The Great Class Comics SPOOKTACULAR COSTUME contest!

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Halloween is almost here! We love the spooky season so much that we’re throwing a costume contest to celebrate the release of our two latest comics!

We want you to show your devilish delight of your favorite Class Comics character! Your job is to snap a photo of yourself wearing a costume or cosplay outfit based on our comics! It can be anyone from our core universe or our extended universe… so basically any character in any comic that is on our website!

It doesn’t need to be naughty! It can be fun and playful, coy and erotic, naughty… or nice! Whatever suits your style. It also does not need to be insanely complicated! Be creative and have fun! The photo HAS to have #SPOOKYCC somewhere within it to be part of the contest. It does not have to show your face or naughty bits! It’s Halloween… so there are plenty of masks around!

To enter the competition, you can Tweet, Instagram, post to our Facebook page tagged with the hashtag #SPOOKYCC. If your entry is too naughty for social media, or you don’t want to post it from your any of your accounts, you can upload it here:

What are the prizes? Every submission will be entered into a draw for $150, $100 or $50 in Class Cash!

SPECIAL BONUS ENTRIES! If your entry is based on a character from either Scared Stiff #1 or Jacko’s Horny Halloween Tales #1 then you will get DOUBLE ENTRIES into the draws.

All entries must be submitted by the end of October 31st!


1. Costume entry must incorporate an element from a Class Comics character and have #SPOOKYCC in the photo somewhere.

2. By sending a submission you agree to have it posted in public locations such as our website, Facebook and other social media platforms. We reserve the right to decline or not display any entry at any time.

3. Only one prize will be awarded per person regardless of the number of entries.

4. Contest entries must be received by the end of October 31st 2016 to be eligible. The winner will be announced by November 10th.

5. By sending in your entry, you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older as of October 21, 2016 and have read “The Fine Print” of the contest details.


By submitting your images(s) to Class Comics Inc, you agree that such images(s) and the accompanying information will become the property of Class Comics Inc and you grant Class Comics Inc royalty-free permission to publicly display, reproduce and use the images in any form or media for any and all purposes.

You also warrant that (i) the image(s) is(are) your original work, are of your own self, and does not violate the copyright or any other personal or property right of any third party. Your submission also allows Class Comics Inc to edit, crop or adjust the colors of the image(s) on an as needed basis.

The Contest Hosts are not responsible for any lost or miss-delivered contest entries. The Contest Hosts reserve the right to decline or remove any entry at any time at their discretion.

By sending in your entry, you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older as of October 21, 2016.


JOX Treasure Hunter #2 now available!

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Class Comics is proud to present Cray’s “JOX: Treasure Hunter” book two which is now available as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic.

The Forest of Luminas is no place for the faint of heart. There be monsters in those woods! Allegedly. Monsters or no, JOX, the hunky Elvan Treasure Hunter and BLITZ, his trusty (well, “trusty” MIGHT be pushing it a little) Demon of Treasures sidekick are after a priceless jewel.

Nothing will keep them from entering the woods. Not even a pseudo, rather self-serving “warning” from Nume, a Dryad of the Forest of Luminas, can keep our hero and his tag-along from going after what they seek.

Sure, JOX may be full of piss and vinegar, but he’s COMPLETELY unprepared for the ferocity of the creature guarding the gem he’s after. The beast’s unabashedly probing, deeply groping tentacles soon ensnare him and the helpless Elf can only wriggle in disgust as his assailant’s true nature and purpose come to light.

And what about Blitz, you may ask? Well, Blitz is about as helpful as a bag full of wet mice in this here situation. Yup. Poor JOX is very much on his own!

Written and illustrated by Cray, laced with humor and a healthy dose of raunch, JOX: TREASURE HUNTER #2 is a fabulously fun romp into the dark, deep Forest of Luminas, where no man — no ELF — with a bouncy bubble butt and a pretty pink pucker should EVER dare to venture.


If you haven't read Jox #1, this would be a great time to!
If you haven’t read Jox #1, this would be a great time to!

