STRIPSHOW: the collection!

MAKO FINN dives into action in Class Comics’ STRIPSHOW the Collection Volum #1. Story by Patrick Fillion. Art by Jacob Mott.

Camili-Cat, Deimos, Diablo, Ghostboy, Zahn, Imanno, Mako Finn, Space Cadet, Naked Justice, Locus, Stéphane, Jon Dazy and Jacko the Halloweener.  What do these sexy Class Comics studs share in common? They’re all part of STRIPSHOW: The collection Volume #1!

For 4 years now, Class Comics Newsletter readers have been treated to the STRIPSHOW, monthly 1-page comics featuring all your favorite Boytoons with stories written by Patrick Fillion, and art by terrific artists like Leon de Leon, Jacob Mott, Eric Mars, Bryce Peters and Patrick Fillion.

For the first time ever STRIPSHOW: The Collection Volume 1 is available as a beautiful printed comic book, as well as a high res Easy PDF digital comic.

So you may ask, “why buy something that you’ve been getting for free”? The answer is simple. The STRIPSHOW Collection features strips that have never been released before and that are exclusive to this collection.

STRIPSHOW the collection #1 features brand new episodes such as “the Card” parts 1 and 2, starring Camili-Cat with art by Leon de Leon. Published by Class Comics.

In an exclusive 2-part episode entitled “The Card”, Camili-Cat is on a mad quest to find a way to clone Locus whom he believes has been killed by the evil Dr. Pupae. This leads Cam to the planet Suktamimus where he poses as a male stripper and attempts to obtain a very special key card from the only man in the quadrant with access to cloning technology. These twin episodes were written by Patrick Fillion and beautifully illustrated by Leon de Leon and serve as a prequel to the up-coming Camili-Cat comic entitled “Love Lost“.

Meanwhile, Patrick draws as Bryce Peters to bring us a fresh new Diablo Boytoon Adventures-style episode which is as funny as it is steamy!

There’s all that, plus cool new art to enjoy, including some gorgeous pin-up work by Leon de Leon, and of course Patrick Fillion’s stunning new cover for the collection!

But most importantly, in print and as a Class Access Digital Comic, the STRIPSHOW episodes look AMAZING and you’ll be able to really appreciate all of the beautiful, intricate details that the artists who drew them poured into them. You’ve never seen these beautiful comic pages look so vivid and bursting with detail.  And now that these episodes have been collected together for print and digital comic release, they are no longer available anywhere else.

STRIPSHOW #1 is truly a GORGEOUS collection of comics that is an intricate and essential part of the Class Comics universe and canon to all the character’s stories. Your Class Comics collection won’t be complete without it.

Zahn encounters Samm, a strangely horny boy pixie in the STRIPSHOW episode “A little Help”, written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Jacob Mott. Published by Class Comics.
Space Cadet will have to save the Earth from the deadly HARVEST from Outer Space… but first, he must have sex with his boyfriend in Class Comics’ STRIPSHOW the Collection #1. Art by Leon de Leon.
stripshow_volume 1
STRIPSHOW the Collection Volume #1 includes art by Jacob Mott, Eric Mars, Leon de Leon, Bryce Peters and Patrick Fillion, and features a ton of your favorite Class Comics Boytoons.

STRIPSHOW the Collection #2

Locus, Cauldron, Jonah, Camili-Cat, Deimos, Diablo, Ghostboy, Zahn, Warren, Mako Finn, Space Cadet, Naked Justice, Captain Beedal, Impact, Jacko the Halloweener, Spot and SANTA CLAUS?!?  What do these sexy Class Comics studs share in common? They’re all part of STRIPSHOW: The collection Volume #2 available in both a Printed Edition and a Digital Edition!

STRIPSHOW the Collection #2 collects 24 amazing comic strips in one incredible volume. With art by David Cantero, Jacob Mott, Leon de Leon, Anthony Gonzales, Evo Sapien, Logan, Jezza Smilez, Nicolas Brunet and Patrick Fillion, this second volume features some of the most popular STRIPSHOW episodes released to date. From the incredible Locus 3-part story “Back to square one”, written by Fillion and illustrated by Leon de Leon, to the Summer 2013 smash 3-parter “the Collection” in which Zahn, Camili-Cat and Deimos are kidnapped by the mysterious Collector and meet for the first time ever, STRIPSHOW the Collection #2 is a veritable treasure trove of classic Class Comics goodness.

The episodes contained within this volume feature many of your favorite Class Comics characters, and depict important key moments in the story arcs of these heroes and no collection can be complete without it. You can enjoy it in both in a Printed Edition and a Digital Edition!

stripshow_volume 2
STRIPSHOW the Collection Volume #2 includes art by 9 amazing artists, and features a ton of your favorite Class Comics Boytoons such as Zahn, Deimos, Naked Justice and Mako Finn to name just a few.

STRIPSHOW the Collection #3

Question: where can you find insanely hot comic strips illustrated by JACOB MOTT, HVH, CRAY, DAVID CANTERO, LOGAN, LEON DE LEON, RICHIE SAN LUCAS, PPMAQ, ANTHONY GONZALES and PATRICK FILLION? Easy! In the all-new STRIPSHOW: THE COLLECTION book three, in both Print Edition and Digital Edition, that’s where!

This impressive new volume of the hugely popular STRIPSHOW comics is bursting with panel upon panel of your favorite Class Comics characters in some of their raunchiest adventures to date. CAMILI-CAT and DEIMOS both experience torrid run-ins with COSSAK, the strange slime creature. BEAUTIFUL DEAD’S GAGE and HAYDEN share a very sweet and very sexy Christmas despite the Zombie apocalypse. ZAHN checks into a haunted Inn and has a paranormal, para-SEXUAL ghostly experience.  DEVILHOUND realizes that the ancient mystical tail that grants him his power exacts a rather high price. And all of these cum-drenched stories are just the tip of the iceberg. This issue of STRIPSHOW is a collection of comic strips filled with pivotal moments in our sexiest heroes’ lives.

Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by some of the best talent in the industry, this latest issue in the STRIPSHOW COLLECTION is a stunning and over-the-top HAWT installment in the series that collects two years of the hugely popular series. Even if you’ve read these episodes online, you’ve never experienced these stories quite like this. STRIPSHOW: THE COLLECTION book three is the first time these comics have ever been presented in full, high resolution and in such beautiful, boner-popping brilliance.

Stripshow the Collection Volume 3
STRIPSHOW the Collection Volume #3 includes art by10 amazing artists, and features a ton of your favorite Class Comics Boytoons such as Zahn, Deimos, Camili-Cat, Trip, Naked Justice and Mako Finn to name just a few.

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STRIPSHOW is absolutely a group creation, stemming from stories penned by Patrick Fillion illustrated by several of Class Comics’ most popular artists. Leon de Leon, Jacob Mott, Logan, Eric mars, Bryce Peters, Anthony Gonzales, David Cantero, Jezza Smilez, Nicolas Brunet, Evo Sapien and Patrick himself have all contributed art to these impressive collections of sexy comic strips. Also contributing are Hernán Cabrera and Dominic, both providing vivid colors for several strips.

Every artist approaches each episode with his own unique style to create a visually dynamic and profoundly sensual short story, bringing the hottest, most hung hunks of the Class Comics universe to eye-popping life.

STRIPSHOW is a veritable feast of talent, and a beautiful testament to today’s world of Gay Erotic Comic Artists.

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