Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get the Comic!What if your every sexual fantasy could become a reality? The Satisfaction Guaranteed Corporation is there to make this happen. A multi-million dollar company, the Corp is chock full of gorgeous hunks who are trained in the sexual arts, and who’s sole purpose is to realize their client’s wildest dreams.

Satisfaction Guaranteed is the perfect series for those seeking a diverse cast of male characters, of all nationality, shapes and sizes. The sex is hot and caters to a wide variety of tastes, while the intrigue runs deep, and the characters compel you, making you long for the next edition.

In print, The first three issues of this opus are in black and white, while the fourth one is in full color. However the Digital Editions are in full color!  This series has something for every one and is considered to be a staple of the Class Comics line of comic books.

Created by Patrick Fillion, Satisfaction Guaranteed #1 begins with the introduction of Elias Shelby, a young Greek man who is sold to the SG Corp by his uncle. Shelby is transformed into the perfect sex machine and along the way he encounters several other men like himself, who are well versed in the ways of pleasure and sexuality.

There’s Dane Bernier, called Babybear, a young French Canadian guy with an artist’s soul, a dreamer’s heart and a porn star’s body who also appears in Satisfaction Guaranteed #2 . Highly popular with the clientele, Dane’s uncut cock is forever being requested by the Corp’s wealthiest patrons.

Kaissey Phineas has a dark past, and having a police record for a felony you never committed can drastically limit your future job options. Kaissey is a Nubian God with piercing smoky-grey eyes that is in high demand, but he has not learned from his past mistakes. His lies and deceptions may well be the end of him if he doesn’t mend his dishonest ways from Satisfaction Guaranteed #3

The Callboys of the SG Corp are all built, beautiful and completely desirable, but they are treated like salves by their supervisors, and arch nemesis, David Laburnum and Gregory Grudge. These men don’t care for their Callboys, and are content with exploiting them for the gain of the Corporation. While the Callboys do have allies amongst the Corp’s management, Laburnum and Grudge are callous and are not above underhandedness when it comes to getting what they want.

Will these villains eventually get their comeuppance or will they forever continue to treat their Callboys like sex slaves? In a twist that will shock all readers, the series concludes in a surprising way in Satisfaction Guaranteed #4 that will leave you at once completely satisfied, but also wishing there were more issues of Satisfaction Guaranteed to enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Satisfaction Guaranteed

  1. So tanlented, so gay and so sultry



  2. Hello Agustin…

    I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for your kind words. They were much appreciated. :)

    Hugz + Kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXOX

  3. Hi I would like the price of all books thanks

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