Leon de Leon’s MANCANDY #1 is HERE!

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Yes, it’s true! We have an incurable sweet tooth and just can’t resist a delicious serving of Mancandy! And that’s what’s on the menu for today! We’re thrilled to open up a veritable buffet of MANCANDY!

Leon de Leon’s MANCANDY #1 is a breathtaking collection of male pin-up art by of one of today’s most recognized artists of gay erotic comics.

Created between the years of 2010 and 2014, each illustration introduces you to a mouth-watering new hunk, superbly drawn and lovingly colored, designed with the sole purpose of seducing the viewer.

This collection has so many flavors of MANCANDY to choose from, you’ll never be able to pick a favorite. And who needs to — you can indulge your fantasies with every last one of them.

While MANCANDY isn’t a hard core collection (though this book does contain some hard and throbbing male members), it’s incredibly arousing and leaves you to imagine all of the insanely hot and unspeakable things you’d like to do to each one of these succulent young hunks.

From the sexy blonde pizza delivery boy in the all-too-tight red briefs, to the gorgeous lifeguard in the soaked and see-through Speedo, you’ll wish each one of these incredible pin-up hunks were real. Leon de Leon’s MANCANDY #1 will have you licking your screen with lust!



It’s a 22 FOR U sale all weekend long!

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Happy Friday Folks! This weekend we’re having a 22 FOR U sale!

Use the coupon code 22FORU to take 22 PERCENT off ALL our comics that were released last year or earlier! You can use it on Print Editions or Digital Editions or both editions together!

That 22 PERCENT is on top of any automatic quantity discounts as well! So if you buy 5, 10 or 15 comics you’ get a 5, 10 or 15 Percent discount automatically in your shopping cart, and then you can add the 22FORU coupon code to save 22 PERCENT off of that!

HEY! Don’t just think of last year’s comics… think 12 YEARS BACK! Grab a title that you missed when it first came out! For fun, here’s a peek at how our website looked in 2004!


Like all good things, we think that we’re getting better with age! Happy Exploring… Here are some random comics just for you!


CARNAL #1 is here along with STICKY #1 #2 and #3!

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Class Comics is proud to release the BRAND NEW Sticky Graphic Novel’s Comic CARNAL #1 along with the complete set of STICKY #1, STICKY #2 and STICKY #3, which are new to us!

CARNAL #1 is the first in a three-issue series featuring stories of carnality and sweetness between manly men written by Dale Lazarov and drawn by TheAmir! CARNAL #1 features “Hunk Tank”, a story of two hot cops who meet while working the drunk and disorderly beat on Gay Pride Day. What follows their meeting would give anyone reason to celebrate…


STICKY is the groundbreaking three-issue series of character-based, sex-positive tales of man-on-man carnality and sweetness written by Dale Lazarov and drawn by Steve MacIsaac – now in it’s 10th anniversary of publication!

STICKY #1 features “Hold On”, a story about a casual street fair hook up between two hot guys that turns into an extended challenge to see how far they can go while delaying orgasm. And they go pretty far!

STICKY #2 features “Talk Show Queers”, a comic that looks into what happens to the gorgeous gay rodeo star after he’s been brutally dumped by a boyfriend who declares himself straight in front of a talk show audience: he gets picked up by the hot, burly security guy sitting front row center. Naturally, they get down to some sticky business…

STICKY #3 features a Halloween-themed comic; in “Treats”, a sexy, butch pirate and a muscle-bound monk meet at a grad school Halloween party. Trick or treat? Both, if it’s good!





Father’s Day DILF SALE!

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Happy Father’s Day! We love sexy, hot DILFS here at Class Comics, and we thought it might be nice to throw a super awesome SALE in the honor of hot dads everywhere.

So until Wednesday, June 24th 2015, you can save an additional 20% off your purchase of print and digital comics alike. All you have to do is enter the coupon code “DILF” at checkout, and voila! Instant Savings!*

So if comic books with sexy DILFS is what you’re after, you’re in luck, ’cause we have a ton of titles that feature sexy, hung Dads! Of course the savings are good on ANY COMIC in our catalog! Now’s a great time to catch up on issues you’ve missed, or to start your awesome collection of Class Comics.


