The Class Comics CORE UNIVERSE is composed of numerous title lines that currently have several issues in their line-up, but there are also a number of awesome titles that currently only have a single issue. These comics feature characters belonging to the Core Class Comics universe, and are created by some of today’s most exciting and talented creators of Gay Erotic Comics.  On this page you will find a listing of all the Class Comics CORE UNIVERSE series that currently only have a single issue. Some are one-shots, others are on-going, but to date the first issue is the only edition available for these titles.


THE BROMANCE – Written by ROBERT FRASER and Illustrated by ADAM GRAPHITE, DAVID CANTERO, CRAY, LEON DE LEON, MARTIN CHAN, JACOB MOTT and PATRICK FILLION. Available in both Printed Editions and Digital Editions!

Written by ROBERT FRASER and illustrated by a slew of artists including JACOB MOTT, LEON DE LEON, DAVID CANTERO, PATRICK FILLION, CRAY and MARTIN CHAN with a gorgeous cover by ADAM GRAPHITE, the BROMANCE introduces us to Paul, and sexy young gay guy in his early 20s with a lot of hunky straight friends and a fertile fantasy life.

Paul has an overactive imagination and an active libido and as we meet him and each one of his friends, we’re treated to some of Paul’s hottest… and horniest… fantasies involving his hunky pals. Each fantasy is raunchily penned by ROBERT FRASER and brought to life by a different artist and will leave you gasping for more, wondering just where does fantasy end… and reality start?

We’ve all had waking wet dreams about some of the straight hunks in our lives, so we can all relate to Paul who may or may not end up with a serious case of blue balls unless some of his closest buds throw him a boner… ERR… BONE!

Paul gets pretty easily aroused playing video games, helping a buddy build a mancave in his home, taking the metro from work, going to the supermarket and even doing the simplest thing like using the restroom at the office. His sexual fantasies know virtually no limits.


SECRET DOSSIER – Written by PATRICK FILLION illustrated by various artistsAvailable in Digital Comic Format

SECRET DOSSIER is the official Class Comics Encyclopedia Series that focuses on a new character with every issue, and explores every inch of his… uhm… origin and history.

Each edition of SECRET DOSSIER features one of your favorite Class Comics hunks and delves deeply into his history, life and times. All the characters related to his particular story are discussed at great length, and secrets from the past aren’t the only tantalizing detail revealed… SECRET DOSSIER also offers clues and sneak peeks at our hero’s future.

DIE HARD FANS, this is the series you’ve been waiting for. These books are a virtual WEALTH of information, overflowing with insanely hot art by some of your favorite Class Comics creators. They come packaged in GORGEOUS covers with brilliantly rendered 3D versions of our heroes by the insanely talented ALBRON. See your favorite Class Comics characters in the hard, rippling flesh, and learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about them but were too afraid to ask!

Issue #1 of SECRET DOSSIER features DEIMOS, the Taro Demon himself, and is now available in digital format, with issue #2 planned for early Fall 2015.


LOCUS – Written and illustrated by PATRICK FILLION, with colors by GOLDEN KEYAvailable in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

It may be a one-shot, but it’s been a long time coming, and at last, the lean, green sex machine gets a comic dedicated entirely to him! Taking place almost immediately after the events that occur in Felinoids #3, Locus #1 finds our handsome green protagonist on the run from the Sektan Authorities and in hiding on the planet Suktamimus. Using his physical assets as a means to earn a living, Locus gets by peddling his wares to the horny inhabitants of this remote and bizarre little planet.

Along the way he runs into trouble when he encounters three aliens who are interested in capturing Locus and enslaving him as their own personal sex toy. But before they can see this plan to fruition, the Sektan authorities intervene. Yes indeed! They have found Locus and are intent on taking him back to Sekta Prime where he will be punished for defying Sektan law.

What follows is possibly the most amazingly creative sex Patrick has ever illustrated, coupled with a powerful and very current narrative that will resonate in almost every reader. In a scene that has never before been depicted, Locus #1 also shows us how Locus and Camili-Cat originally met several years ago on the streets of the planet Darria. This is an intimate and explicit look at both Locus and Cam and the years they spent trying to survive on the dangerous streets of Darria.

Fans have been clamoring for this title for years, and Patrick Fillion delivers the goods with absolute panache and relish. It’s clear that he loves Locus and completely threw himself into this title to make it the most amazing book it could be.

