushes the erotic envelope, which is why we love it AND him so much!  Here’s what he had to say about the art he whipped up for us!

“I’ve been creating a growing amount of Class Comics themed drawings. I’m not some nutcase fanboy or anything, I know where to draw the line, hehe. I just really get a kick out of drawing other people’s characters!  I wanted to do a series of pieces with Class Comics boys not only in peril, but featured in different sexual themes/fetishes from the adult world. It feels like giving a big gift back to the people who make such awesome and sexually adventurous comics!”

Awww… We love you too, Hotcha.  And we were blown away by the amount of art you sent, and by the amount of love and skill you poured into it.  Thanks so much for this bounty of naughty goodness!

Check out this bounty of gorgeous artwork, gang, and Hotcha’s thoughts behind each piece he created.  The guy’s got great skill and a talent for serving up the kind of hotness we all crave.  For more of Hotcha and his brilliant art, check him out on the Y!Gallery!

Naked Justice gets his while in Egypt.  Class Comics fan Illustration by Hotcha!
Naked Justice gets his while in Egypt. Class Comics fan Illustration by Hotcha!

Hotcha says… “Naked Justice:  Interracial gangbang. The lovely pale redhead riding black/middle eastern dicks.”

Zahn gets his fill! Class Comics fan art illustration by Hotcha!
Zahn gets his fill! Class Comics fan art illustration by Hotcha!
Zahn after getting his fill.  Class Comics fan art illustration by Hotcha.
Zahn after getting his fill. Class Comics fan art illustration by Hotcha.

“Zahn: Daddies, fisting! Slings and stubliness. Zahn strikes me as a could-be Daddy. Must be the salt n pepper look.”

Deimos gets his pits licked! Class Comics fan art illustration by Hotcha.
Deimos gets his pits licked! Class Comics fan art illustration by Hotcha.
Deimos and Hotcha's sexy OC, Drake share a tender moment. Class Comics fan art illustration by Hotcha.
Deimos and Hotcha's sexy OC, Drake share a tender moment. Class Comics fan art illustration by Hotcha.

“Deimos: Pits n tongues. Anthro, Yummy… Gotta love the pits.

“Locus: Watersports, oral, anal… I created a short, simply colored Locus comic. This one kinda spiraled outta control. My intention originally was to do a 1 or 2 page short comic with Locus getting drunk at a bar and getting into some trouble. All the drawings ended up looking like individual pieces. Anyway, what’s done is done, I still kinda like how it turned out, simple as it may be.”

Locus Mini Fan Art Comic written and illustrated by Hotcha.

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 01

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 02

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 03

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 04

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 05

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 06

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 07

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 08

Locus Mini Comic by Hotcha - page 09

Locus, Slavva, Deimos, Naked Justice and Zahn are © Copyright and TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

All artwork created by Hotcha. © Copyright 2009.  Drake © Copyright 2009, Hotcha. All rights reserved.