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The Class Comics EXPANDED UNIVERSE features comics by some of today’s most exciting and talented creators of Gay Erotic Comics.  On this page you will find a listing of all the Class Comics EXPANDED UNIVERSE series that currently only have a single issue. Some are one-shots, others are on-going, but to date the first issue is the only edition available for these titles.


JOX: TREASURE HUNTER – Written and illustrated by Cray. Available as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Edition.

Class Comics is proud to present Cray’s “JOX: Treasure Hunter” book one which is now available as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic.

Meet JOX, a sexy ginger-haired Elf with an appetite for action and adventure. He’s a hunter of rare, elusive treasures, and perhaps most importantly, he’s a voracious bottom. JOX is on a mission to uncover the precious riches hidden in the sacred Ruins of Annunaki. But the ruins are a treacherous place, and they are not unguarded. Plundering them won’t be easy, and JOX will have to use every skill he possesses to get past the traps, locks and ancient mystical guards.

Impossibly hung, these two very insistent guards must determine if JOX is worthy of opening the fabled chest of the ruins of Annunaki. This may be one treasure that even JOX’s bouncy bubble butt can’t accommodate.

Wonderfully written and illustrated by CRAY (The Bromance #1, Stripshow: the Collection #3), this first JOX mini comic introduces us to an exciting new character who will transport us to far off realms in search of bewildering secrets, glittering jewels, and cum-drenched adventure.


THE ADVENTURES OF LAWSUIT AND T-BOY – Written and Illustrated by JACOB MOTT. Available in both Printed Editions and Digital Editions!

London, England. Great city of equality, wealth, prosperity, squalor, deprivation, filth and villainy. After nightfall, dark alleys become DEATHTRAPS! But wherever there is darkness, there must also be LIGHT! Where there are villains, we find HEROES… Heroes like T-BOY and his tall, dark and muscular mentor; LAWSUIT. Criminals and evildoers BEWARE — your days are numbered!

The dashing duo keeps the streets of London safe in fashionable style and undeniable class, but a new evil threatens the peace… something wicked this way cums! The evil IL FANTASMA is brewing a maniacally twisted plot and the Equinox Theater is the setting for his grand design.

The scoundrel is turning London’s young men into mindless, drooling and splooging sex zombies. The police are overwhelmed. After a call from the handsome Police Sergeant Owen, Lawsuit and T-Boy rush to the rescue, knowing full well that Il Fantasma has prepared a trap for them. But if our heroes are to save the sex zombies from Il Fantasma’s spell, they have no choice — they’ll have to risk falling into his clutches.

Fans of Jacob Mott have been dreaming of the day when THE ADVENTURES OF LAWSUIT AND T-BOY #1  would be made a dream cum true, and new-comers to Mott’s dynamic style of storytelling will immediately be drawn into this stunningly-crafted tale of heroism and boner-popping hottness. Mott’s narrative is seductive and heart-pounding and his art is easily one of the most intense orgasms your eyes will ever have.

THE ADVENTURES OF LAWSUIT AND T-BOY #1  is now available from Class Comics in both Printed Editions and Digital Editions. This comics is destined to become a crown jewel in your collection!


PLANET OF MACHOS – Written and illustrated by RUBO. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

PLANET OF MACHOS: a return to erotic science-fiction the likes of which you’ve never seen before. PLANET OF MACHOS is an epic tale of sex and survival on the post-apocalyptic planet of Terra.

For a lone Trader who encounters a handsome young survivor under the inhospitable desert sun, the choice is clear: ravage him and then help him traverse the dry wastelands. But fate has other plans. Attacked by the deadly marauders known by all Terrans as Trackas, the two men are separated… but now attached to one another, our hero the noble Trader will stop at nothing to find his missing companion.

It’s a perilous journey with danger lurking around every corner, and in a dark and dingy Gay Bar in the middle of nowhere, the Trader is assaulted by horny and crazed Hybrids… Hybrids whose semen is deadly to normal humans!

To say that PLANET OF MACHOS #1 is an awesome book is a MASSIVE understatement. Rubo’s sequential art and story telling are completely stunning and compelling. Issue #1 is available in Print Editions and Digital Editions. If you love sexy, manly guys, bears and hunky smooth twinks, the heroes of this series are for you.


SINNER’S EDGE – Written by MARTY KING, and illustrated by RICHIE. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

The city known as Sinner’s Edge is a city hidden in the center of everything. It’s a place where anything is possible. It’s the gateway to any universe, planet, time, age and plane of existence. At the center of it all is one, extremely powerful man; handsome, influential and charismatic XANDER QUINN.

