In the Blink of an Eye

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Get the Comic!In the Blink of an Eye contains three very different stories loaded with hot and heavy sex… all are trips into a mysterious landscape of gorgeous muscled men, who’s reality will be changed… in the blink of an eye.

Consider the anonymity of a local glory hole and the attachment free benefits that it brings. But what happens when we want more than the man behind the wall will give us?

Consider true love so deep that is exists despite all adversity put before it. Dodging prejudice, body types, age differences and the jealousy of others! Some hearts and loins will remain together in a love making session destined to last for an eternity.

Consider the extent and cost that some people go to look “perfect”. But what of the person who provides these service to them? What would their perfect love mate be?

Written and illustrated by HvH, In the Blink of an Eye is a work of art in itself that will arouse your loins and take your breath away regardless if you are interested in bears, chubs, twinks or muscles!