The Long Road to the Sea

The Long Road to the Sea, available in Print or Digital format and on Amazon,  is an exciting debut comic, written and illustrated by Joseph Hawk, the artist for Robert Fraser’s The Initiation, 2010’s TLA Video Best Gay Comic of the year!

Aki is about to have a hell of a great day on the way to the beach… All he really wanted was to get away from it all, catch some sun without the worry of tan lines, swim buck naked in the sea, and beat off a few loads on the quiet beach!

Instead it will turn out to be one unexpected encounter after another! Nothing could have prepared him for the moments of pleasure that await him at each turn in the road.

Almost right away he’s practically run off the highway by a distracted race car driver… who happens to have a very suckable cock. Instead of exhanging insurance details the two decide to swap spit and call it even.

Next at a gas station pit stop, Aki discovers a stall with not only one glory hold, but two! He also discovers what it’s like to take an eight inch dildo from one stall while blowing a guy in the other.

Just before he almost makes it to the beach Aki is forced to take shelter from the rain where he discovers four lycra clad cyclists more interested in fucking than cycling! If there’s anything more sexy than four sweaty cyclists having their way with one lad, then we don’t know what it is!

When he finally does make it to the beach to swim & stroke he’s interrupted by a horny rastafarian dude with one hell of a prince albert, who is eager for action. When that’s all done Aki turns around and to his amazement sees a dozen soldiers waiting in line behind him!

While it wasn’t what he set out for, it will be a day that Aki will remember for the rest of his life.

Aki takes it from both ends!

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Joseph Hawk has been working with Class Comics for many years now! After a great colarboration with Rober Fraser on The Initiation series, Joseph decided he would like to make an erotic comic of his own!

Taking inspiration from his surroundings on the Italian sea, Joseph dreamed up his perfect day trip to the beach and rendered it in stunning detail. We’re not saying that all the details in the book are accurate to his experience, but then again, he hasn’t denied it either.

Joseph Hawk is also at work on a gritty urban comic All in a Night which revolves around a night of danger for four skaters and their encounter with the law! It’s nearly completed and will be out in 2012!

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