In the fantastic first issue, we meet Zander Quinn and are introduced to some of his most trusted — and some of “less” trusted — entourage. We learn that Quinn is a man of many powerful secrets, many of which countless would kill to possess.

Life was easy for Xandar Quinn, a free spirited, rich young man that only cared about having fun. With the power to duplicate himself and “LOAD BINDING”, having fun was precisely what he was doing, until his father passed on.

After his father’s death, Quinn inherited the responsibility of keeping the balance and protecting the city. Now everyone and everything wants a PIECE of him and that isn’t always good thing. The powerful corrupt are determined to possess more than can be imagined and going through Xandar Quinn and his bodyguards is only the beginning.

Among those in Quinn’s employ are three impressive and very deadly males who would lay their lives down to protect their employer. GATLING – a hunky brunet sent to kill Quinn simply can’t bring himself to commit the act. Instead he gives himself over to Quinn and becomes one of his most devoted protectors. CRUSH is a bodacious, beefy blond babe with an attitude as big as his perfect biceps. Crush has been in Quinn’s entourage for a long time and is one of his most trusted operatives. OLAN, a hung and powerful Zartix male is “on loan” to Quinn from an old friend. At this particular junction in Quinn’s life, Olan’s impressive water-born powers and abilities — not to mention his bouncy blue bubble butt — will come in very handy.

Populated by some of the most handsome, most masculinely stunning characters you could ever hope to find in a Gay Erotic Comic, Sinner’s Edge is a fabulous read! King has written a wonderful, twisted tale of greed and power struggle and he’s created a world where the men are achingly beautiful, hung, and constantly horny.

Richie’s art is a feast for the eyes and his men are so striking, you may find it hard keeping it in your pants while you read this fantastic comic. Get your copy of Sinner’s Edge in either the Print Edition or the Digital Edition today!

SANDSTORM – Written by JAVI CUHO, and illustrated by ANGEL ALVAREZ. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

Put yourself in Egypt at the end of the 19th century in the middle of one of the most important archaeological excavations of all time in Sandstorm #1 by Javi Cuho and Angel Alvarez!

Nicholas “Red” Clayton is a 21 year old youth about to depart on an adventure he could have never predicted. When the sacred scepter of Tarbot is uncovered, it releases an ancient curse upon the land.

The curse manifests itself in the form of a massive and dangerous sandstorm which transports both Nicholas and his lustful companion Michael Evans to ancient Egypt to the reign of the sadistic Pharaoh Tarbot.

Tarbot knows of no greater pleasure than that of sexual domination of his slaves. His every day is spent devising and trying new techniques to heighten his sexual experience… The men in his kingdom are his puppets… his playthings. Their cocks and asses are his toys and he uses them as he sees fit. And when he’s finished, he discards them without a second thought, condemning them as slaves, or worse.

But the Pharoah grows tired of the men of his land! When he hears of this visitor with fiery red hair who has mysteriously arrived, he must possess him!

Meanwhile, Michael who has been separated from Nicholas, finds himself a captive of Yazir, a cruel slave trader and trainer. Immediately taken by Michael, Yazir wastes no time beginning the new arrival’s training. Now it’s up to Nicholas to try and rescue his captive friend, but things do not go according to plan, and soon both of them find themselves in the gaze of the sadistic Tarbot.

Sandstorm is written by Javi Cuho, who crafted the incredibly rich story of Lost Kingdom, and illustrated by Angel Alvarez, a newcomer to Class Comics, but not to the fine art of erotic illustration. This is a team-up whose first oeuvre you will not want to miss.

LOST KINGDOM – Written by JAVI CUHO, and illustrated by SILVANO CERNUNNO – Cover art by PATRICK FILLION. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

The 2010 original Spanish-language edition was the winner of the Best Comic Prize at the 2nd annual NarrativaGay Awards. Now Class Comics is proud to present the English-language version of LOST KINGDOM, a fantastic new series filled with rich mythology, action, magic and of course, sexy naked Boytoons. Available  in both a Print Edition and Easy PDF Digital Edition.

Written by Javi Cuho (author of Fallen Angels) and illustrated by Silvano Cernunno (artist for Sworn), LOST KINGDOM is a visually rich and intense series that is also incredibly addictive from a narrative point of view.

This epic tale is an action-packed mystery bursting with eroticism and scorching mansex. It centers around the battle between the mighty Kingdoms of Piros and Paggos.

These proud peoples have maintained a senseless feud for countless years and now it’s hoped that a royal marriage will bring an end to the fighting.

