Ghostboy and Diablo #3 – PDF


Ghostboy and Diablo #3 – PDF

Ghostboy and Diablo get deeper and deeper into trouble the longer they remain on the mysterious island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

While Ghostboy is at the mercy of his demented Uncle Toro and desperately tries to keep his father Omar safe from a group of angry island natives, Diablo must keep from being eaten by a pack of velociraptors.

Ghostboy and Diablo #3 is written by Patrick Fillion and gorgeously illustrated by the amazing David Cantero.



Ghostboy and Diablo get deeper and deeper into trouble the longer they remain on the mysterious island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

While Ghostboy is at the mercy of his demented Uncle Toro and desperately tries to keep his father Omar safe from a group of angry island natives, Diablo must keep from being eaten by a pack of velociraptors.

Along the way, Diablo befriends a handsome and powerful man named Emmolag who promises to help him get back to Ghostboy in one piece, but this perilous island seems to have other plans in mind. Separated from one another and very much balls-deep in unfamiliar waters, our boys will have to dig very hard if they hope to be reunited and to survive the bizarre prehistoric horrors that the island has in store for them.

Back in Gateway City, Space Cadet, Incubus and their fellow Guardians of the Cube make a startling discovery that may serve to explain Omar’s sudden return, but do nothing to shed light on Toro’s dastardly motives. If the Guardians hope to help Ghostboy and Diablo escape the island, they will have to act quickly.

Ghostboy and Diablo #3 is written by Patrick Fillion and gorgeously illustrated by the amazing David Cantero.

This Digital Edition contains 12 bonus pages of sketches, character studies, mock covers and more!

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