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Fun and easy to use, but help is here if you need it!

General Questions:

Do you offer simple PDF versions of your comics? Absolutely! All our Class Access Digital Comics are regular PDF’s that display automatically on most computers, tablets, iPads and newer iPods!

Where can I get Adobe Acrobat Reader? Right here: But on computers, most modern brower’s actually have excellent PDF viewers built right in.

Did your comics used to be DRM enabled? For a couple of years they were, but they are not anyone! You can use them on anything that you usually read PDF’s on!

Having Trouble?

I’m having trouble transferring them to my iPad! You need to use iTunes to sync PDF’s! Here is a link to Apple support:

Can I print the comics out? Our digital comics are designed for the screen! To keep within reasonable file sizes, they are not print resolution and printing is also restricted in the reader.

How many computers can I put the comics on? You can read the comics on as many personal devices that you own!

Where do I get the comics from? An email will be sent to you with download links. The download page looks like the shopping cart except it has a download button at the bottom. Don’t be confused!

Download Screen

Everything Else:

Can I get a refund after I have viewed the comics? Like the paper comics, you can’t read and enjoy them, then return them afterwards! Please download our free sampler before making a purchase to be sure you like the digital comic format.

I have a different problem or want to extend my gratitude! No problem, we want to hear from you either way! Write us HERE!

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