And so the marriage of their two royal sons, the passionate Prince Allen and the enigmatic Princess Naiah, is planned and heralded as a catalyst to peace.

But our handsome princes may not soon live happily ever after. The evil Turgoloth, no longer content with dwelling in the shadows, crashes the wedding determined to bring to light the forgotten history of the two kingdoms.But even he doesn’t suspect that more sinister mysteries lurk in the shadows.

To celebrate the Class Comics release of LOST KINGDOM, our very own Patrick Fillion has created an explosive cover for issue #1 in his traditionally crazy-sexy style.

LOST KINGDOM is the perfect title for fans who enjoy stories rich with themes of fantasy, sword and sorcery. Fans of ZAHN may also particularly love this bold new series that plunges its reader into a rich world of mystical sexuality.


CRASH COURSE – Written by JOHNNY MURDOC, illustrated by TJ WOOD, colored by LIZZ VENTURA. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

Crash Course #1 is a fast-paced space adventure about Crash, a young man with a big dick and nothing to lose but his robot sidekick Rockstar. Come along for the ride, and enjoy everything the galaxy has to offer! At least for those who are willing to take a risk!

It’s a big galaxy filled with hot and hunky guys, spaceships, laser guns, and bounty hunters! Join Crash on the run as he tumbles in and out of beds, gunfights, and space battles. The biggest question is: Is Crash running toward the future, or away from the past?

A chance encounter with wily but well-hung Prince Kalen sets Crash on a course that will keep him moving but may draw the wrong kind of attention. With the help of Rockstar—a truly open source robot with the ability to jump from machine to machine—Crash is prepared to take on anything that gets in his way. He never backs down from a good fuck or a good fight, and Crash Course has plenty of both!

Written by Johnny Murdoc and illustrated by TJ Wood with colors by Lizz Ventura, Crash Course is science fiction with a hard on!


IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE – Written and illustrated by HvH. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

In the Blink of an Eye contains three very different stories loaded with hot and heavy sex… all are trips into a mysterious landscape of gorgeous muscled men, who’s reality will be changed… in the blink of an eye.

Consider the anonymity of a local glory hole and the attachment free benefits that it brings. But what happens when we want more than the man behind the wall will give us?

Consider true love so deep that is exists despite all adversity put before it. Dodging prejudice, body types, age differences and the jealousy of others! Some hearts and loins will remain together in a love making session destined to last for an eternity.

Consider the extent and cost that some people go to look “perfect”. But what of the person who provides these service to them? What would their perfect love mate be?

Written and illustrated by HvH, In the Blink of an Eye is a work of art in itself that will arouse your loins and take your breath away regardless if you are interested in bears, chubs, twinks or muscles!


SWORN – Written by C.J. Evans and illustrated by Silvano. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

Sworn is the epic, homo-erotic saga of CALAIS and SLAMMER, sworn enemies who have fallen in love with one another. They must keep their love affair a secret from their respective teams and families at all costs.

Calais is a member of the super hero group called the SAVIORS. Slammer is a member of the super villain team known as the ULTIMEN. The Saviors and the Ultimen are bitter enemies and engaged in ongoing battle. The idea that members of each team might feel compassion for one another is unheard of… until now.

Calais realizes that there is more to Slammer than crime, and that beneath the tough-guy exterior lies a heart that is aching to be loved and accepted. After a heated battle, both young men end up entangled in one another’s arms. The sex is amazing and electric, and the sparks fly. But what of the consequences of this act? How long can they keep their relationship secret?

SWORN is a series that melds exciting superhero adventure with fantastically hot sex scenes and erotica. These characters are as compelling as they are attractive. Enter into their world.

Sworn #1 is now on sale in our catalog section and at your favorite local comic and book shops.


THE PORNOMICON – Written and illustrated by Logan. Available in both Print Editions and Digital Editions

Logan weaves a sensuous spell with this incredible one-shot masterpiece that dares you to turn the pages further and engage the powers within. An ancient manuscript known as The Pornomicon holds mysterious powers and the secrets of the ancient Gods of the Flesh. Many seek it, but most come to regret it!

Upon returning from a month-long crusade, a noble knight becomes possessed by the book’s dark powers. Seeking help from his friend the monk Brother Carmichael, the knight unwittingly unleashes a chain of raunchy and torrid events that will have repercussions for centuries to come.

Logan is at his best here as he expertly mixes erotica with suspense. Beware the powers of The Pornomicon, lest you should fall prey to its horny and lascivious powers.


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