Class Comics is proud to be the official English-language home of LOGAN’s smash-hit series PORKY. Originally released in French by France-based publishers, H&O Editions, Porky was an immediate hit with its diverse all-male cast, amazingly hot and raunchy sex and captivating story.

Porky follows the adventures of Benjamin Foley, also called “Porky”. This is what artist Logan had to say about the series:

“I’m very proud to introduce you to a friend of mine, Porky! He’s living in a small town, lost in the middle of the United States. This little piece of white thrash is one of my favorite characters because he’s more realistic than any comic character I have created in the past. Porky is far, far away from the gay standard. He’s fat, cynical. A pure product of the rock generation except for the fact that he sucks cock!!!”

Fans of larger guys and bears will love this series, but Porky has something for everyone, which is one of its primary strengths. The men are beautiful and hung like donkeys, and the sex is scorching hot in every detail.


PORKY #1 – Now available in PRINT and in DIGITAL comic editions.

In this incredible first issue, we meet Benjamin Foley, better known as “Porky“. Not your typical all-American 18-year old boy next door, Porky knows next to nothing about what is politically correct… and he really doesn’t care. Unsophisticated, brash and single-minded, Porky is white trash through and through… and that’s precisely why we love him!

Porky’s appetite for huge cock knows no bounds. Now he’s fixated on the local homeless guy named “Santa“, and he’ll stop at nothing to get a hold of his big, fat dick? But Porky isn’t gonna stop there — he also wants to wraps his greedy hands… and mouth… around his uncle Mark’s thick, hairy dong! That dirty little bastard!

It’s good to have goals in life, but some aspirations can be hard to achieve when you land your butt in the sights of the county Sheriff. Unless you offer to let the Sheriff fuck your ass, of course!

We’re pleased to announce the glorious re-release of PORKY #1 with a gorgeous, all-new cover by series creator LOGAN. The re-issue includes the same classic content as the original release, but also includes a few new pieces of additional original Porky art. A must for any Logan fan, this amazing inaugural issue is a true classic piece of Gay Erotic Comics Literature.


PORKY #2 – Now available in PRINT and in DIGITAL comic editions.

In this gloriously raunchy second issue, Porky daringly satisfies two very unlikely men in the precinct washroom stall while he ponders his state of affairs.

Meanwhile, his father Bruce gets a royal treatment on his last day in the pen in a languid scene involving his lavishly tattooed cell mate, and a couple of very well hung guards. Boy-oh-boy, the ol’ apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree in this case! Seeing how eagerly Bruce spreads his ass cheeks and how expertly he takes a cock up his can, one gets a much better understanding of Porky’s behavior and particular predilections.

And finally Santa, with his stocky chest, muscular buttocks, mane of red hair and pendulous member, unveils an amazing secret — a secret so unlikely, so shocking — it will rock your world… and Porky’s, naturally! You’ll be shocked to learn that there is FAR MORE to Porky and his family than you ever thought possible.

We’re pleased to announce the glorious re-release of PORKY #2 with a gorgeous, all-new cover by series creator LOGAN. The re-issue includes the same classic content as the original release, but also includes a few new pieces of additional original Porky art. A must for any Logan fan, this amazing second issue is a true classic piece of Gay Erotic Comics Literature.


PORKY #3 – Now available in PRINT and DIGITAL comic editions. 

The PORKY #3 special re-release edition complete with new cover and additional is now available from Class Comics.

In Porky #3, things go from bad to worse for Porky and his family. Soon after being released from prison, Porky’s poor father falls prey to the evil Controller. The Controller is an old, vengeful enemy of the Crimson Guild, Santa’s old superhero team, and now he has set his sights on Porky and all those he loves.

Blissfully unaware of the danger looming ahead, Porky busies himself fucking his best friend, Bubba and the school’s janitor while his uncle Mark comes face to face with McCormick, who’s cruisin’ for a fight. The bad blood between McCormick and Mark’s goes back several years, and McCormick is all too eager to attack his old rival. Unfortunately for Porky’s hunky uncle, his old nemesis hasn’t shown up alone — he’s brought a very nasty friend to the punishment party, and soon Mark is naked and helpless and in for a very, VERY long night!

Meanwhile, Santa returns with some shocking revelations for Porky, and a strange gift of power. Can Porky understand all that is happening to him before the Controller kills him and everyone he loves?