What ultimately sets Locus apart from the other stallions in the Class Comics stable is his big… personality. The boy is very high on himself. He’s gorgeous and scorching hot… and he knows it! Although he’s arrogant and self assured, he’s not self-centered. In fact, Locus almost always acts with the well being of his friends firmly in mind. In Locus #1, Locus will embark on a path that will forever alter his destiny.


ANI-MALES – Written by PATRICK FILLION, illustrated by ERIC MARS and colored by HERNAN CABRERA – Cover art by PATRICK FILLION. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

What is an ANI-MALE? Simply put, Ani-Males are half-man, half-animal beings that were created in the mid-fifties by a mad scientist intent on breeding himself an army of superior warriors. Though his genetic experiments were a success, his plans for domination ultimately failed.

While most Ani-Males were destroyed before they could be wakened, several managed to escape to freedom. Fleeing to the mountains and dense forests of Canada and the United States, most were able to remain hidden over the years, surviving in the wild. Others fared less well.

Ani-Male sightings contributed to rumors and stories of “Big Foot”, “Mountain Men” and “Sasquatch” in several parts of North America. Luckily, none of those Ani-Male was ever captured by cryptozoology enthusiasts, and the sightings served to enrich the legends.

However, one particular Ani-Male was captured by a human and did not fare as well. Spot, a half-canine, half-man muscle powerhouse was caught in the mountains outside of Gatweway City by a vile individual named Harper. Harper realized that Spot could make him very popular with his fellow redneck buddies, and so he began having sex parties in which Spot was made to serve.

Harper’s fun came to an end when his neighbor, a police officer named Daniel Wilson discovered Spot and liberated him. Harper managed to escape and has since eluded the police. Spot opted to stay with Wilson, and the two men became fast friends. In fact, Wilson inspired  Spot to join the Gateway City police force, where he quickly rose in the ranks. Spot continues to serve with distinction as an officer of the law.

ANI-MALES #1 begins several years after Spot becomes a cop. This issue finds Spot restless, wrestling with the ghosts of his past. He can’t forgive himself for the sins of days gone by, and this has led to him backing away from Wilson. Naturally his best friend does what he can to reach Spot, but nothing works.

Spot knows that other Ani-Males escaped the destruction of the lab where they were created, and he wants very badly to find them. His search takes him to Furry conventions and events. Unbeknownst to Spot, he is being HUNTED. There is another man in Gateway City searching for Ani-Males… and he has his eye on Spot. He’ll stop at nothing to capture him.

Meanwhile, we meet Harry, a rabbit man literally on the run for his life, hunted by the very maniac who also targets Spot. And when Harry is caught, he and his cellmate, a young monkey-dude named Wisti are fucked nearly to the brink by their horny captors — a prelude to the fate that awaits them the following morning.

The Gateway City crime world is run by a very dangerous, very connected man, and this Crime Hog always gets what he wants. Right now, he wants Spot and as many Ani-Males as he can get his hands on and his cock into

ANI-MALES #1 is written by Patrick Fillion, and superbly illustrated by Eric Mars, a self-confessed Furry Enthusiast, and each beautifully scorching panel explodes with raw sexuality and animal magnetism. Brilliantly colored by Hernán Cabrera, this comic is a triumph. All outer and interior covers are drawn by Patrick Fillion, making ANI-MALES #1 a superb collector’s first issue,with a limited print run.


STRIPTEASE – Written and illustrated by PATRICK FILLION. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions.

Striptease collects ALL of Patrick Fillion’s one-page comic strips together in one sexy volume. Some of the strips have appeared on Fillion’s website, while a ton of material is new, created specifically for this book.

Join Camili-Cat, Zahn, Locus, Lanor, Space Cadet, and many other of your favorite Class Comic Boytoons in these incredibly hot and raunchy adventures. Along the way, you will also meet new Boytoons, appearing for the very first time in this volume.

Striptease is light-hearted, horny and all in good fun, but don’t be fooled, it’s not without substance. There are some very important moments in this title. Some of the stories touched on will have serious impacts on the Class Comics Universe.

Striptease also features a very important Zahn three part short story, which serves as a prequel to the up-coming Zahn #2.

Fans of Fillion’s work will undoubtedly appreciate that Striptease rounds out the Fillion collection of comics as it contain several pieces that were previously never available in print. This is some of Fillion’s most fanciful work. The stories range from silly to serious, but are always incredibly erotic.

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