Rapture is the HIT series that delves deeply into our Class Comics characters by offering compelling, sensual and hard-core self-contained stories. These stories further develop our character’s backgrounds and story lines and often serve as tie-ins to our other series and titles.

Rapture features a vast cast of sexy characters, including Zahn, Deimos, Camili-Cat, Locus, Naked Justice, Space Cadet, Ghostboy, Sethan and Incubus to name just a few. Each short story is written by Patrick Fillion and focuses on presenting the reader a more comprehensive overview of the featured characters.

The art for these amazing stories is created by various Class Comics artists.  Logan, Soto, Ismael Alvarez, Eric Mars, Spubba the Mad and Patrick Fillion have all illustrated stories for the Rapture series, bringing the  heroes of the Class universe to sensual, breathtaking life with their own unique illustrative talents.

In Ratpure #1 we meet Locus for the first time and learn of his relationship with Cam. Locus is sticking his neck out for his old friend, and he has information that could help bring Cam’s greatest desire to life. But there’s danger afoot, and unless Cam can rescue Locus, both his friend and the information he caries will be lost forever.

Meanwhile, Naked Justice, defender of Gateway City Naked Justice must battle his most frigid foe to date… Icecap! We only wish our dicks were this size while suffering from shrink-a-dink! This wickedly funny new NJ story was scripted by the hilarious Donald MacLean of Naked Justice volumes 1 and 2.

In Rapture #2, Incubus decides to pay Jon Dazy a little visit and repay him for all the crap he put his father, Diablo through. This story, written by Patrick and illustrated by Spubba provides Incubus with a great opportunity to shine in the limelight. Rapture #2 also includes part 1 of the The Great Satyr Caper, featuring Naked Justice and Space Cadet, and a Locus story called 3 Boys and 1 Bug!

Rapture #3 is a whopper of an issue! It’s so BIG that we had to add four extra pages! The book opens with “The Great Satyr Caper Part 2” which leads Space Cadet into a direction he wouldn’t ever have imagined. Then there’s a new Deimos story entitled “The Coin” in which a mysterious reward is granted! Finally the story you have been waiting for… “Walk in my shoes”, the highly anticipated climax to the Ghostboy/Ghostgirl story arc!

Rapture #4 raises the bar even higher! Featuring art by Patrick Fillion, Logan and Soto (making his Class Comics debut), this issue is a powerhouse of cum-drenched stories that will impact the Class Comics universe like never before.

Logan illustrates a brand new Zahn story entitled “The Altar of Zsabarnak”.  Written by Fillion, this story finds the heroic Zahn desperately trying to raise an army of warriors to protect his beloved land of Varda from impending doom.  He will stop at nothing to see his home protected and makes a dangerous deal with three of Varda’s most powerful warriors.

Deimos decides to take the fight directly to Bob and attempts to sneak into Hell to take out the evil demon.  Things don’t quite go according to plan as the brave Taro Demon is captured by Hemec and his goons.  They put Deimos through his paces, and as they ravage his hunky body, he begins to wonder if he’ll actually be able to get out of this one alive. “Deimos’ Inferno” is written by Patrick Fillion and beautifully drawn by SOTO, who makes his Class Comics debut with this impressive story.

Last but not least, Rapture #4 includes the VERY CONTROVERSIAL Camili-Cat story “Changes”.  Written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion himself, this incredible story sees Cam trying to find Locus after his lover disappears. This leads him to fall into the clutches of the demented Dr. Pupae who decides to “re-invision” Camili-Cat.  Our Felinoid hero gets one Hell of a make-over that will leave your speechless.  Camili-Cat will never be the same again!

Incredible stories, stunning art and mind-blowing sex make Rapture #4 one of the most incredible issues in this series to date!

Rapture #5

RAPTURE #5 marks the official comic story debut of the sexy and mysterious DEVILHOUND! “The Awakening” is a brand new story written by Patrick Fillion, beautifully illustrated by Nörm and lavishly colored by Hernán Cabrera,  and it’s the origin story of Devilhound. It depicts how he went from mere mortal to supernatural avenger of the broken-hearted.  In this issue, you’ll meet meek, mild-mannered Blaine at the lowest point of his life. A chance encounter with an enigmatic stranger leads Blaine down a fateful and dark new path unto which Devilhound will ultimately be born!

Next up in this issue is a brand new ZAHN story written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion. “Blood Oath” finds Zahn face to face and cock to fang with an alluring and unusual vampire named Barund. Zahn will have to make a difficult choice. Will he give of himself freely so that Barund might survive? Can Barund be trusted to respect his pact with Zahn in the first place? All the Son of Winter can do now is trust his instincts and pray that his gut feeling about Barund is spot on.

Finally, RAPTURE #5 features the fan-favorite GHOSTBOY & DIABLO short story, “7 Days”, in print for the first time ever. Written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, “7 Days” is a powerfully explicit short story that asks the question”what would you do if the love of your life were kidnapped”? Diablo has been stolen away from Ghostboy by an overzealous fan who has a collection of sexual fantasies for Diablo to perform. Between the fear of what might happen if he refuses and the powerful mind altering substance he’s been given, Diablo can’t refuse his captors’ commands.

At the same time Ghostboy is using all his sleuthing skills and unique powers of persuasion at his disposal. Even without any clues, he knows someone who is always willing to talk if you press the right buttons. In a desperate attempt to find a lead to his lover’s whereabouts, Ghostboy turns to Diablo’s boss, Leonard Lavollay for help… but at what cost?

While he thought his body has already been through every perversion, Diablo discovers even more pleasures of the flesh in these seven days! Self-fucking, fisting, piss-play and sounding are just a few of the lascivious things Diablo’s captor has in mind for him. Join our two lovers and see if they can reunite before it’s too late!

This fifth issue of the hugely popular Rapture series is by far the raunchiest, filthiest issue of the series to date. This one is definitely not for the dainty!

Camili-Cat runs into the twisted Dr. Pupae in Class Comics’ RAPTURE #4. The experience will leave him changed in unbelievable ways!
Logan, Soto and Patrick Fillion each illustrate stories for Class Comics’ RAPTURE #4.
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