*Minimum purchase of five dollars!

François Peneaud’s “THE POWER OF LOVE” is here.

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Class Comics is proud to announce the official release of THE POWER OF LOVE.

From the creative mind of FRANÇOIS PENEAUD, writer of the acclaimed BROTHER TO DRAGONS series comes an all-new tale of mystical love… or something masquerading as love.

THE POWER OF LOVE is an all-new 12-page Class Access Easy PDF Exclusive digital mini-comic that opens on a rather baffling mystery. ALAN lies catatonic in a hospital bed. The doctors are at a loss to explain his condition and can do nothing to reach him. In desperation, they contact JOSH, Alan’s ex boyfriend.

Eager to help, Josh races to Alan’s side, but not even his presence can rouse the ailing lad. A fateful clue from one of Alan’s doctors leads Josh to “ANGEL WINGS”, a support group for Gay Men who feel lost and unloved in this world. What happens next leaves Josh deeply changed as the true secret of “ANGEL WINGS” reveals itself in all it’s magnificent glory.

What begins as a search for answers and an urgent attempt to help a fallen friend soon turns into a surprising and eye-opening metamorphosis.

THE POWER OF LOVE is an original and surprising short story written by FRANÇOIS PENEAUD, illustrated by ENRIQUE NIETO, colored by HERNÁN CABRERA and boasts a sexy front cover illustration created by DAVID CANTERO.

Sex, passion, fear and love… a powerful blend of emotions that make THE POWER OF LOVE a compelling and arousing stand-alone slice of supernatural fun.


The Power of Love front cover
Now available from Class Comics as a DIGITAL COMIC EXCLUSIVE, THE POWER OF LOVE is a mini comic written by FRANÇOIS PENEAUD, illustrated by ENRIQUE NIETO, colored by HERNÁN CABRERA and boasts a sexy front cover illustration created by DAVID CANTERO.

More than just comic books!

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Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Anniversaries, or a special “I love you” present to yourself or someone else… Whatever the reason you’re shopping, we just wanted to let you know that we have a ton of stuff that isn’t a 24 page single edition comic!

Right now the two hottest things in our shop are the amazing hardcover BIG LOADS: THE CLASS COMICS STASH! VOLUME  #1 or BIG LOADS: THE CLASS COMICS STASH! VOLUME #2. If you like your comics in premium format and signed by Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser, then these two glorious volumes are for you! Both of these books contain six complete comics and boast over 178 brilliant pages.


We also have just a few copies of “HEROES WITH HARDONS: THE BIG BOOK OF CLASS COMICS”, which is filled with shorts from tons of our comics! It’s over 250 FABULOUS PAGES and includes art by some of our best artists such as Logan, Jacob Mott, Joseph Hawk and Patrick Fillion to name just a few.

Heroes with Hardons

Does the comic loving geek in your life love showing off their bling? Nothing says wicked more than a set off 11 Class Comics Buttons displayed on your vest! The MEN OF CLASS COMICS” Pin Buttons Collection Wave #1 is here.

This wicked set of buttons features Naked Justice Camili-cat, Zahn, Deimos, Lawsuit, T-Boy, Ghostboy, Space Cadet, Trip, Gage and Hayden in sexy solo poses and also includes an eleventh pin with Deimos, Zahn and Naked Justice as drawn by Jacob Mott.


If that significant other (or self) is more of a collectible trading card kinda guy, then our Class Comics Universe Heroes Collector Cards are a great option! Back in stock due to popular demand, these cards are a great addition to your Class Comics collection.


Of course if you really want to introduce someone to the world of Class Comic in the most rewarding way possible, then giving “THE BIG LOAD” will get the best results later on in the bedroom! It’s a copy of every single comic that we have in stock! It’s over $400 worth of comics for only $150!


When you’re in doubt, a Class Comics Gift Certificate is always the easiest way to go!