PORKY #4 – Now available in PRINT and in DIGITAL comic editions.

The precursor to the epic series finale, PORKY #4 finds Benjamin Foley, a.k.a Porky, his dear ol’ dad Bruce and his sexy uncle Mark in a serious spot of trouble. New powers of mysterious origins may not be enough to help the Foley clan survive the villainy of the Controller, a creature so evil and so twisted, vengeance is all he lives for.

Porky discovers that super powers, while extremely exciting, are not without complications. And just as our unlikely hero is reunited with his father, the proverbial shit hits the fan. Fear not, Santa is here! The once hero turned street hobo made a promise long ago to protect Porky at all costs, or DIE trying. But even his incredible abilities may prove useless against the villainy of a foe driven by a singular and all-consuming rage.

Meanwhile, uncle Mark is rushed to the hospital so that he may recover from the assault he suffered at the hands of the Controller and McCormick. Mark is in for a very welcome surprise when the town Sheriff confesses his love for him. Enjoy your romp in the hospital bedsheets, Mark… your happiness may not last very long.

In classic Logan fashion, scorching sex lies at the center of the action and drama, and PORKY #4 proves beyond any doubt that good things come to those who wait.




LOGANIt is very rare that an artist will come along and put his pencil to a gay sex comic and actually pay it the respect and attention he would if it were an issue of Hellboy or Batman. Logan is such an artist. Rare is talent like his.

Logan is a consummate professional in all he does and his work speaks volumes. His men are burly, muscular sex pigs always happy to get down to business. He describes his illustrated men as “broad-shouldered, with heavy jaws, bulky and wrestler-like. They are built for action, and not the kind of glamorous porn actors you could have seen on the eighties. In fact, what matters most in the man is… the Wicked Sex Maniac Beast Within!”

You can find Logan at work across the Class Comics Universe. He’s the creator of the smash-hit series PORKY. He’s also written and illustrated the fan-favorite the PORNOMICON, the tale of an ancient evil bent on wreaking sexual havoc across the globe. Logan also frequently collaborates with Patrick Fillion, and the two of them work together on the DEIMOS series. Fillion writes and Logan illustrates.

Logan describes his work on the Deimos series as some of his proudest comic work to date. And readers agree! The Deimos series is one of the most popular titles Class Comics publishes.

Logan is currently working on DEIMOS #3, the final chapter of the Deimos series, as well as PORKY #5, the amazing conclusion to the Porky series.


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12 thoughts on “Porky

  1. I really enjoyed the past two issues of Porky when is Issue #3 coming out?

  2. loved Porky my sort of pig

  3. i lve thAT………..

  4. Porky is frickin hot. Can’t wait for installment 3.

  5. Man, I MUST get these comics!

  6. Hey Sammy…

    Thanks for the comment. You’ll be glad to know that Porky #3 is actually just around the corner. We’ll keep you posted here, so stay tooned! ;)

  7. I love chubs (and chubby bears), so:

    1. More Porky. Please. And more chubs like that.

    2. What about a Leonard’n’Larry comeback ?

  8. Hello Erling…

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write. It’s much appreciated. I’m very glad you enjoy Porky. Fear not, there are more issues on the way. Logan is a brilliant artist and draws chubs like nobody’s business, and we need more books with guys like that.

    As for Leonard n’ Larry — that’s a really interesting notion. I’m gonna have to look into that. You never know! LOL!

    Thanks again for writing!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  9. I am at the edge of my seat, when you are going to make Porky #3 digital. Please Hurry.

  10. Hello Miguel.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm. it is greatly appreciated. Porky #3 will not be released digitally until next year, but in the meantime you can certainly enjoy all of Logan’s other titles in Digital format, including Porky #1 & #2, The Pornomicon and Deimos #1. Keep checking our website as we will update everyone on the official release date for the digital version of Porky #3 as soon as it has been set.

    All the best to you!
    Alexis :)

  11. This is a great comic. Erotic, entertaining, engaging! Love the story love the graphics. Can’t wait for #4.


  12. […] founder Patrick Fillion (Naked Justice, Guardians of the Cube and Camilla-Cat) and Logan (Demios, Porky and The Pornomicon) have teamed up yet again to deliver a powerhouse story with incredibly hot art […]

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