MEATIES are digital exclusive collections of short comic strips and pin-up art. Over the past few years, Class Comics has released five very special Meaty volumes, featuring all your favorite Class Comics characters, drawn by over 100 of the most talented and creative artists in Gay Erotic Comics today.

The concept of the “MEATY” was conceived of by non other than LOGAN, the creator of Porky and the Pornomicon, and the artist for the Deimos series. Logan first introduced his idea of the Meaty with his hugely popular “Christmas Special”, released in 2010. Since then, Meaties have become an opportunity for Class Comics to reach out to the Gay Erotic Arts community at large and create a massive “party”, giving these numerous talents the ability to “create and play” together.

With the release of the “Heroes in Peril” Meaty, volumes 1 and 2, Class Comics continued it’s tradition of inviting today’s top creators to envision Deimos, Zahn, Naked Justice and friends in their own unique artistic style, while creating works placing our heroes in “perilous” situations.

Other Meaties include Leon de Leon’s “Heroes VS Villains”, Hotcha’s “Muscle Meaty”, and of course, the Meaty that started it all, Logan’s “Christmas Special”. While these three volumes do not necessarily strictly feature Class Comics core characters, they are nevertheless extremely sexy and crazy fun volumes.


HEROES IN PERIL volumes #1 and #2

The heat is turned on HIGH in HEROES IN PERIL, Volume #1 and Volume #2 and on our full catalog,  Volume #1 and Volume #2

Bob, the evil Overlord of the underworld has come up with a dastardly new scheme for ridding himself of the Class Comics heroes once and for all. With the help of over 70 artists, Bob sees our heroic studs placed in all sorts of compromising situations! Tentacles! Bondage! Giant dildos! Piranhas! Penis shrinking ray-guns! You name it — our boys will have to live through it.

Sublimely illustrated by some of today’s most talented artists of Gay Erotic illustration, HEROES IN PERIL volumes #1 and #2 are a brilliantly creative look at the classic hero in danger scenario. Some pieces are humorous, others quite serious — but the boner-popping sexiness is a constant throughout both of these magnificent volumes.



Even comic book heroes need Summer vacations from time to time, and in the Class Comics SUMMER SPECIAL, our sexy champions let their hair down while soaking up the sun and enjoying the Summer breeze.

Beautiful male bodies in all their glory! Massive cocks and balls stuffed into thin little swim-trunks or gloriously naked and on display! Gorgeous rippling muscles glistening with tanning oil and wet from the warm ocean waves! These are just some of the hot hot HOT themes you can expect in this magnificent Meaty.

With art created by over 50 incredible artists, the Class Comics SUMMER SPECIAL is a refreshing Summer treat any which way you slice it.


The Class Comics HALLOWEEN SPECIAL volumes #1 and #2

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s a time for playful mischief, playing dressup and gorging on candy… and if you’re Jacko the Halloweener, comic book hunk COCK!

Jacko loves Halloween because it’s the one night of the year he gets to come out and play, and he intends to play with as many of the Class Comics heroes as he possibly can. He’s on a lascivious one-night mission to sample as much hard man-candy as he can. Watch out Naked Justice, Ghostboy, Space Cadet and friends… Jacko has a great big Halloween boner with your names on it!

There are two volumes of the Class Comics HALLOWEEN SPECIALthe TRICK edition and the TREAT edition — but if you ask us, both of these massive volumes are equally horny-making and jizz-spurtingly terrific.

Over 70 artists came together to create these incredibly Halloweeny books, and each edition features all of your favorite Class Comics characters enjoying the best of the Season. All Hallow’s Eve has never been so much fun! Cocks are rock hard and Jacko the Halloweener is on the prowl!


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